Dancing Lights

Dancing Lights

A Poem by Kao Ruji ^^

Its like a famous dancer in a club, all she wants is to dances with the crowd around her.A guy she sees in the club everyday, likes her. But she wont let him.As if she trying to save her humanity.

As I dance,
I shake my hips
I see lights as I dance away
Having fun like I always do
Crowds go wild
As I see lights spark
People are watching
I’m the center of attention
You cant seem to keep your hands away
Am I that touchable?
But you can’t have me
My love is dancing,
Not you
Peace baby
You’re not it!
Its too late,
I’m dancing
As the stars shoot up like fireworks
I’m having a blast!
Stop calling!
Stop Calling me!
You know im not here,
Why bother trying
I’m Busy!
Sorry , I can’t hear you no more
The music is loud,
As I shake my hips
As the crowd sways to my hips
Sorry I cant pick my cellar phone,
You know im busy
To the world of likes of you
You can call me, but no one is going to pick up
I like teasing and having fun
But not with you!
Why cant you get a hint, and buzz off!
Dancing is my life
Getting attention
Is my pride
I’m a showy girl
In the music, I’m the star!
In the stars I shoot up like fireworks
Sparks like lightening
Ha Ha!
I’m having fun
But boy I got no time
The Paparazzi
Are coming for me
What am I going to do?
Running as I go
Searching for a place to hide
As the flashing of those cameras
Blind me to my senses
I can’t see
But a hand that I see everyday
Why are you here?
Why are you helping me?
Many questions are unanswered
As I am confused in this situation..
What am I going to do?
All you say is, I’m here for you.”
I don’t get guys
Even I push you away,
You still help me in a pinch
As we run from the Paparazzi
Laughter is with us
Like nothing makes any sense anymore!
You’re wrong, when its right
We used to be twins,
So in sync
The same energy
I know that you not going to change
When you’re hot when your cold
When you say no, you really meant yes!
You cant even make up your mind
Your so a pushover
Want to make people happy then yourself
But boy,
What good am I to you?
You chase me, as I am some dessert
But boy,
I’m not sweet as you think I am
I’m bitter and sour
Why can’t you see that
Why are you chasing me?
Is that love?
Love is confusing
Which way is up and which way is down?
Do you know?
All you say is love is in the air
It doesn’t matter . At least we are in love
As we kiss and make up
Love is in the air
Dancing as I cared for
Are in the fireworks
With you and I!
Let’s dance
As we are the dancing lights!

© 2011 Kao Ruji ^^

Author's Note

Kao Ruji ^^
Feel free to express what you thought of my poem. Does it need more work? is ir good?
what feeling does it make you feel? Comment please ^^

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thank you. ^^

Posted 11 Years Ago

I'll dream of being that star in my dreams tonight lol.

Great poem!

Posted 11 Years Ago

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Added on May 3, 2011
Last Updated on May 9, 2011
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Kao Ruji ^^
Kao Ruji ^^

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