Second Sight

Second Sight

A Chapter by Lupus Kaos

for the once lost boy

    He had nothing but himself to think about, so he always had messed up thoughts. It is nice to know there are others out there with the same kind of problem, he kept on saying to himself, trying to remain calm. But, the way he was thinking was warped. He was influenced by that other person he had inside him. In addition to that, he could not coexist with other, living, real, people.

    Yet, he was surrounded by many people who were living a linear life. That made them seem too far to accept and live with. But, this was his life, so... he should accept it anyway. His mother treated him really nicely. His father talked to him and spent time with him. He had good parents. So, why couldn't he feel any better?

    It might have been his hormonal problems, or a -not so healthy- way of thinking, someone might say.
    Having that in mind, we should all try to envision the struggle he's doing. One cannot say anything else than "We feel affection for you."

    00:14    The night seems long when you cannot sleep. The fear is great when you cannot throw it away. So... the boy does not sleep, he waits for his soul to rise and stand against his self deceiving images of living things in this world. He tries hard, but cannot win. He feels someone holding his feet tied and he wants to scream but knows no one will hear him. The pain is unbearable.

    03:56    After the long battle is over, he finally gets to sleep. He then flies away and gets some rest. The long day is over and he is going to continue the fight again tomorrow. "I will leash the dog of chaos in my mind" he whispered before he entered the world of dreams.

© 2013 Lupus Kaos

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Added on February 10, 2013
Last Updated on February 10, 2013
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Lupus Kaos
Lupus Kaos

Macedonia, Greece

Sadness I like to embrace in each of her forms. I feel alone and Solitude is my only friend...But I have no complain about that, since I can write and express myself. more..