A Gift of Love

A Gift of Love

A Poem by Luna Northstar


I wish I could give you something
That you don't already possess

Something that can show you
How much I love you

But nothing I can give you
Is close to being great enough....

I try to think of a gift...
But a soft pitter patter disturbs me

I look out of the window and see rain....
Maybe I could give you the gift of rain.

But how,
Possibly through words?

But how can I claim to be such an amazing poet
To capture the true marvel of rain..

It's amazing glistening beauty
Creating a hazy mist near the street lights

How could I give you something
That I can't capture in my own mind..

The soft touch of water
Slowly falling, grazing the Earth...

I wish I could describe to you
The soft wet, lovely smell of rain....

The feel of rain on your skin
The sound of the slow rhythmic beat of drops on the roof

Like a slow piano song
Building up to it's climax

Slow and steady...

Like a work of art
With blends of blues and grays

The hazy air 
The beautiful dew drops

Like a lovers touch
Slow, soft, gentle and perfect

If only I could capture it's true essence and give it to you
That would be my gift....

But I can't....

Sun comes through the clouds and I have another idea
I could give you the gift of sunlight

Yet, how dare I make such a claim as a poet, 
To describe such a beauty as sunlight?

The dazzling light
That comes from the sky

The thing that can warm your body
As well as your soul

Like a painting
Of hues of yellow

Mixed together
In the most radiant way

Like a soft humming melody
Of unbearable sweetness and beauty

Like a lovers gaze
That warms your heart

If only I could capture it's true essence and give it to you
That would be my gift....

But I can't...

A rainbow appears and I smile
Perhaps the gift of a rainbow...

Yet, how dare I call my self such a poet
To be able to word a rainbow into writing?

The band of colors
Stretching widely through out the sky

Something you can't necessarily touch
But you feel with your heart..

Like an angels song
Lovely and perfect....

Like a glorious painting
Filled with color and purity

Like a lover's love
Something you can only feel with your heart.

If only I could capture it's true essence and give it to you
That would be my gift....

But I can't...

As I walk outside
I wish I could give you all of these things...

Something that gives you a song
Something that is filled with beauty

And something that warms your heart....

You come to me and I tell you how I am a failure
For nothing I can give you is great enough

And everything that is great enough,
I cannot give you.

You smile and you tell me 
That there is one thing you want.

Something that has a song
Something that is filled with beauty

Something that warms your heart.

You said that you only want me.

I look up at the sky
And wish I could give you more

For I am not as great 
As the song of rain

And not as tremendous
As the beauty of sunlight

And not as amazing
As the love of a rainbow

Yet I suppose
If I can give you nothing else

I shall forever give you myself.

© 2010 Luna Northstar

Author's Note

Luna Northstar

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words cannot describe how i feel about this poem :D
sorry to be such a writer stalker, i just love everything you write :D

Posted 10 Years Ago

This poem really had the imagery going through my mind. Very romantic and fluently beautiful :)

Posted 11 Years Ago

Awe this poem was cute. It was also sweet. I really liked this poem. I love the way you described rain, sunlight, and rainbows in this poem. I think the person you love will be able to tell that you love them. It made me smile. Thanks for sharing. :)

Posted 11 Years Ago

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Luna Northstar
Luna Northstar

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