Writing as a Muse

Writing as a Muse

A Poem by Luna Northstar

What I feel when I'm writing :)


Silence as she looks at her blank canvas

Seeing her art before it’s created

A low, steady breath slides through her lips

Then, picking up her wooden sword

She starts her journey


Her skin itches to begin

The want building in her soul,

Taking her first steps,

She starts to write.


Seemingly meaningless letters appear in her mind,

Grouping into words,

Each word connected to others by a string,

Slowly forming a picture.


The words flow from the pencil,

Her hand and mind perfectly in synch,

A rhythmic line of letters are produced

In such an awe-inspiring manner


The pencil slides across the parchment,

Back and forth,

Leaving itself behind,

And continuing forward.


The meaningless letters are stuck together,

In the most masterful way,

Hidden messages lined within,

Waiting to be decrypted.


Another sigh slips through her lips.

Delving deeper into her abyss,

The letters swallowing her whole,

So she sees nothing else.


The rest of the world disappears

Beyond her hidden chasm

And her sea of words,

Pulling her deeper.


All she hears is the scratching of the pencil,

Unaware of that around her

She lets out a soft smile,

But not nearly is her thirst quenched.


She pulls back,

For those brief moments of writing,

Had turned into hours

Outside of her mind.


She puts her wooden sword down,

Ending her journey here.

She would wait in agony,

Until her next write.


She would stop for now,

But not forever,

For writing was her muse.

© 2011 Luna Northstar

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I like the way u go on a journy.When you write you share a piece of yur mind.You are actually giving your imagination to every one.This can be so scary.Your wooden sword works perfectly

Posted 11 Years Ago

This is how most of us create and very well done indeed

Posted 11 Years Ago

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Posted 11 Years Ago

Karalynn, there was so much in that my head almost exploded
:) Nice Write

Posted 11 Years Ago

Like :)

Posted 11 Years Ago

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Added on November 18, 2010
Last Updated on June 23, 2011


Luna Northstar
Luna Northstar

I go by the name Luna Northstar and take my writing very seriously. I've grown out of my teenage angst poetry writing phase and I'm focusing on my novel "It's Alice", though I tend to write a few shor.. more..


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