A Poem by Luna Northstar

*A work in progress*

My crimson tongue tastes the air
Feeling you, who is afraid to be here.

Your fingers curl and nausea creeps,
A nightmare formed outside your sleep.

Sweat trickles down your prickled skin
Flaunting terror and emotion

Your know I'm here, and you know why,
Your eyes, stinging dry.

I slithered from my hollow depths
Beneath the earth in shallow crypts

Slinking over fated souls
Where my venomous teeth had punctured holes

My acute eyes swarm over your flesh
Pondering your enticing death.

When you stare into my jasmine eyes
The one that hid the truth with lies,

Will you shriek with terror and fright?
Or will you grab your last strip of might?

Will you cry and beg for mercy?
The thing that just makes me thirsty.

So vivid so real, I see it now,
I sneak upon you, undressing my black shroud

I see your reaction before you see mine,
Our mouths will open at the same time

And I will lunge, rip into your skin
Cut you apart and destroy you within

Perhaps, it should be painfully slow
To tell you I'm here, so you know...

Or should it be breathtakingly quick,
So you wouldn't know what hit?

Should I suffocate the life out of you,
Until you turn a deep shade of blue?

Or use my fangs to slash and tear
Not leaving you with a prayer?

Yet nothing will compare, to seeing your face
To see your mind start to race.

Oh, you knew I existed, you knew I was close
But you kept me hidden from most.

I stayed in the shadows, so you wouldn't see me
But now, I'm a gareentee.

For when your alone, I will appear
The consequences will be severe

For locking a beast, in a mighty cage
Only fills it with more rage

You thought it was over, you thought I was gone,
But now I'm excited to show you I've been here all along.

And now that I have broken free,
It's just you and me.

So now, I will preform my duty
Slice you apart beyond memory.

You know who I am,
Your worst nightmare

The one who's always in your mind
Building up throughout time

Living in the dark places
In which you try so hard to escape

But, when everyone is gone, I promise I will always appear...

I am your darkest fear.

© 2011 Luna Northstar

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I love it. Seriously. You describe things so...awsomely. AMAZING:)

Posted 11 Years Ago

damn, very full of emotion... i like it :D 100/100

Posted 11 Years Ago

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Added on March 27, 2011
Last Updated on April 24, 2011


Luna Northstar
Luna Northstar

I go by the name Luna Northstar and take my writing very seriously. I've grown out of my teenage angst poetry writing phase and I'm focusing on my novel "It's Alice", though I tend to write a few shor.. more..