Recovery, by true love

Recovery, by true love

A Poem by Jocelin

Nothing better then the touch of your lover,

only he can make the pain go away,

i lay next to him in bed,

holding on to him for dear life,

slowly, i fall asleep

i dream of love and satisfaction...

i dream of my lover

I wake up

hearing nothing but the sound of a lone bird,

perched on a tree by my window,

i look to my side,

i too...

am alone

i think to myself that i'm still dreaming

but even when i pinch my fragile skin

i do not awaken

as a tear falls down my cheek i get out of bed

i have no strength left in my heart,

and i fall

lower and lower in the the darkness of my depression

i lie there not able to move,

not able to hear, speak, or touch

i feel as if my heart and sould has died

there is nothing left...

then one day i began to recover

i had crawled out of my depression

and i sat back on my bed

wounded but stronger

i leave my house to go out for the first time

i saw a man

he approached me and he took me in his heart

and to this day i have fully recovered

and i finally found love

real love

true love


© 2012 Jocelin

Author's Note

just wanted to give a feeling of "if you fall down, get back up" i hope everybody who reads this goes after this

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Awesome job. I liked how you incorperated the bird with being alone. Great poem

Posted 8 Years Ago

This is absolutely beautiful!! It doesn't have as much rythme as I usually like but somehow it still works with this poem! so really excellent job. The sunbject matter is also genius. Everyone wants love wether they yearn for it or have been hurt by it and it touches everyone so its really a great thing you have here!! I have quite a few similar works myself so I know what im saying lol Anyways I'm rambling so I'll end it with this sentiment " Keep up the good work!" :-)

Posted 8 Years Ago

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Added on August 23, 2012
Last Updated on August 23, 2012



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A Story by Jocelin