Ragnarok: chapter 1

Ragnarok: chapter 1

A Chapter by KarinaNovakMonsonego

first meetings


Chapter One

Reykjavik, Capital Region, Iceland

1708 B.C.

The wind was howling through the darkening fjord as Baldr, the tall, fair and bright-eyed captain of the Ljósálfar guard, arrived at the dock.

A strange sight was revealed to his light elven eyes. A small wooden dory boat was rocking back and forth as it washed ashore, carried in on the waves.

The alarm bells set north of the capital at the outpost on Engey island rang clear through the darkening town. They resonated through the valley to warn its inhabitants of the foreign vessel that was about to breach their border.

Baldr himself and a battalion of his warriors marched on the harbor, ready to defend their land. However, what they found was worse than any enemy Baldr wished they would have encountered.

The small wooden craft was stained with dark blue blood. It pooled at the bottom of the boat, producing the appearance of tar-black water. As they neared, Baldr saw it mirroring the light of the rising moon.

A figure lay motionless wrapped in a blood-soaked cloth in the murky puddle and Baldr knew the creature had to be of elven descent.

A heavy feeling of dread filled him as Baldr planted his hand on the edge of the gunwale of the boat and vaulted in, landing by the still body. He sheathed his blade and crouched in the filthy water. For a moment he hesitated but then he summoned his valor, reached out his hand and lifted the dark material.

“NNoo!” A cry of horror ripped out of his throat.

A face much like his own, framed by damp golden curls, lay bloody and beaten under the fabric. Baldr knew this light elf warrior well. Terror gripped him as he brushed aside the dirty locks from his brother's face.

“Hoder! Hod!” Baldr pulled his brother into his arms, in a desperate search for a sign of life.

Baldr tore away the cloth Hod was wrapped in to reveal his mangled body, pierced through with arrows of such size and built Baldr had never seen before.

“Bal...” Hoder took in a shuddering breath.

Baldr felt a lump rise in his throat, his vision blurred, he knew his brother was dying.

“What happened?” Baldr urged him, holding him tighter as if willing what flitting life Hod still had in him to remain within for just a while longer.

“We were attacked...the outpost...you have to help them.”

Hod told Baldr of the mortal beings that invaded his settlement in the ice lands and of the few light elves who still remained, hopefully, safe in hiding.

“It was a massacre,” Hod gurgled. “Many of my men were slaughtered. Those creatures...there was no quench for their thirst. Even after we offered to share our supplies, to welcome them into our homes...they destroyed... Everything.” He closed his eyes and for a moment Baldr thought that this was it but then Hoder rasped. “They are still alive Bal..” Hoder coughed violently, blood sipping out of his mouth.

He reached into his robes and with a shaking grasp produced a leather-bound map. “Here..” He marked the leather with his blood. “Past Rosenvingea forest in the south valley. Please save them...I promised...”

“Hod? Hoder!?” There was no answer. ”Hod!” Baldr shook him but there was no breath left in the mutilated body, Hoder had returned his soul to the great serpent of the sea.

His last thoughts were of the elves he vowed to protect and a desperate plea to the great serpent for the safe passage of his people.

Baldr carried his brother's body up from the harbor all the way to the safeguarding walls of his elf lord’s castle, king Freyr.

Hoder's body was placed in the middle of the inner courtyard. It was cleaned and redressed in the finest silk robes. It was then arranged on top of a stone table in a bed of blue roses for all the elves in the kingdom to come and pay their respects.

Baldr mourned his brother in constraint reserved for a trained warrior. Sadness, however, was not the emotion that drove him to act.

Wasting no time Baldr requested an audience with the king and the elder council. Standing before them he had only one thought in his mind. He was determined to fulfill his brother's last honorable wish, that which he gave his life to see through.

“Allow me to take command of the full extent of our armed forces.” He urged the king. “Let me march against the human invaders and claim back the land they stole from our Ljósálfar brethren.”

Murmurs of agreement were heard throughout the council chamber.

“I am sorry for your loss,” Svarta, one of the three elder elves remaining who had witnessed the great serpent of ice, and well-respected member of the council, addressed Baldr.

All fell silent and listened to the wise elf speak. “Your brother, may he finds Álfheimr again, knew the risks involved in his journey. He and those who followed did so at their own peril. We, who journeyed here from Ljosalfheim set on that fateful voyage to escape the darkness that threatened our homeland and Hoder, forgive me did so to quench his adventurous spirit.”

Another rumble of agreement, this time siding with the elder’s wisdom, passed through the assembly.

“I have no doubt in the elders’ purpose in leaving our homeland,” Baldr spoke, his voice low, the anger boiling inside of him contained only by the honor of his station. “You came here for the safety of your offsprings, yet you confined us to these shores. You granted us freedom from the darkness yet you discourage us from ever attempting to find another light. Please, my king,”

He turned to Freyr. “I beg my lord and this council to grant me the adequacy to preserve our freedom.”

The king was not quick to agree. Freyr was wary of the prospect of putting any more of his kin in danger.

Erobre, the ebony haired and ember eyed prince, the younger of the elf lord’s two sons, saw the pain on Baldr’s face.

Earlier, when the chime of alarm had died out, Erobre watched Baldr lay Hod’s body on the stone table in the courtyard.

He couldn’t help but think about what he would have done, what he would have felt if that was him saying goodbye to his brother, Seier.

The thought alone was enough to make his blood run cold.

“As far as my memory serves, father, you taught us to stand by our people. “ Erobre left the royal podium. He came to stand in front of the assembly, turning to Freyr, ignoring the hum of the council. “No matter how far, no matter how cold, no matter how few they were or how tall and steep was the mountain they had erected their outpost upon because they were us and we were them.”

He said, poised in front of the king, kindred spirit to Baldr, determined in his quest he now felt like his own.

“The sea is just another road for us to cross, another mountain for us to climb. The elves still alive in the ice lands are our people father, they are a part of us.” Erobre looked hard into his lord Freyr's eyes. “What if it was Seier or me, bereft of life, lying on that stone table and it was our dying wish you had to fulfill?”

Erobre caught the shudder his father attempted to conceal.

Erobre looked at his mother, sitting by his lord father’s side, and was pleased to discover her with her hands intertwined against her heart and a smile of pride across her face.

The king regained his composure. He stood from his throne and Baldr took a knee, readying himself for the king's verdict.

“My son speaks the truth,” Freyr said appreciatively. “Baldr.” The king said, his voice loud in the silenced council chamber. All were hung on what the king would say next.

Baldr stood to attention and bowed in respect.

“I will give you command over three of our finest ships. You shall choose a crew of men loyal to you and set sail to the ice lands to retrieve our people.” Those last two words he spoke with a faint smile on his face, directed at Erobre.

Baldr bowed to Freyr and then to Erobre, his heart swelled with gratitude to the young prince.

The platoon of Ljósálfar soldiers was ready by daybreak. They stood on the dock, fine warriors clad in black hoods with their mirror-polished steel armor shining through. The armor set atop quilted crimson leather gambeson. The breastplates were etched with the royal family's coat of arms; two giant serpents wrapped around a frost touched rose.

“You must allow me to come with you.” Erobre insisted as he escorted Baldr to the flagship.

“No, my prince.” Baldr stopped, bowed his head and then he looked into Erobres golden amber eyes. “You have done more than I could ever ask of you and for that, I will be forever grateful but I will not have your blood on my hands. “

Erobre attempted not to seem offended and Baldr continued, the prince's disappointment fails to escape his eyes.

“You are the king this land will turn to when the time comes, my prince. I beg you to allow me to do my part in keeping you safe.” Baldr understood the young princes' eagerness for battle, he too liked the games of war when Hod was alive and by his side. “I humbly ask that when the ships return, whether I return with them or not, you shall receive the survivors of the settlement as your own.” Erobre nodded, extending his hand. They forearm shook and parted as brethren with Erobre making an oath that it would be so.

He watched the ships until they vanished from his sight, exiting the mouth of the fjord into the unknown sea.

That night Erobre had a frightful dream.

He saw himself as a mortal man in a strange city, perched atop a tall building made of black glass. The air reeked of smoke and something else, Erobre could not place it however it stung his throat and burned his eyes. It felt unnatural.

The ones tall, ebony-haired and fair skinned elf prince, watched through foreign eyes as he stepped onto the ledge. He felt himself spread his arms wide akin to wings and without the ability to stop it he could only feel as he let himself fall.

‘I’m falling.’ Was his first thought.

‘I’m soaring through the air.’ The ledge faded from his memory. ‘The wind is blowing into my face. My eyes water but I will not close them. I want to see this.’

The evergreen leaves of the huge trees are passed him by, The ground was getting closer.

‘I’m falling.’ Echoed through his mind.

His arms were heavy at his sides. ‘I am bound to my decision to jump.’ He thought. ‘I will not make any attempt to stop my impact with the concrete.’

In his dream, he lay on the searing ground. ‘I can’t move.’ pain invaded his senses. ‘I hurt from the inside out.’ he realized. ‘Not from the bones I must have shattered, but from something much deeper within...’

He let out an anguished cry as he turned himself onto his back.

He panted, his heart erratic, threatening to burst out of his chest, his limbs refused to move.

In his dream Erobre could only lie there in a pool of his own blood, looking up at the heavens. The clouds passed overhead; the rustles in the green trees were familiar music to his ears.

Recognition floated up within him, the dark roof he was just perched atop towered over him.

A moment ago, a lifetime ago, he leaped and plummeted down like a comet.

‘Why would I do that?’He questioned himself in the dream. ‘Why can’t I remember what brought me up there? My eyes are closing of their own, I want to wake up from this nightmare; the darkness feels so peaceful.’

The sun was shining through his fluttering eyelids, blinding him. He had no strength to fight to keep them open. Patches of light were gleaming through the tree canopy against his skin.

‘I need to know what brought me up there. Why can’t I remember? This thundering pain in my heart, a gaping hole I cannot fill.’ He tried to cry out. ‘Is this a dream?’

His senses were getting duller; He couldn’t open his eyes anymore. Nothing existed but the darkness, the rustling foliage in the evergreen trees, and the sun.

The scorching sun, its bright burning light forced its way through the leaves to caress his broken body.

Erobre woke up with a start. He glanced out of his window. It was still dark out, the wind was howling through the fjord like a hungry wolf.

© 2019 KarinaNovakMonsonego

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I like. The pro-log has me tilting my head in wonder and thus has me waiting in eager anticipation. Chapter one so far captured me enough to keep me scrolling/"turning the pages" as it were, and thus I cannot wait to see what is behind the brother's malicious smile. Very nice Character development, and I like the way the lovers kept the distance as they developed.

Posted 8 Months Ago

1 of 1 people found this review constructive.


Definitely a more interesting way to start off a story. with the whole impending battle with the humans, the loss of a dear brother, the help of a friend, and finally, the dream of suicide? is all really cool. Nice set up for the other chapters!

Posted 5 Months Ago

1 of 1 people found this review constructive.


5 Months Ago

Thank you. The story had been through a major reconstruction.would love your opinion on the other ch.. read more
I loved the story it threw me off a bit when started off in the first person as part as your prologue then melted into the first chapter and transitions. I also loved the dream work paragraphs. all and it was nicely written and looking forward to reading more.... on to the next chapter.

Posted 7 Months Ago

1 of 1 people found this review constructive.


7 Months Ago

Thank you. i will be looking forward to reading your review. right now 3 chapters are up on the site.. read more
the prologue of this book is it talking about a suicide attempt this book grips you and keeps you intressed keep writing

Posted 8 Months Ago

1 of 1 people found this review constructive.


8 Months Ago

It does. The main hero does leap in his vision of a possible future.
Thank you for yoir revi.. read more
the start of a great book,interesting

Posted 8 Months Ago

1 of 2 people found this review constructive.

The plot kept me interested. There were a few wording issues that I had to reread, but overall I really am hooked. I like how detailed the dream sequences are and how they add backstory without slowing the pace too much. Can't wait to check out more.

Posted 8 Months Ago

1 of 1 people found this review constructive.

I like. The pro-log has me tilting my head in wonder and thus has me waiting in eager anticipation. Chapter one so far captured me enough to keep me scrolling/"turning the pages" as it were, and thus I cannot wait to see what is behind the brother's malicious smile. Very nice Character development, and I like the way the lovers kept the distance as they developed.

Posted 8 Months Ago

1 of 1 people found this review constructive.

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