Ragnarok: chapter 2

Ragnarok: chapter 2

A Chapter by KarinaNovakMonsonego

The moment he had been dreading most of his life is finally here. Will he be ready? Or will he too be subdued by the hands of the traitor?


Chapter 2

The sea took no pity on Baldr and his crew as they struggled against the harsh weather and the monstrous waves. The wood ships groaned and creaked, threatening to come apart with every crash of the wave against the hull of the vessel.

Baldr felt that the great ice serpent and the spirit of his brother were guiding them forward through the storm and only they stood between the wood ships and their total destruction.

At last, they arrived, alive and unharmed to the shore of the foreign land.

Baldr found the human convoy by the ruins of his brother's settlement.

They were not hard to spot, the smoke that rose from their camp turned the morning sky dark.

Death and decay stood like a wall in the air. Half-eaten game and skinned muskox carcasses littered the ground. Their bloody coats covered the hides of the filthy mortals sitting blissfully drunk by the fire.

Baldr gave no meaning to an honorable fight, not on that day, not against the menfolk that murdered his brother. He was led by his vengeance, festering inside him, growing throughout his journey.

He attacked with all his might, blind with rage and self-loathing. He was angry at himself for not joining his brother when he had asked him to set on this adventure of discovery with him. Perhaps if he did, Baldr would have brought Hod home alive.

Baldr’s bitterness made him reckless and in one careless moment, a mortal gained the upper hand in the battle, driving his blade into Baldr’s side. Baldr fell to the ground, badly injured.

He could only watch as innocent souls he commanded were lost protecting him.

He knew it would be another burden he would have to carry with him no matter the outcome of the battle and he wished for death that did not come.

The great serpent chose to grant him life and in the end, the light elves emerged victoriously.

They drove the remaining humans to the mountains and Baldr had followed his brothers' trail into the forest to find what was left of their people to honor Hod’s dying wish.


Erobre waited for them, standing on the dock, watching the boats, flickering across the dangerous surge of the angry sea. At first, they were but dots of light in the smothering darkness.

Later the Ljósálfar on board would tell the tale of the small settlement they had erected in the ice lands and of the cruel enemy that has invaded them.

The Ljósálfar came to call them ‘The Mannfólk’; Creatures whose mortality had made them vicious and barbarous. They were a petty kind, as Erobre learned from the accounts of his people. They were killing even their own not for the resources they could easily find, but out of sheer envy and pure greed.

It was a wonder such a race still existed at the rate they seemed to have been pillaging and murdering each other. What could explain it were the rumors that had it they also bred at an alarming rate.

They advanced, a swarm of deadly plague upon the lands they conquered, devouring anything, everything and anyone in their path of destruction.

Erobre heard of the atrocious acts they had committed against his kind and what game they could find in the ice lands. Their decimation of his people had made his skin crawl.

The ships had finally made port. First to disembark were the troops ferrying in the injured.

Erobre saw Baldr, his eyes closed, carried on a cobalt blue velvet stretcher.


“He is alive, my lord.” One of the soldiers told him.

Erobre nodded. “Make haste to the infirmary. We cannot let the hero of the ice lands perish.”

Erobre was true to his word, even as a young monarch he had the courage and honor of a seasoned leader and after Baldr woke up he had pledged Erobre his life and loyalty to the end.

That fateful day he had received his nickname; Baldr the bold for his heroic deeds in the ice lands. A name he carried in a veiled shame for the lives lost under his command and his recklessness that led to it.

To honor his fallen troops he did not contradict it, instead, he vowed to live up to it, with every day he was gifted in this world.

Erobre, on his end, felt that forever he will owe Baldr a debt of gratitude for rescuing their people and safely bringing them home.


He noticed her right away, a fair maiden with flaming red hair standing out in the crowd of dark mahogany and bright yellow strands. She looked ill as she left the boat following the others.

Erobre gathered she had been seasick from the harsh waves rocking the vessel she had disembarked. He continued to watch her as she came up the rocky beach with the crowd of his fair people.

He recognized few of the older elves who were returning home after decades away in the ice lands. Their children had never seen the beauty of Reykjavik most glorious fjord.

Erobre had offered them all warm clothes and beckoning dwellings allocated by his father and built by skilled tireless hands, including his own. He had never taken his role as the crown prince more seriously than he had at that trying time.

As the night grew deep, and the stars grew bright strangers and family gathered around makeshift fires they lit along the shore.

Together in harmony, they began to sing, their voices carried on the light evening wind, echoing through the fjord.

They sang in remembrance for their fallen brethren; they sang in gratitude for their saviors and they sang with hope for a brighter future.

For a while, the red-haired maiden had vanished in an ocean of faces. Erobre had seen her again as he was making his rounds, greeting his fellow fey and listening to the hardships they had endured. The young lady seemed lost, perhaps; Erobre assumed she could not find her family among the crowd.

He had never truly believed in true love or finding your soulmate however when he saw her he did something, he never has done in public before and he could not explain what his heart was telling him, he began to sing.

She was watching the flames, thinking of her old home when she heard the enchanting melody carried on the evening’s light breeze.

She had no idea of who he was at first. She was but a babe when her parents ventured with her and her teenage brother to the ice lands.

His voice had filled her with warmth before his face was ever revealed to her. The melodic piece drifted with the flares from the flames into the stars and made her heart soar higher than the night sky.

She followed the harmonious tune until it led her to a roaring fire. Her heart skipped a bit when her eyes fell on the tall young elf who had drawn her in with his song.

He watched her approach with eyes the color of amber. His long ebony hair shifted in the wind, a dark halo framing his perfectly sculpted body he could not hide even under his long leather coat.

She introduced herself as Elske and he beckoned her to join them by the bonfire.

They spoke until the break of dawn and when there was nothing left but searing coals; she allowed him to pull her closer, to shield her from the cold. He held her in his arms, praying she would not notice how hard his heart was beating.

She, in turn, let herself go in his embrace, her small curved frame aligned in the sanctuary his firm body created. Drunk with happiness she boldly snaked her arms under his coat and marveled at his smooth frame.

An alluring blaze seemed to emit from within him, hot and enticing. Elske allowed her hand to travel up his scolding skin and into his voluptuous hair and then she pulled him to her and kissed him.

His lips were soft and warm and his taste sweet nectar.

At that moment Elske felt as if she was standing on the edge of a cliff.

She feared that if she fell, she would never climb back up. She feared that she would lose herself. She had never felt such a deep connection, such powerful emotions before. Something had awakened within her. It was an irrefutable craving for the godlike being that tenderly captivated her heart.

“Who are you?” She asked while she sat enveloped in his embrace, searching for his lips again.

“Erobre! There you are!” Erobre felt a twist in his gut as his brother approached them. A look of utter disbelief obscured Elske’s lovely features.

A hollow feeling filled Erobre as she detached herself from him.

“Prince Erobre…?” She whispered.

Erobre got up from the large log they were sitting on and for a while he just stood there, lost. He didn’t intend to lie to her.

“Elske...this is Seier.” He introduced his brother who was apparently looking for him. He then took a breath, regained his composure and offered to take Elske to her new home.

Reluctantly and still feeling deep embarrassment, she agreed.

Years passed until they spoke of the kiss again. They kept in contact, much more than that, in fact, their friendship endured for seven decades. In all that time Erobre had never told her that from that moment by the bonfire, he was erecketbly and irrefutably in love with her.

As the years passed Elske couldn't help but wonder what would happen if she took that leap she was so afraid of.

She watched them both getting infatuated by other companions yet neither relationship they had been involved in seemed to last very long.

The decades that past made Erobre seek solitude from his adoring court above everything else.

He skilfully avoided the courting of the other elf maidens fawning over him.

All save for Elske.

Not even Seier or Elske herself could interest him in a female fay no matter how fair she may have been.

For a while, their paths parted.

Erobre busied himself with the mastery of his body's full potential for agility and strength while Elske took to the forests, acquiring knowledge from the old wisdom of ancient elves in herbs and potent remedies.

They met again when his powers first manifested.

It was the eve of his five hundred and twenty-fifth birthday. He had chosen to mark the occasion privately with a dinner including his immediate family and Deirdra, his young step-sister, the king had taken as his own after her parents allegedly perished in the ice-lands.

She was found as an infant; someone had left her on the doorsteps of the castle.

A search party was arranged despite her biological parents never coming forward to claim her.

It was assumed that she had arrived with the first wave of the refugees escaping the ice lands, and her family had perished there.

Alternatively, to finding her a new home to take her in, the king himself, following the council of his advisor, Bileygr, had made the decision to keep her.

Deirdra had said something that didn’t sit right with Erobre.

After he came to he could not remember what it was but what he did remember was the red tint that covered his eyes in those moments, his blood boiling and then the wall behind Deirdra crystallized and exploded with ice raining on the table and covering her whole.

Furious he left and went into the night.

He wandered through the valley and almost like in a dream he saw Elske, coming towards him, bright light on the dark road.

They embraced without uttering a word and stayed in each other's arms until they both felt they could breathe again. Elske, seeing Erobre’s distraught expression had invited him to come with her. He gladly accepted and that night he stayed in the house she had taken for herself, hiding from the world.

Erobre knew he didn’t want these powers; they meant he would be expected to rule if the situation called for it. His royal blood awakened, marking him as a legitimate heir to the throne. It was a burden filled obligation he didn’t wish for, all he wanted was to be free.

That option was now forever denied from him.

Desperate to disregard the calling of his powers Erobre began drinking copious amounts of ale during the days and spent most of his nights up in the mountains away from any and every living soul.

He glided down the slopes, jumping off of cliffs, just him and the blades and the wind that carried him forward. He had fashioned the ice blades himself, with sharpened horns of a goat he had hunted and strapped to the bottom of his winter boots.

Elske remarked that honing those bones had done a good job in calming and centering him.

Erobre was not quick to agree with her. He was dealing with the uneasy task of being disappointed with himself, the frustration of losing what made him, him, but Elske remained by his side, supporting him, waiting patiently until he found what he wasn’t sure he actually lost.

Erobre’s admiration towards Elske only grew during his trying times.

She never took offense when she read him poetry of her own creation while he only wanted to talk about perfecting his blades. She only smiled in understanding and he sensed she really got him.

She got all the demons that resided within his head, all his weaknesses he attempted to conceal and she accepted all of them. She was as patient and as supportive as he allowed her to be, and he wished he could have been just a little bit more like her.

Peace, it seemed did not come easily to him.

Over the course of the next decade every time he had exploded, downing another intoxicating beverage and stumbling through the town, she would beacon him to her humble abode, sit him by the open hearth and braid his hair.

She told him that whenever he felt out of control and that another fit of rage was imminent he should try to trace the lines of the long thin braid she hid in his long dark locks and think of her, sitting with him by the fire, listening to the calm of the night.

Erobre tried to follow her advice, he valued it greatly. One such night while they were sitting together Elske put a gift wrapped in silk cloth in his hands. “Good yule Erobre.” She said, kissing him on his cheek, making his heart flutter.

Erobre felt uncomfortable. ”But I haven’t brought you anything.” In fact, he had forgotten completely that the Yule season was upon them again.

Elske laughed. ”You brought me your company and friendship and I will cherish these gifts forever.”

Something resembling a smile tugged at the corner of Erobres mouth as he pulled the cloth from Elske’s gift.

It was a wooden box with a lavish set of paints sitting atop what looked like a leather-bound book. When Erobre opened the box he gasped. He had only heard of such colors.

Undoubtedly she had brought the pigments from the ice lands. The beautiful wooden box contained a palate of dye and several brushed in different sizes, made of bone and what seemed to be horse hair. The leather-bound book turned out to be blank but filled with parchment she must have flayed and dried by herself.

“I cannot accept such a valuable gift.” Erobre felt that he had to refuse her generosity, offering her the box back.

“I insist that you do Erobre.” She said, pushing back his hands gently, placing them atop the box she set in his lap. “Why don’t you try to use the brushes as an extension of his fingers? You could practice fine movements, perhaps in that lays the key for you to finally find complete control over your abilities.”

“Will you be my inspiration?” Erobre winked.

Elske blushed furiously but nodded and that night he sketched her to the light of the fire for the first time.

Later that night while he slept by the dying flame he felt the worry and agitation rise within him. He ventured outside, careful not to wake Elske up, meaning to conquer yet another mountain peak with his blades.

When morning came and Elske woke up he wasn’t at the cabin. She looked outside to see a life-size statue of herself made entirely out of ice standing by her window.

That was Erobres first real fit of control. He perfected the statue through the night.

In those hours he took making the sculpture Erobre realized that a world without his Elske would be a horrible and desolate place indeed.

Before she saw that statue Elske believed she had lost her chance with Erobre, she thought that she had waited for far too long. However, seeing her image through his eyes and realizing that in his eyes she was beautiful, made her second guess her resolve to not pursue a relationship with the elf she had known for so long.

That morning she a resolute set in her to finally take the leap.

Another winter had passed them by and spring rolled in.

One day, just as the flowers began to bloom anew, Elske had sent word to the palace, asking Erobre to meet her by a concealed waterfall deep in the forest that spread below the castle. Erobre was almost certain no living soul save them knew of its existence. He himself had discovered it by mistake, falling while blading into a gorge concealed behind the shrubbery.

He was glad to come out to meet her, arriving at the agreed upon time as the sun was setting on an unusually warm day.

When he got to the clearing overlooking the waterfall, he thought he was early to arrive but then his heart skipped a bit and nearly stopped in his chest as a wondrous sight was revealed to him.

Erobres breath fluttered while he watched her naked body, standing under the cascading water as it streamed down her curves.

His eyes followed the flow of the water lick every bump and crevice, blushing furiously.

It didn’t take her long to notice him.

Erobre opened his mouth to apologize, his legs were howling at his brain to rush him out of there but then Elske did something he did not expect.

She stepped from under the stream, revealing herself to him completely and reached her hand out.

“Join me.” She said and almost dazed, without saying a word he approached, took her hand and followed her in.

They fused together, first tender then lustful as no others had before.

The urgency of their movements spoke of great yearning, they were atoning for lost time.

Under the rising moon and the night sky, they pledged one to another, body and soul. Neither of them had ever known such a profound and sensual connection. Such deep and elevating passion that sprouted from decades-long friendship and blossomed into eternal love.

Morning found them coiled in each other, gazing into each other’s eyes in adoration, there was no need to utter their devotion, their hearts were now bound in a vow of everlasting love that would endure the boundaries of time.

© 2019 KarinaNovakMonsonego

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What a great love story! It’s wholesome to see a warrior lost and tortured by himself to be finally helped by the woman he’d fallen in love with so long before. Side note: kinda odd how this is a complete shift in tone from the first chapter and it has a different main character. Is there a reason for that? Otherwise the relationship here is sweet!

Posted 5 Months Ago


5 Months Ago

In the forst virsion the battle at the beginning was a memory but it did not work . Erobre is the ma.. read more
Connor Shane

5 Months Ago

Oh ok. Didn’t see it as a memory at first.
But ok!
Wow, talk about gripping from beginning to end and that simple. find a rose quest and acquire an army and put a princess on a throne. I say tan her hide. and on to the next chapter

Posted 7 Months Ago

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