Ragnarok: chapter 3

Ragnarok: chapter 3

A Chapter by KarinaNovakMonsonego

Baldr, captain of the light elf guards, struggles to accept his past as it rears it's the past rears its ugly head for Baldr, while a ploy is brewing against the young king he swore to protect.


Chapter three

Reykjavik, Capital Region, Iceland

1638 B.C.

In the early hours on the 21’st day of Harpa month, Erobre and Elske were enjoying each other's company by the hidden stream.

Erobre was lying with his head rested in Elske’s lap. Her hair tickled his skin as she leaned over him, he felt her lips brush against his lips, trailing in tiny butterfly kisses along his sensitive elf ears.

“Erobre.” She mused. Her voice pulling Erobre out of the sleep he so longed to return to; a clear bell ringing in his ears.

Erobre cracked one eye open and glanced up at her, Elske was smiling.

“C’mon Erobre, get up and come play with me! I am so bored!” She beamed at him.

“Doll...sleep now...” He murmured, closing his eyes again.

He felt her tender fingers caressing his skin, fluttering down with the lines of his body and then she kissed him again.

She leaned back and he could smell the air. Crisp and clear, he breathed in the fresh grass he laid upon and the fragrance of the surrounding flowers, roses. They were Elske’s favorite flowers. Even without opening his eyes Erobre knew the beautiful colors of their royal blue bloom.

Elske breathed in and gently laid Erobre’s head on the grass, getting up and looking at the lake that formed under the waterfall.

Stray rays of light were reflecting in its crystal blue pool, emitting from an underground source. Fresh to quench the thirst of the growing trees on the banks of the body of water.

The overgrowth around the wide reservoir dipped the long tangled branches into the aqua, bowing in reverence to the source of life.

Elske came closer and leaned forward over the water.

Erobre opened his eyes, lifted his head and looked at her. In his eyes, she was a nymph imitating the evergreen trees and for a moment he feared that she might tumble in before he would have a chance to catch her. He opened his mouth to speak, to call out a warning to her but then she leaned back.

He smiled and got up, making his way over to her. She looked at him as he came to stand by her side, giving her his hand to help her up.

“Oh! It is so beautiful!” She said as she accepts the rose he had produced from behind his back and was now offering to her.

She took a deep breath of the fragrant flower with her eyes closed. The blue hue of the rose was pale like the moon, radiant with its lunar light, bathing them both in its mystical glow.

“I fear a day would come when magic might run out from this world and there will be no more blue roses.” She said, a sad tone in her voice.

“It will never happen,” Erobre assured her. “The blue rose is the symbol of my family,” He told Elske with pride. “I will never let it fade from creation. On my honor, I vow this to you.”

Elske smiled.

Erobre pulled her closer to him. He was at least a head and a half taller than her, “My little doll.” He called her with affection.

“My beautiful love.” She said and beamed at him.

Erobre looked down into the face that smiled up at him, her arms wrapped around his body.

He gazed into those big green eyes, he felt the urge to kiss her bloom in his heart.

He couldn’t resist.

“Your lips are so soft...” She murmurs against his.


His eyes snapped open, he looked to the side, still holding Elske in his arms.

The elf that spoke did so in a stern voice. Erobre was not surprised by who he saw standing there in the clearing. Not many knew of the prince’s secret spot and fewer would be so bold as to come here and try to pull him away from his beloved Elske.

“Erobre!” Seier scolded as he came to a halt a few feet away from them, looking at his brother with dark hazel eyes. “I’ve been looking everywhere for you little brother.”

“Don’t call me little, brother,” Erobre growled, pulling himself unwillingly from the comfort of Elske’s arms. “Age means nothing to us, Seier,” Erobre said as he stretched his body, throwing his long black hair back.

He brushed some stray leaves from his black cotton robe, left open over his loose cotton trousers.

With bare feet, he made his way to the edge of the clear water of the lake.

‘Is that really me?’ It took him a fragment of a second to recognize his own reflection. His honey gold eyes stared back at him. His sharp-edged elf ears reacted to the slightest shift in the air, his long black hair moved gracefully in the cool wind of the end of summer. He kneeled at the bank and sprayed his creamy white skin with refreshing clear waters.

He looked at his brother.

As children, they resembled so much to each other their people believed them to be twins.

Now Erobre grew taller and more powerful in built than while Seier’s once dark hair grew lighter, the result of decades in the sunlight.

All those early hours Seier spent outside sculpting in wood in the palace courtyard, Erobre could never bring himself to be out in the sun for so long.

“What do you want Seier?” Erobre asked a little unkindly. “I thought you are sitting with the council in father’s absence today.”

“I was.” Seier looked briefly at the ground.

‘Why won’t he look me in the eye?’ Erobre frowned.

The age difference between them was merely thirty winters, insignificant by the standard of their long lives. There was very little Seier could ever hide from Erobre, and now Erobre felt that his brother had something he strived to conceal from him.

Erobre straightened up and looked his brother over. Seier wore the golden robes of their father, the king. He had been the representative of the royal family while their father was taken ill.

Erobre had no objection to the arrangement, he was not interested in the political dealings of state. He was a warrior, not a politician, that role was best served by his diplomat brother.

The king’s sickness was supposed to be kept a private matter dealt with by the royal family.

Seier and the high council did what they could to keep the news of his father's ailment a secret, however, at court, no one is immune to gossip, not even the king himself.

Erobre hated that.

It was not uncommon for an elder from the Ljósálfar people to slowly let his body fade and his soul reborn in the magic of the blue roses that sustain their kingdom's delicate magical balance.

But these were the most ancient of them that returned their essence to the earth. The devout centuries old Ljósálfar, the first light elves who saw this world reborn from ash and ice and grew tired by its many changes.

That was not the elf their father was. That kind of force of nature he was known throughout the land to be.

It had to be sorcery.

Erobre was almost certain that that was what put his father on his sickbed.

He, however, did not yet reveal his suspicions to anyone, not even to his beloved Elske.

He resolved not to worry her, Seier or any of his immediate family until he had his solid proof and definitely not until he took real steps toward flashing out the perpetrator responsible.

“The council wishes for you to be present in a debate concerning the future of our people brother,” Seier told him and Erobre knew Seier could see from his expression exactly what he thought about attending such a sleep-inducing meeting.

“What future?” Erobre almost growled. “We are immortal Seier. We will continue to be as we are and always were until we return our spirit to the earth. Between you and me I do not see myself ever finding a reason to do so. Unless my body gives out and I will no longer be in control of my faculties.”

Seier let out a loud sigh, a bit overdramatically to emphasize how unfortunate he was for having to deal with Erobre, his unruly little brother.

“Just come to the meeting.” He said in a tired voice, pinching the bridge of his nose. “I come to summon you in the name of our father. At is his royal command.“ Seier declared his voice stern.

Erobre sighed. He glanced once again at his reflection in the water and then turned to look at his brother.

“All right.” Erobre agreed unwillingly.

Seier knew that similar to himself, Erobre could not refuse a direct order from the king despite him being his father.

“When?” Erobre asked, defeated.

Seier’s mouth twitched in a malicious smile. “Now.”

Erobre flinched. “Thank you for the heads up dear brother.”

Seier smiled.

‘Devil.’ Erobre thought but he couldn’t help himself smiling too.

“Do you want me to come with you?” Elske asked.

Erobre turned to her, watching as she lifted her hands to fasten the wooden clasps of his robe.

Erobre smiled, raising and kissing her hands when she was finished.

His first instinct was to tell her “No.” However, he appreciated how much she hated not to be included in what she considers as important events in his life. He was sure she would consider this dreaded council meeting to be one as well.

“Yes,” Erobre said after a short pause. He pulled her against him, taking in her fragrance.

Roses combined with citrus and vanilla, a mixture she had made by herself from pure glacial water Erobre had brought from Eyjafjallajokull volcano. It has been aged in a vessel of lava stone he had meticulously carved out for her.

She was one of the few redheads Ljósálfar - a light elf, Erobre had ever encountered and he loved it. He loved that she was different from the delicate seemingly perfect cooky cut image sported by the ladies in the royal court. He loved that Elske looked considerably small against his tall physique.

A thought went through Erobre’s mind. ‘Her petite size was a complete contrast to her loud and endearing personality’. Erobre smiled. He knew he could be himself around her.

“Erobre, you can’t enter the council chamber barefoot.” Seier pointed out Erobres grass-stained feet.

Erobre shook his head in amused annoyance and with a grunt plucked his heavy leather boots from their place on the ground and pulled them on.

“Will this attire suffice for presenting myself in front of the lords and ladies of the high council?” Erobre asked in a mocking tone and Elske stiffened the laughter that escaped her lips.

Seier nodded, letting out the thinnest of grins.”Quite,” he replied.

Erobre laced his fingers with Elske’s and together they followed his brother on the dirt path, stepping together under the low-hanging branches of the evergreen trees that lined the road leading up to the castle.

Seier had led them up the expended stone steps. The steps turned flat as they accommodated the riders of the king’s guard and their horses’ as they mostly used this particular entryway to the castle.

Erobre knew that this entrance was the quickest way to bring them to the council chamber.

However, it also meant that they would have to go through the inner courtyard.

Erobre knew that Elske felt the discomfort and stress he was feeling as she tightened her hold on his hand. He knew that she meant to relieve him of the notion he would soon have to endure the gossiping mass of the courts elite nestled between the walls of the castle.

Erobre grew weary of them staring at him at every chance they got.

They were not too subtle in their attempt to encounter him, while they bowed to his face and whispered idle fabrications behind his back, regarding the ailment of his father.

Erobre took a deep breath.

As he predicted, a large assembly of light elves lounged in the courtyard.

He nodded politely at the bows and the curtsies of the high lords and refined ladies.

Some of them lay about on ornate wood pews and some stood wasting their time in idle chit-chat under the plentiful red leaf trees.

The elvish court was enjoying the pleasant rays of the bright sunshine and the sweet berries extending down so low they were essentially offering themselves to the lustrous light elves.

Erobre knew what most of them were thinking.

He could see their ears twitch in excitement as they speculated amongst one another in poorly concealed whispers. ‘Which one of the royal descendants shall it be to inherit the throne on the tragic occasion of their adored king spirit return to the earth...’

As Erobre, Elske and Seier made their way further into the castle, Erobre attempted to take in the appearance of his court.

The ones who were not slumped over the ornate wood pews were seated comfortably atop red sandstone benches erected from the Dryas octopetala alpine flowering ground.

The Ljósálfar wore an assortment of lightly colored fabrics that graced their fair skin as if they made the fibers of their ensemble of flurry and mist and nearly everyone was barefoot.

He closed his eyes for a moment, allowing himself to be delighted in the moving tune of harp and violin played by the skillful hands of his people.

He opened his eyes and glanced at Seier. Erobre believed that even though his brother was a poet, an artist at heart, an elf who spent his days methodically studying the material world around them and the spirit behind it, he would step up when and if the time came.

Seier was vocal in his objection to the games of war, he was a diplomat, a skilled negotiator of peace amongst their people, many an elf sought him out for advice and to fairly broker deals of trade between them.

Erobre speculated that such artistry was essential in running a nation and that if the worst happened Seier would be the one to assume the throne.

Erobre forced out a smile as they slipped through the eager crowd, up the castle stone staircase on the other side of the courtyard.

The guards pulled open the large wooden gate for them. Erobre, Seier, and Elske stepped into the castle gallery with several corridors leading out of it.

They hastened their pace, to clear through quickly before any other member of the royal court nobility took notice of them.

Erobre felt the heat waves coming from the furnaces as they passed the kitchen on their way out of the hall.

The trio had arrived at the end of a long hallway dotted by lavishly set reading nukes and descended a flight of stairs that lead them to an open chamber bordered by gothic arches.

The walls were decorated with Erobre’s families’ crest; a blue rose guarded by two dark green serpents coiled around it. legends said the two serpents were lovers entwined one in another for all eternity.

The sound of raised aggravated voices speaking simultaneously snapped him back from his thoughts.

Seier had opened the heavy wooden door that led into the council chambers.

They stepped onto the podium, surrounded by fair elder elf lords, adorned in crimson robes embroidered by gold serpents.

Erobre examined his surroundings and was taken aback by the sight of his father, seated on his throne in the center of the room.

His appearance worried Erobre. His face was sunken in, nearly drained of the vitality it once had. Grey streaks were visible along his fine black hair, similar in length to Erobres.

The once mighty and proud king seemed shriveled in his much too large golden robes; Erobre had never seen him in such a defeated state.

His mother, the queen, stood beside him, and, as Erobre entered the chamber she raised her eyes to look at Erobre.

She was wearing a long green embroidered dress under the red open robe as a member of the council. Her long strawberry blond hair was set in a halo of braids with a circlet shaped like a serpent, entwined between them.

Worry filled her gaze, her glance and the small apologetic smile that tugged at the corner of her mouth was there to prepare him for something grand that was about to occur.

Erobre gulped.

He suddenly felt he had been led into an ambush.

Erobre turned to Elske who let go of his hand and went to take her seat by the podium reserved for the closest affiliates to the royal family.

She too was examining Erobre with unease in her eyes.

Erobre began to wonder, “Did everyone in these closed quarters knew something he didn’t?”

The wooden door creaked open again and Erobres adoptive sister, Deirdra let herself in.

Her striking blue eyes burrowed into Erobre like a hungry animal.

She was wearing the finest blush silk gown the merchants could provide and in line with what Erobre only assumed were the latest fashions. Her corset was wound too tight around her waist to give the false appearance of curves to her otherwise flat figure.

She raised her jewel adorned hand and flung her blond delicate curls over her shoulder, winking at Erobre who averted his gaze.

It was all he could do to keep down the breakfast threatening to rise up with the bile.

Erobre was never interested in them getting too close, emotionally or otherwise.

Bileygr, the king’s advisor stood on the other side of the king’s throne.

He was high in stature. He was one of the few light elves Erobre had known to have a lengthy white facial hair extending to his chest he had intertwined with dark grey marble stone runes.

He has been by the king’s side as far as the prince’s memory allowed him to recall, nevertheless, Erobre had never trusted him.

In fact, he wasn’t even sure that he knew Bileygr’s true name.

He was only known by the nickname he bore, Bileygr, which meant ‘flashing eye’, and it suited him.

Erobre could never shake the feeling that his one good eye was constantly watching him and in the hollow of the other, he could have sworn he had seen a flash, the spark of malice from the corner of his eyes.

Seier claimed that Erobre had an overdeveloped imagination, and he had never revealed his suspicions to anyone else. Not even Elske in the gut tugging fear of Bileygr’s followers’ retribution.

Erobre heard tales of how Bileygr had lost his eye while he exerted himself, pouring over tome after tome in the library of the castle. His followers claimed he had sacrificed his eye to gain the wisdom of the ages.

Bileygr himself said; ’knowledge was power’ and he took great pride in the immense wisdom he collected.

He was also in possession of a long staff, carved from a young mistletoe with a serpent coiled around, its head resting on top.

It was by Bileygr proclamation; ‘To represent the great serpent who in his mighty grace had delivered us onto this land.’ He would say but despite his declaration, Erobre knew that that head had concealed within it a deadly spear.

Bileygr was, of course, referring to the myth concerning the creation of their unique landscape.

The elf province was based on the banks of a magnificent blue fjord that opened into the sea.

The word fjord literally meant: ‘where one fares through’, and the tale of how this particular long deep and narrow body of water reached so far inland told that a great ice serpent, as mighty as a colossal glacier, had feared the first Ljósálfar out of the land of Alfheimr.

He gave them a safe harbor and a quiet threshold to the ocean as he retreated back into the deep, shaping the landscape with its grand body as it left.

The queen stepped forward, addressing the council in a mighty uncharacteristic voice.

“My friends,” she began. “We have arrived at a point where we are no longer able to conceal our sovereign’s illness. Our public is concerned and rightfully so. Their concern is a fertile ground for gossip and instability and the general moral of our people is running low. Our nation is in desperate need of a strong, capable leader.”

Erobre glanced at Seier, expecting him to step forward as the rightful heir yet his brother’s eyes were rested on him.

“Oh no...” Erobre mouthed. Seier nodded.

His mother’s voice cut loud through the now silent chamber.

“...A leader who is most fit to take the place of his father in his absence, who was instrumental in reuniting our people. Our son, prince Erobre.”

© 2019 KarinaNovakMonsonego

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(Fix) He sprinted of off the ground

Wow, that was an exciting chapter. I love the ending battle scene and the capture of the young king. The power and the use of magic was a very nice touch as well. love the imagery you have going throughout each of your chapters keep up the good work and let me know when you have more for me to read.

Posted 7 Months Ago

1 of 1 people found this review constructive.


OOOh this sucks for Erobre! He didn't wanna be king but his mom made him so anyway. Wow. Lovely wording and imagery as always! You're a nice writer. It's nice to hear about the legacy of this world and it's people to really help embrace what's currently happening. Should be interesting for the next chapter.

Posted 5 Months Ago

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5 Months Ago

Thank you! Im glad the imagery did not overpower the story. I am looking forward to you reading the .. read more
(Fix) He sprinted of off the ground

Wow, that was an exciting chapter. I love the ending battle scene and the capture of the young king. The power and the use of magic was a very nice touch as well. love the imagery you have going throughout each of your chapters keep up the good work and let me know when you have more for me to read.

Posted 7 Months Ago

1 of 1 people found this review constructive.

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