A Chapter by Kasey Klein


Randy Joyce Locke and the incident at Sparrow Lea



“Sheriff.” The older boy eyed the distant road toward Sparrow Lea and hit one of the other kids. By the time I did a K-turn and headed south, the teenagers were fully engaged in a brawl blocking the road as the sheriff rolled up on them. 

“Eve?” I sounded maybe more anxiously than I wanted to.

“I don’t know. It’s bad. Back to the cottage.”


Roger, sitting at the table out front, didn’t look pleased.

“Time to meet the neighbors.” I dropped my gun on the front seat and exited the van as it rocked to a stop. Roger asked me where I was off to. I gave him a wave of the hand. I smiled tightly at the elderly couple at the cottage next to ours, walked past them and turned, introducing myself.

“Did you go see the crop circles?” They hadn’t. They explained they weren’t tourists but rather came toward the end of each summer for some peace and quiet. I apologized for bothering them. They told me I was no bother. By that time, Roger and Eve had Kent safely tucked away in our cottage.

“Blood type.” Eve looked at Roger as I entered.


“D****t. It’s not a trick question.”

“O positive.”

“He’s got a donor card.” Eve spoke as if to herself, nodding. “I’m going to do everything I can so we don’t have to use it.”

“Sit.” I worked Roger’s right sleeve up, pushing him back onto the chair next to the bed. “If you’re a good boy and don’t cry, you can have some ice-cream later.”

“I’ve about had enough of your mouth.”

“You don’t have to be awake for this. You and I can go one-on-one after we pull Kent out of the jaws of death if you like. I’ll even tie one arm behind my back. For now, shut up.”


Eve stuck him.

“Water, towels.” Eve stated, I retrieved. She went at Kent, looking for the bleeders and dealing with each. I put my hand on Kent’s forehead.

In ten minutes, Eve sighed. “Pressures coming up. I was afraid I’d have to crack him. Roger, let me know if you get cold, nauseated or dizzy.”

Roger moaned, leaned back and closed his eyes. “Sorry. I was pissed you didn’t wake me. An ego thing, I guess. I just realized, if that were me, you’d be doing the same thing, huh?”

“Only if I was in a good mood.”

Eve spoke to the air. “You know, I’m forever amazed at human beings and our will to survive, even when unconscious.”

“We generally don’t need a poet to tell us not to go gently into that dark night.”

“Randy.” Eve put her hand over mine on Kent’s forehead. “You’re a living testimony to humankind and what we can endure, not to disrespect Alley Reagan’s experience but next to you, she’s had it easy.”

“I’ve never seen it as a competition or a one-up contest.”

“I know, Randy. I know.” Eve unplugged Roger and warned him. “You’re going to be a step slow.”

 Roger worked to his feet. “I’m feeling emasculated and wholly inadequate. What can I do?”

“Cheeseburgers?” Eve nodded to Kent.

“From the truck stop?” I suggested.

Roger nodded hard. “And I vow to be the best damn errand boy you’ve ever had.”

“Don’t forget the fries.” Eve called after him.

“Or the pickle.”

“No coleslaw for me or Randy,” Eve added.  

“I like coleslaw with raisins,” I said to the air. “No one makes it that way but Eve.”

Jeffery Kent tossed his head. I took my hand away.

“Oh, baby.” Eve smiled. “We have contact.” She took his face in her hands. “That must be some blood you got �"” Eve turned but Roger had slipped out the door. “Roger’ll be OK, I think.”

“Are you?”


“You shot someone last night.”

Eve stroked Kent’s face, watching him. “I didn’t kill him. I thought about it. Lots of those people were drunk and drunken people need profound examples. Yeah, I’m OK with it. I did what I had to do when I had to do it, no more and no less.” She looked up at me with her cow eyes. “I have no remorse or regret.”

“Are you OK with that?”

“Yeah, I am, Randy, I really am.”

Kent’s eyes fluttered. “There must be cheeseburgers in heaven because you gotta be an angel.”

Eve giggled, a tear running down her cheek. “Hi, Mr. Kent. Welcome back to the world of the living. My name is Eve Watson. I’ll be your caregiver today.”

He watched her face, drinking her in. “Do make my day.” His voice came drawn and painful. “And tell me you’re not married or otherwise entangled.”

“I think our Jeffery Kent is going to be just fine.” I nodded. “I’ll get the duct tape for those hands.”

Eve giggled again, wiping her tears. “Randy, I’m really OK with what I did last night but all things being equal, I’d rather do what I did today.” She put her hand to Kent’s forehead. “There’s been an accident, but everything’s going to be all right.”

“Accident.” He tried to shout but didn’t do too well. “That was no accident.”

“Figure of speech, Mr. Kent.”

He closed his eyes and took several deep breaths. “I need to sit up.”

“That’s not such a good idea �"”

“Get him up.” I rolled my eyes. “God, do I know that feeling.”

He tried to move, Eve gently helping with little success. I reached down and took his wrists. “Eve, pillows. Kent, this is going to hurt.” I pulled. Kent howled and Eve propped him up.

Panting, he looked around, moving only his eyes. “Thanks.”

“Randy Joyce Locke. I’m not a local.”

“You took a serious beating.”

“Like there’s a newsflash.”

“You’re just banged up. You lost a lot of blood. We gave you a transfusion.”

“Huh? This doesn’t look like a hospital.”

“We didn’t have time �"”

“Less paperwork.”

“Damned hayseeds.” Kent cursed. “I thought they meant to kill me.”

“They did, or rather they left you to die. Cowards. But that gives me an edge.”


“While they’re standing around with their thumbs in their ears wondering how to take Randy down, Randy will kill them without hesitation. If she decides that’s what she should do.”

Kent bit his lip and twisted around painfully. “OK, I get the situation. Who are you guys? Feds? Spooks?”

“Shucks.” Eve looked up at me. “He’s a smart one.”

“Yeah, now we have to kill him.”

“None of the above. We’re private citizens. Want something for the pain?”

“I’ll tough it out. Let’s me know I’m alive.”

Eve giggled. “I think you and Randy might be soul mates.”



© 2011 Kasey Klein

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This is a great story but aren't your chapters a little short?

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