2: Vengeance

2: Vengeance

A Chapter by Karlong

Dreyny Velley was very angry. His two most trusted men had been sent out last night to track down an escaped witch. When the men had not returned by morning, a scout party was sent out to look for them. They were found dead by the Harsey household, one with a knife mark in his chest, the other with a large bruise on his head, and throat slit. The girl was nowhere to be found. As Dreyney sat at his desk, the five men standing before him winced as he burst into another rant.
"How! How could a little girl murder two of my best men and get away with it!?" his normally soft purple eyes seethed with anger, and the men standing in front of him looked shamefully at their feet. Of the men, two were agents of the law, one was the Mayor of Rewood, the next one the head of Intelligence for Erakia, and the final figure was the leader of Archêy, the office which controlled Erakia. "I will hunt down that girl, and when I get her, I am going to personally ri-" Dreyney started but was cut off by the Mayor.
"Surely there isn't need for d-d-drastic measures? Our town is small and w-w-willing to help you." the Mayor offered, stuttering, but the officer simply sneered and waved his hand as if to ward off the comment.
"If you say the word, we could have every available agent search the whole land until we find her." the leader of Archêy offered. "NO! No-one must know of the witch. If news gets out, we could have major trouble on our hands. I suggest covertly doing it." the head of Intelligence counter-offered. This made Dreyney settle into a trance-like state, as he considered what to do.
"We go covert. Every house will be searched, but only by the best, and no-one must know."

"Are you crazy!?" Rewilh shouted at Ancep. The two were wondering down one of Rewood's streets towards the local pub, the Horse and Hay. Lowering his voice, Ancep replied,
"Look, I know she's a witch, but we can't just let a little girl die! If that was the Archêy that chased her, then were screwed, but for now, we just need to take care of her." rolling his eyes, Rewilh led the way into the crowded pub. The only seats free were two at a table where a middle-aged man was sitting and staring off into space. Shrugging the two friends walked over and asked the man if they could sit there, startling the man.
"Sure, I don't mind. And besides, I could use some company." the man replied in a gruff voice, as the two sat down, they looked at who they were sitting with. He had greying hair, that may once had been brown. His grey eyes cautiously watched the two as they sat down, and the man's suspicion grew as one of the young men's jackets slipped, revealing a knife. The friends noticed three scars running down the left side of their companions face, almost as if it was some huge claw mark. Following that, they observed that the stump of his left ear was partly covered by hair. As the two settled down, a waitress came around with two menus.
"What you having Rewilh? I'm having the baked hare with leek, as well as a stout mug of ale." Ancep asked.
"Think I'll have the roast boar with onions, accompanied by a glass of wine." Rewilh replied before telling the waitress.
"That will be 8 Silver pieces, 3 copper please sir." the waitress replied. Procuring a purse from his pocket, Ancep brought out the money and gave it to the waitress.
"So old man, what brings you to the H&H?" Rewilh asked the man sitting with them.
"I beg your pardon?" the man replied, obviously confused by the statement.
"Why are you at the Horse and Hay?" Ancep rephrased for him.
"Ah. Just having a casual drink after work. I'm a smith you see. Work down by the river. And you?"
"Same, except we're not from work." Rewilh answered. A few minutes later the food arrived. The two friends immediately started on the food, and the older man watched them ravenously consume the food.
"So, Ancep, when d' ya wanna go to the ruins? It'll be too dangerous soon." Rewilh asked, just before he realised his mistake - it was meant to be secret, and the man opposite him didn't look like he hadn't heard.
"Mind if I tag along?" the old man asked. Both friends stopped eating immediately in awe at what the man had just said.
"Erm..." Ancep began.
"Well I guess so. We can get to know each other better, eh?" Rewilh answered carelessly, no considering for who the man actually might be.
"So tomorrow at the North Gate, Dawn." Ancep said, secretly hoping the man wouldn't come. After all, the man would just slow them down.
"Ok, see you then. Oh, and the names Reder, Reder Kïle." The man replied smiling.

© 2013 Karlong

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London, Surrey, United Kingdom

I'm a junior writer who really has nothing better to do and likes to write stories to pass my time :-) more..

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