5: Invasion

5: Invasion

A Chapter by Karlong

Elsewhere that night, Dreyny Velley was pacing his office in the Keep of Rewood, cursing his men for not tracking down the girl. With him was the Mayor of Rewood and the head of intelligence for the area surrounding Bydale. All of the men were deep in thought about how a little girl could defeat two experienced men, and just 'dissapear' from the scene. The head of intelligence had already dispatched men to all the houses and workshops in the town and surrounding area, but had found no trace of the girl.
"Sir, the area around here is huge, and there are many caves and crevices in the mountains. If we were to get some more funding, I could dispatch 500 more men to look for her, and extend the search to the end of the mountains and to the FrostWood forest." the head of intelligence suggested meekly, hoping in secret to get things for himself, and only employ 200 men to look for the fugitive girl.
"Your lordship, th-th-there is some clue as to where she went." the mayor stuttered, frightened that, if he failed to find the girl, then Dreyny would disinherit him of his title of Mayor. This brought Dreyny out of his considering about the head of intelligence's offer, to the possibilities of the lead.
"Well? What is it? Or doesn't it exist?" the agent said maliciously, smiling cruelly at the trembling Mayor.
"Erm, a citizen reported three horses stolen three nights after the murder. And two young men are missing." the Mayor managed to say clearly, only just keeping his composure.
"They must be with the girl!" Dreyny shouted, jumping to conclusions, "Which direction did they go?"
"M'lord, I wouldn't jump to such hasty conclusions, I wou-" the head of intelligence began, but was cut off by a stern look by Dreyny.
"They went to-to-towards FrostWood forest." the Mayor stuttered, thinking he had firmly secured his place as Mayor of Rewood.
"You have the funding; send your men off towards FrostWood, and take the girl ALIVE. I care not what you do with the men that are supporting her." smiling, the head of intelligence rushed off to tell his second in command to hire 200 men to rush for FrostWood as quickly as possible. The rest of the funding would just happen to go 'missing' en route to the commanders. It was vital for Archêy to capture the girl, because she was capable of gathering distrust of Archêy in the locals; as she had the two young men who were with her.
"Mayor, I want everyone in this god-forsaken town to know about the traitors, and they are to be reported if sighted. No-one is to help them, or they will also be accused of treachery to the government." Dreyny said to the now pleased mayor. As the mayor moved to head down the stairs, Dreyny swivelled around to gaze out towards the mountains. All of a sudden, he saw a quick flash on the mountainside. Dreyny knew that flash well from his time in the AFA (Armed Force of Archêy) during the 20 Year war. Doing what he did instinctively, he threw himself to the floor. The cannonball hit.

Downstairs, the head of intelligence was on one of the small streets leading away from the Town Hall, humming merrily to himself. 500 soldiers cost in total about 2500 gold pieces, so 200 of them left a total of 1500 gold pieces for him to enjoy. Informing the next soldier he met, he told him to head to the intelligence HQ and inform the heads deputy of the 200 men needed at FrostWood. As he neared his home, he took one last look towards the Town Hall, and wondered, just for a moment, what it would be like to be in charge of a town. Sighing, he prepared to open his door, when the cannonball hit. A huge explosion rocked the Town Hall, and the head of intelligence watched in horror as half of the front section of the Town Hall was blown off. It was not long before the smoke cleared, and several screams came from surrounding areas of town. Oblivious to the cannonballs that were falling, the head dashed for the first building hit, one thought in his mind: Dreyny.

The Mayor had not had a chance, as he started his descent down the stairs, the shot had come in through the window and smashed into his back. The Mayors back had triggered the gunpowder inside the cannonball, thus generating the explosion. Despite the size and ferocity of the explosion, Dreyny had survived, thanks to the heavy oak desk that lay in the middle of the room. Looking at the carnage that was once his office through a small hole in the desk, Dreyny tried to getup. It was then that he realised, to his horror, that his left arm had been outside the protective cover of the oak desk; in other words, his arm had suffered the same fate as the mayor. Looking in disgust at his stump, the inspector turned to look out the destroyed window at the town. More cannonballs were falling, and Dreyny could vaguely see several black shapes moving in tandem towards the village from the mountain. They were being attacked from the mountain. Dreyny knew he would soon pass out from blood-loss. Then, he heard a voice calling his name, it was getting closer, closer, closer. Then it was beside him. But Dreyny could not place the voice, and his eyelids were refusing to open themselves. Dreyny felt himself being dragged towards the exit none too gently by a pair of rough hands. Soon Dreyny felt the cool touch of snow, which was a relief from the flames and smoke of his office. Then he felt himself being put on a horse; the last thing he remembered before passing out was the rhythmic canter of the horses hooves against the snow.

© 2013 Karlong

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London, Surrey, United Kingdom

I'm a junior writer who really has nothing better to do and likes to write stories to pass my time :-) more..

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