{Chapter 2} Blue

{Chapter 2} Blue

A Chapter by Kat

I growled as I pulled Kat out from the river and threw her on the ground. I was so angry and so worried at the same time that I couldn't think straight until I realized she wasn't breathing. She wasn't doing anything. My heart pounded in my ears as I pushed as hard as I could on her chest until I heard her coughing and heaving up water. I sighed in relief, only to see her black out. Hours passed and soon it was almost 11 at night, she still hadn't woken up. I didn't know if I wanted to kill her or kiss her, I called her friend Emily to come and pick her up. I knew she wouldn't want to see me when she woke up. I watched her lie in my bed half naked and almost dead. She might as well have been because of how broken she looked wrapped in my thick silk sheets. Tears welled in my eyes even when I had tried to force them back. I breathed deeply and closed my eyes tightly as I sat on the ground, shaking uncontrollably. "Why haven't you just given up on me..?" I whispered knowing she couldn't respond with a breathing tube deep down her throat. To look at her made me sick to my stomach. I knew I should have stayed last summer..But now it was winter..It had been two months since I had last seen Kat.

The memory flooded my mind as if it was just yesterday.
Kat stood in front of me, crying her eyes out and screaming. Calling me an idiot and begging me not to leave. I wanted to stay, but I was scared. I thought I would be the death of her. I watched the blood pouring from the bite marks on her neck and I did the worst thing possible. I grabbed my girl by her hair and pulled her to me and spit in her face. "I never loved you Kat, your pathetic. All you ever do is get yourself into trouble and I'm always there to save you, I can't love something that's just going to die on me one day." I told her and threw her down. Her silver eyes were full of tears and when I saw them loose all the happiness in them, I wanted to kill myself right then and there. I knew the words that came out of my mouth weren't mine but I couldn't bare to be the monster in her life anymore. There was too much at risk, so I lied to my girl and told her I hated her. I would rather have her hate me then come after me and watch her die right in front of me.

© 2010 Kat

Author's Note

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Added on November 7, 2010
Last Updated on November 12, 2010
Tags: Romance, Vampires, Fantasy, Violence, etc.



Dade City, FL

Hey guys, This is Kat. Here's a little about me. Name:Kat Age:15 Status:High School Sophomore Hobbies: Singing,Texting,Writing,etc. I am interested in vampire/fictional stories, romances,actions .. more..

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