My Necropolis

My Necropolis

A Poem by Kat Mandu

Quiet in the street.
Pavements made from skulls crunch under feet,
As I walk alone,
Trying to atone.
I tore apart the zodiac,
Don't believe me, check the almanac.
The world around us cold and black,
Those of necromantic flesh walk free,
I light a candle, ring my bell,
Try to re-make the universe,
Try to undo this curse.
Try to wash the blood from my hands,
But it won't go.
The city of the dead,
My necropolis,
Is where I live.
I tried to stop this.
Believe me please.
You seize
My hand.
Hold my body above the mouth of hell.
Sacrifice me,
And so silence me.
My retribution,
My contribution,
My final execution.
Beyond redemption.
I killed them all,
And deserve what you give me.
Afraid, yes, who wouldn't be?
Tears blind me, I cannot see,
The man who killed me.

© 2010 Kat Mandu

Author's Note

Kat Mandu
This idea came to me when watching an episode of Buffy- guess you can get inspired when doing almost anything. ^_^ Peace out x

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Added on November 1, 2010
Last Updated on November 1, 2010
Tags: Death, Avarae, necro, necropolis, city, dead, necromancer, universe, hell


Kat Mandu
Kat Mandu

Portsmouth, Hampshire, United Kingdom