Unbelievable Truths

Unbelievable Truths

A Poem by Kathy Mc Cathy

It is my opinion of unbelievable truths , I don't know myself if Satan's a devil or a god but what if it was truth ,Would you believe it ?


I embarked on a journey into the unknown 

A place filled with smoky ashes and wretched souls

It's the only place within Satan’s grasp 

His coal tar fingertips , people cry and scream to those he sinisterly harassed ,

This is all a myth , for what I believe 

Satan’s a guardian angel dressed devily 

To keep people on the right path , for those only he punished have been doing bad so far 

Do not believe everything you've been taught 

Starting from elves and fairies to Hell being Satan’s cot 

He has done a lot of mistakes in his past , for he is banished by Gods at last , 

He is paying for everyone of them , 

By amending people’s minds and actions even if it means being the devil for them 

Ghosts and Ghouls if they might be true , 

Just don’t believe Satan’s the devil and become a bloody fool , 

I myself have known all this by going on this treacherous yet eye opening journey and met a person who was once a man with a some goodness in his heart 

These all dull beliefs to be turned into ashes at last , 

To the know the unbelievable truth about a person whose been known for his barbaric acts 

But remember that Satan is still figure to be afraid of ,this is a true fact

 because his hatred towards gods has contaminated his heart 

Believe what seems fit to you , but believe only the truth , no matter how peculiar , 

That is the honest truth , for these times , we will believe anything and everything , the feel of the unbelievable truth seems unfamiliar 

© 2021 Kathy Mc Cathy

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An interesting perspective. Heaven and hell aren't places I think about much these days, although I do believe we have both here on planet earth. I am more spiritually inclined and look for answers in the natural environment which I understand better than people. Everyone is entitled to their own beliefs and that works as long as they aren't being force fed on other people. Thanks for sharing Kathy.


Posted 6 Days Ago

Kathy Mc Cathy

6 Days Ago

Reading up alot on religious stuff knowing more perspectives bout things .that's certainly true . Th.. read more
I can't say I believe or disbelieve. I have a different context to my thinking about spiritual matters. I am not qualified to comment on matters of heaven & hell, God or Satan, etc. But I can say that your writing is interesting & provocative, compelling one to rethink, possibly (((HUGS)))

Posted 6 Days Ago

Kathy Mc Cathy

6 Days Ago

Thanks Margie appreciate u dropping by to give a review on this ol write

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Kathy Mc Cathy
Kathy Mc Cathy


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