Explosive Feelings

Explosive Feelings

A Poem by Kathy Mc Cathy

A glance is all it takes

To be in love with the highest of stakes

Because to be in love is to be in risk 

Cuz you might be with it forever or forever lose it 

To be in love is to let yourself go 

Break all the barriers and let yourself get carried in the flow 

Just how a weightless dandelion seed let itself fly in the gentle breeze 

It lands on the ground , with the air as its cushion with so much ease

To be in love is to learn to listen to your heart

Not to confuse it with the mind getting uncertain in the path 

Because uncertainty is when the mind puts the heart in jeopardy 

Mind is the logical one  tries to make the right decisions the first time 

But the hearts is fearless to put itself in love all the time 

Tis is true only when your heart is ne’er broken 

Because once broken , the hearts tends to get a little choken 

Because these treacherous feelings of love and desire 

We tend to be under its spell and admire 

That's where the mind comes in and saves the day and heal the heart to never get broken again 

Because the mind is the guardian of the heart 

And never steps back to remove those , who might hurt in its path

Because once broken is the heart 

It takes time to heal again and forget its past 

But once love is achieved for eternity 

The deep is the satisfaction for love’s longevity 

Each heartbeats’s palpable vibrations mends the soul 

And addiction for every moment is a part of its role 

So being in love has its risks but it's up to you , to be a part of it 

Because it present with the highest of stakes , but once you feel it , it will guide you all the way 

Love’s a riddle we all admire , 

Which breathes into the soul and sets it on fire 

It's an explosive that lights you up more than the fireworks in the moonlight sky 

Beautiful is the feeling one feels when it captures its sight

But only when handled carefully it won’t burn you with all its might 

© 2021 Kathy Mc Cathy

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Your heart certainly knows what love feels like. Your mind is the soldier, on guard, questioning, telling you to be careful. Broken hearts take time to heal, and yet who can resist that feeling of falling in love. Really enjoyed this read Kathy. You put your heart into this one.


Posted 10 Hours Ago

Lovely sentiments expressed with tickling abandon. I agree that we can't overthink love. Sometimes ya just gotta get into it & go with it (((HUGS)))

Posted 12 Hours Ago

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Added on October 5, 2021
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Kathy Mc Cathy
Kathy Mc Cathy


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