A Poem by Kathy Mc Cathy

Constellation is truly a stellar creation


The sweet serene silence of the night sky 

The flow of the clouds with the stars 

The never ending story of the peculiar patterns of the stars 

Big Dipper or so it is called ,with the precious gem attached to it 

Tis called the the North Star , the guiding gem till the end 

My rooftop is where I am ,admiring this panoramic view 

A place where most left rendered speechless

Staring every inch of this breathtaking view

Constellation is truly a stellar creation 

Making me nostalgic , it takes me to a former memory

A little girl using her fingers to capture the glory 

No polaroid photo capture such a view , 

Living in the moment , admiring the lovely truth 

Stars millions of miles away yet none could hide its light

Inner beauty is the true star lighting others hearts and mine

Constellation is like a family bound by its love

This beautiful creation soars the heights above

© 2021 Kathy Mc Cathy

Author's Note

Kathy Mc Cathy
Where i live , you don't get to see such beautiful view cuz of pollution , but i finally got an opportunity to finally take in the beautiful night sky . Hope you like the poem !

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and that star the wise men and the shepherds followed...still up there today...
the galaxy is so complex and beautiful...nice description here.

Posted 7 Months Ago

Kathy Mc Cathy

7 Months Ago

Thanks j , The galaxy is indeed enormous yet so beautiful
A fellow star gazer. I have been one most of my life. This is a lovely poem describing the illuminating light of the night stars. Enthralling they are. Yes, they can be like family. I'm never lonely when looking at theur radiance.


Posted 7 Months Ago

Kathy Mc Cathy

7 Months Ago

Ah glad to see you're one too , thanks Chris , Truly they are something even though far away yet fee.. read more
Chris Shaw

7 Months Ago

So true :))
I love your poem, i love your last stanza a lot. amazing write

Posted 7 Months Ago

Kathy Mc Cathy

7 Months Ago

Thanks katzie , appreciate u dropping by
I live in the wilderness, so I'm graced with a loaded night sky! I'm glad you got a rare glimpse! I wrote a poem featuring Saturn, so I looked up info & was amazed at all the guesses that human call "facts" about how a conglomeration of planet, 80-something moons, along with rings, all stays together. Your poem reminds me of this as-yet unexplained law of planetary & star-attraction. Love the details you pepper your sky with (((HUGS)))

Posted 7 Months Ago

Kathy Mc Cathy

7 Months Ago

Wow , it must be gr8 in the wilderness , taking in the silence , the sky the fresh air , it must be .. read more

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Added on October 15, 2021
Last Updated on October 15, 2021


Kathy Mc Cathy
Kathy Mc Cathy


"I'm just a person in this world Who loves to enjoy every moment With a twirl every now and then And sing some lovely songs too Poems put a smile on this rounded face Put some melodies on wit.. more..


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