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Beauty is Breathless

Beauty is Breathless

A Poem by Katie de Lavani

A vain man looks at himself in a mirror.


Oh, how you look tonight.

I gaze upon your eyes, a trickle

Of immortal waters

Circumnavigating vision’s dilations

And precious lips

And see



Love, a lock threaded hoop

Dancing, weaves

Round you in ballroom’s first waltz, none

Can resist.

Whenever their mineral masks

Turn ere-




Wing thruple beats conduct


Such a symphony

Of simple string-ed hearts.

The music, an oboe sole,

Pythons from basket


Of angel kiss’ed



Grafted onto your rayon sense,

Butterfly antennae needles



And down,

From quartz facets to Olympus,

Fleshy template for expressions


Where all fall

Patters of wishful


Flatter constantly

The red blush of lady’s cheek;

Nimble gymnasts spin, swirl

Light feet on perfume,


Words follow wistful looks-

I love you

I love you

I love you

But not

Required, for your tasseled smiles

Sever need

To depart hearts, ingredients

For lasting.

You’re rinsed in cloudy tufts

From thousand



Love’s encumbrance.

Such brilliance! empowers persuasion

Where once was ne’er heard.

Then placed is die topped scepter in hand.

Oh, how you look tonight.

© 2011 Katie de Lavani

Author's Note

Katie de Lavani
Beauty should take your breath away and this is what set the form of my poem. Although it doesn't rhyme, it repeats the number of syllables in each line after the middle. Kind of unconventional, but that's me. :)

I wrote this for the beginning of a story I'm writing and this is the part where the vain man looks at himself in the mirror and loves what he sees.

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I can almost see this recited visually, but in my head. Reminds me of classic poems by long dead writers, their words stick with us, just the same.

Posted 5 Years Ago

What a tumult of ideas, images and passionate declamations! And what a shame no one has written one syllable of appreciation, until now. The title drew me to it. Yes, beauty should leave us breathless and sometimes does when we are very lucky. I wld not exactly experience this riot of love on looking in the mirror, but I might were I to see my poems looking back at me. But please don't tell anyone I said that ;)))

Posted 8 Years Ago

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2 Reviews
Added on June 6, 2011
Last Updated on June 6, 2011


Katie de Lavani
Katie de Lavani


Hi. Nothing much to say about me. I'm always looking for a good story in my life and sometimes base the stories I write on real life experiences. I love to read others writing to see just how horrible.. more..

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