From a child's point of view.

From a child's point of view.

A Story by RaspberryBullets

My eyes feel like they are going to pop out of my head as I stare at the sight in front of me. I’m thinking so many things at once it feels like my head will explode. First I’m thinking that it is simply not possible for anything in the world to be this breathtaking.  It’s beautiful and magical and the only other word I could possibly think to describe it could be astonishing.  There are pretty flowers, some pink ones that stand up in a straight line with little tufts of pink fur sticking out from their middles, there are some purple ones that are like tiny little purple tulips, they are in bunches and are so pretty that I want to wear them in my hair. The sinking sun is halfway hiding between the gigantic snowy mountains and the fluffy white clouds, and right next to the tall mountains are enormous green trees with pretty birds nesting in them. In front of the mountains and trees is a big, calm lake. The water is an orangey �" pinkish colour with white blobs spread over it, a reflection of the sky above. The ground that isn’t covered by the glassy lake or the colourful flowers is carpeted in soft green blades of grass that makes me want to take off my shoes and drag my bare feet through it.

Mum and I take off our shoes and walk down to the soft �" looking carpet grass. As we make our way towards it, Mum picks a pretty purple flower and tucks it into my hair, right behind my ear. I giggle as the green stem tickles my skin, and reach up to touch the flower. Between my fingers, the silky petals crush easily and I hastily take my fingers back so that I don’t wreck it. Mum laughs loudly, a bubbly laugh that makes me grin and feel all warm inside my tummy. I stretch up to take Mum’s hand in my own and she wraps her long, satiny fingers around mine, securing our hands together as we continue towards the sleek grass. I can see it getting closer and closer as I move my tiny legs faster and faster. I can also see Mum’s tall legs next to me and wish that I had long legs like that, but it doesn’t take long for Mum to realize what I am thinking, because next thing I know, I am up in her strong, cradling arms and I feel like I am soaring high in the air as she runs through the tall flowers with me in her arms. I can feel the air whooshing past me and making my hair fly onto my face and tickling my nose. At last we get to the grass and Mum gently places me on the ground next to her, and we take the first steps onto the grass together, hand in hand. I laugh and then smile because my laugh was bubbly, just like Mum’s. The bottoms of my bare feet feel like they are being attacked with a million tiny little feather dusters that are bendy. My feet leave dents in the grass, and for a moment I worry that I’ve hurt it but then it springs back up again and I know it’s okay. Mum sits down and I do the same. She invites me into her lap, smiling. I crawl into her arms and she hugs me tightly to her warm, soft chest. I reach over her arm to grab a handful of the grass, and play with it in my hand, squishing it and watching it un-squish itself.

After playing in the grass for a while longer, I decide that I want to see the glassy reflective lake up close. So I take Mum’s hand in my own, and again she secures our hands together with her silk-like fingers. With my free hand, I point towards the lake. Mum understands straight away what I want and takes me into her arms and towards the lake.

When we get close to the waters edge, Mum places me once again on the ground next to her. This time, she does not sit on the ground and invite me into her lap, but she wades out into the shallows and I watch as the water wrinkles around her ankles and then smoothes as she stops moving. I want to do the same but am too scared to touch the water. Mum says my name quietly to get my attention and then smiles to let me know that there is nothing to be afraid of. Gently I edge the tip of my right foot into the water, and then my whole foot. I stand there, at the waters edge with one whole foot in the water, and one whole foot out of the water and marvel at the smoothness of it against my skin. It feels so good that I sit down right there in the water and run my fingers through it over and over again. It is like the softness of Mum’s fingers and my favourite soft rug mixed together. Behind me I hear Mum laughing again and this makes me laugh too. I bring my fingers out of the water and then smack them back down again. Ouch. That hurt. It feels like my hand is being stung by a thousand bees and then all the pain is gone in a few seconds. I do it again. It doesn’t hurt as much this time and I notice all the little droplets of water that spray out from underneath my hand when I smack it into the water and become absorbed by the tiny little water puddles. I hear a rustling kind of noise from behind me and turn around to see Mum’s long legs right behind my back. I look up at the sky, searching for her face, but finding something even more spectacular.

The sun that was halfway hiding between the snowy white mountain tops and the fluffy white clouds is now laying on the ground between the giant green trees and the soft squishy grass. It is making everything look orange. Mum picks me up and cradles me into her chest and I close my suddenly heavy lids, already dreaming of gorgeous green fields and sunshine coated flowers.

© 2012 RaspberryBullets

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Wow. It's very beautiful. Its almost like reading my dreams, I have places like that, my dreamworlds.

Posted 8 Years Ago

Aww! This was amazing. So sweet and innocent. I absolutely loved this! Great job :)

Posted 8 Years Ago

OMG That poem was amazing that makes me want to hang out with my mom more often thanks you should write more like that it started to make my cry but i miss my mom!! :(

Posted 8 Years Ago

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