~chapter two~

~chapter two~

A Chapter by sweetylee1994

     "Jessie, is that you?!"
     "Debra! Oh, My God! It's been years!" Jessica held out her arms to greet her old friend. Debra quickly returned the gesture. "what are you doing in West Virginia?!" She didn't give her time to answer. "So, how's Brian?"
     "Oh, don't tell me-"
     "We're divorced."
     Debra sighed and bit her lip as her eyes dropped to the floor. "his alcohol problem...it got out of hand."
      "Oh, Debra, I'm so sorry." Jessie placed her hand on Debra's shoulder. "Things happen sometimes. That's just the way life is. They come and they go."
      Debra jumped. "It's not final!" she stated quickly. "We have another month."
      "So, What are you doing so far from home?" Jessica stared at Debbie with sheer curiosity. "I'm surprised you aren't staying at home trying to patch things up. Don't you still love him?"
      "I needed to get away from all the stress. And, of course I love him...... I just don't.... I don't know, Jess."
     "You got a place to stay?" Jessica was feeling terrible for her friend.
     "no, not yet. I didn't really think this through." Debra could feel her self rising with anger towards her stupidity. 'How could I be so foolish?! What did I expect to do?! Sleep in the streets?!' She scolded herself.
     "you could stay with me-"
     "NO!" Debra heard herself say. "I couldn't! I possibly couldn't!"
      Jessica gave Debra a strange cocked smile. "Come on, just until you get on your feet. You need a place to stay. I'm not letting you go homeless. I know A guy who can build you a house. He built mine. You can stay with me until yours is finished."
      "Don't worry about it. I haven't seen you in years.  You have helped me all throughout my youth...This is the least I can do for you." Jessica placed a worried hand on her dear friends shoulder. "I really want you to, besides, we have a lot to catch up on."
       "Well...alright." Deb said with a catch of hesitation in her voice."
       "Then its settled!"  ...nf


© 2010 sweetylee1994

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ya.... I have more to write. Its a love story and the beginning sucks, but It gets better the more you read into it. ^^

Posted 9 Years Ago

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Added on February 5, 2010
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