Religious Diversity

Religious Diversity

A Story by Kayla_May

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Religious Diversity

             Religion in itself is a very controversial subject to talk about. With so many people having such dissimilar beliefs, It’s hard to have peace among religions. When people pray before a meal in a public place, or when students pray before a test or a sports event; it isn’t taken in easily by other peers and students. They shouldn’t be judged by what they believe in, they should be accepted and allowed the chance to speak their opinions. We, as people, have diverse beliefs about religion and we should be able to express our faith freely to others in public places. Schools are suppressing religious freedom. They should be more open to Christianity and not limit students rights. A pupil should not be punished for expressing how they feel. Many feel that they have no right to talk about God and be joyful. When a disciple stands up for what they believe in they take the chance of causing an uproar of violence. In Christianity they are wanting to share the love of Jesus and get as many people saved as possible. With the school board not allowing any sort of speaking of beliefs its hard to inform others about God.Administrators of the school are afraid that religious demands can cause legal involvement, distract others in the class room and offend or intimidate peers of other faiths or non-believers. If the person is asked permission to share their belief with them, then there is no harm being done to anyone. Both sides of the story come to an understanding of what each other are saying, and there is no violence involved. By allowing students to speak what they believe it lets them feel as if they have a sense of hope and that they can save someone. While some people do not even want to hear it, others understand and want to know what other people believe in and why. They find it unique and want to know how others live. Students cannot currently pray in public schools. The supreme court has made public schools into religious free - zones; where prayer is prohibited. Prayer is a part of Christian’s lives if schools with hold their right to pray at a graduation ceremony or at a sports event; that is denying them their freedom. Not everyone likes to pray and they don’t believe in God, so they wonder why should we pray to a God who we don’t think exist. By having the ability to share beliefs, people will take in account on why one would believe that. They would grow a different mind set and someone who is a Christian would answer their question. Many things are taught in schools such as Greek mythology. They talk about Gods of Love, war, wild things, the moon, wisdom, fertility, harvest, underworld, fire, marriage, thieves, homes, sea and the king of Gods. So many Gods and Godesses that students have to research during their freshmen year. People say they are just myths meaning they may or may not be true and that it doesn’t offend anyone; whereas religion is very arguable and causes conflict. Mythology can be argued as just the teaching of myths but I view it as teaching a form of religion and other religions should be allowed to teach others about theirs.When letting students talk about their religion they feel as if they are doing good because God’s way is good. Though stating ones beliefs could cause student uproar of violence which is highly intolerable in school. So students shouldn’t be able to express their feelings due to having to be cautious of others feelings and beliefs? No they need to stand up for what they live for and not care what anyone thinks. They have to be brave and bold and let the world know how they feel about being put behind the scenes to no longer speak of the truth. Everyone in this world is unique and different, we all have our own opinions. Especially about religion and we all should have the right to tell people about it. Schools should let students be more open about it, and the administrators shouldn’t care if it causes legal involvement; they should agree with the students. Do you think if prayer and understanding of each religion would cause peace within the world. That if it is started in school that as adults the world would result to being united in peace. That is my belief what is yours?





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In the USA. I thought USA was the home of the free. I always treated people religion and belief as their business. We need to have respect for the belief and desire of others. A outstanding poem.

Posted 11 Years Ago

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my name is Kayla and i like to play the guitar and piano. i love going to church and i am chrisitian. My best friends are Shelby and Morgan if you want to know more about me just ask! more..

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