A Stage Play by Kay Salisu Titilola

Either in bad or good way, your friends way of life could affect you.



By: Kay Salisu Titilola




Scene One


(Ryan and Tim are two friends that lived together in the city of Terrell, in the state of Texas, in the United States of America. Ryan has been looking for his friend since some minutes back before he found him sitting down in an abandoned building in the school premises.)



Ryan: Hey, I've been looking for you. What have you been doing here alone?


Tim: Something is bothering me and it is blowing my heart away. That's why I decided to be here alone. (He replied his gazing at the ceiling that is up above his head.)


Ryan: What could that really be?


Tim: You know that I'm just over the age of sixteen and you won't believe that I still don't know what my future profession would. I mean I don't know what I want to be.


Ryan: It's not too late to decide which way to go. But you should have discovered yourself since you were so young.


Tim: I myself know that I was not serious.


Ryan: Look at me very well. I am dreaming of becoming a professional actor. And you as a science student, you have to know what you are meant to be. Because, I know you can't just go for the science tuition by chance. You will surely have a reason for that.


Tim: I don't just know how I develop my Interest in Science. It's really burning in me... But, I don't know the exact branch I should go for.


Ryan: You don't have to worry much about it.  Just pray to God and he will lead you through.


Tim: Alright, thanks.


Ryan: Can we now go to the field?


Tim: Yeah. (Then, they both walked away.)




Scene two


(Helena, one of the students of Everest College and a classmate of Tim was walking down one of the school pathway when she came across Angela, who was also a student of the same school and a friend to Ryan, Tim and the lady that was standing in front of her.)


Angela: Helena, where are you going?


Helena: I'm going to the library to get some books.


Angela: Book again? Why do you like reading that words of pen so much?


Helena: Ugh, it's a normal thing for me and has become my hobby. So, you don't have to worry about that.


Angela: I'm just advising you to be careful about it so that you won't develop encephalitis.

By the way, have you ever come across Ryan today?


Helena: Yeah, I saw him this morning when I was called to the block two of the Art department. I mean your class.


Angela: Are you now to be an art student?


Helena: No. I received a call from Mrs. Reese, and I went there to obey her call.


Angela: That is nice.


Helena:  If I should say, if you attend the class at that time, you should have seen him.


Angela: Me? Look, it's not everyone that will want to be a bookworm like you. And…


Helena:  Sorry, I get to go. (She interrupted and walked hurried away.)


Angela: Read well till your brain burst. (She hissed and went on her way.)






Scene three


(At block II of the science department, a teacher whose name was Mr. Rolland came into the class to teach them Mathematics. All the students get themselves back on their seats. Helena was sitting somewhere at the front of the class while Tim somewhere in the middle row like a middle man. The teacher greeted them and went to the board.)


Mr. Rolland.: Today, we will be discussing the topic "Differentiation" under the wide world of calculus. And can anyone here define the term calculus?


Helena:  Sir, I can try.


Mr. Rolland: Alright, Helena Brown. Let's hear what you have as its definition.


Helena:  According to the Complete Mathematics textbook, Calculus is defined as the study of a way to calculate the rate of change.


Mr. Rolland: That is it. She really got it right. Calculus is a way of calculating the rate of change of a body, for it is a constant thing for a body to experience changes.

  Calculus as a topic is being divided into two parts. The first part is Differentiation which we are about to discuss, while the second part is Integral.

  Differentiation can simply be defined as a process of finding the derivative of a function.

  Good bye class.


Students: Good bye sir.


Tim: (He hardly sees the teacher off the class when he went to meet Helena.)

   Helena, how do you know the definition of that calculus?


Helena:  Oh, that? I read it in a book in the library yesterday.


Tim: Library? Do you mean the old building over there? (Pointing towards the library direction.)


Helena:  Exactly! That is where I used to go for a self-teaching lecture.


Tim: How I wish that I know that too.


Helena:  You can. That's if you are really serious about it.


Tim: Yeah, l really wants to be.


Helena:  Then you have to put it into practice by going to the library to receive a teach-yourself lecture. In which, you learn some new things without waiting for a teacher to teach you. Meaning that, you have to study ahead of what the teachers are teaching you in the class. Then, you will find out that his/her teaching would just shield more light to what you'd read. Mind you, this is only a matter of your own leisure time, not when others are receiving lectures in the class.


Tim: Alright Helena.

Can we leave for the library now?


Helena:  Yes, we can. Since today's class is over. (Both of them carry their bags and left the class.)





Scene Four


(Tim was in the library in a week after; he was reading a book titled "The Abstainer." by Kay Salisu Titilola. In this book, he read about a man who also has the same fate as his. He was so interested in the man's story to the extent that he decided to be an engineer which was the man's profession. As he was reading the book, Helena comes in to find him intensively reading a book. She then sat down by him.)


Helena:  Hey Tim. (She said, with her hands opening up her bag to bring a book out.)


Tim: Oh, Helena. You are here. (Relaxing his hand to make the book rest on his leg)


Helena:  What's up?


Tim: I have something to tell you.


Helena:  what could be that? I'm all ears to listen.


Tim: Hmm..., as I was reading this book, I arrived at a page....


Helena:  Which book is that?


Tim: It's a book by Kay Salisu Titilola. He titled it "The Abstainer." Now, I think I have finally got to know what I'm meant to be.


Helena:  Oh! That is good to hear. Then, what is that?


Tim: To tell you the fact, I'm heading for Astronautic Engineering.


Helena:  That is a good choice. But now, you have a lot of work to do.


Tim: I knew that already. But you will have to assist me in studying, because, I don't like studying alone.


Helena:  I'll try the best I can, and you yourself should be ready to learn.


Tim: Alright Helena. I think we'll soon be having physics class. I think it is better we leave for it.


Helena:  Ok, I have been thinking about that already. (They both carry their bags and left.)





Scene Five


(During the physics class, Mr. Einstein was teaching them a topic which he called "Radiation.". He asked if anyone of them have ever heard about the term. Helena was still trying to recall the definition when the whole class noticed a hand in the air which typically belongs to Tim.)


Tim: Sir, I think I can define it. (Everyone in the class gazed at him awfully with a surprise for seeing him rising up his hand to answer a question in the class for the first time. This later cause a murmur in the class, saying that how can an unserious boy could like him define such a big term.)


Mr. Einstein: Halt! Let's him say something.

Tim, let's know what you have for us.


Tim: Radiation can easily be defined as the transmission or emission of waves or particles either through material medium or through the free space.

If it is in terms of heat energy, it can simply define as the transfer of her from one body to another without a material medium.


Mr. Einstein: Unbelievable, he got it right. That is the exact definition. I have more tests to give you, so that I will be assured of what I just noticed. Right?


Tim: Yes sir.


Mr. Einstein: You and Helena should follow me at my leaving of this class. (After a little explanation, the lecture came to an end. Then, they said goodbye to the class and headed out towards the exit. When he noticed that Tim and Helena were following him, he made his legs suspended the journey.)

   What I want to tell you is that, both of you will be leaving for a physics writing competition tomorrow. So, get yourself prepared against that.


The two: Yes sir. (Both of them answered in chorus while Mr. Einstein went away.)


Tim: So, we have to go back to the library now.


Helena:  Yes, exactly.


Tim: It is better we start going now. (Both of them leave the class.)





Scene Six


(On the following day, at the competition venue, the written examination has just ended. The entire competitors were all sitting down to know the outcome of the seed they've sow on the answers paper.)


The Judge: The third position goes to Evergreen high school. (Audience clapped). The second position goes to mountain peak college (audience clapped.) while the first position is by no mistakes owned by Everest College. (Tim and Helena were given awards and the two students were so happy for the success.)


Note: Choose a friend that will assist you on the way to your success, not the one that will make you think it's never important to get there.

© 2016 Kay Salisu Titilola

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Kay Salisu Titilola
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