Type of Beauty.

Type of Beauty.

A Chapter by Kay Salisu Titilola

The two types of beauty as I see it.

There are two types of beauty as I imagined.

1) physical beauty: this is compartmented into Facial beauty, physical fitness, beautiful body shape, bewitching eyes, wealthiness and many more of their kind.
People with this properties or characteristics would be found more beautiful and amazing to the visible human eyes. And many other with this gifts could use this to masquerade their spiritual adulteration. Only few among the people of this category has a beautiful mind.

2)Spiritual beauty: this type of beauty is subdivided into, Beautiful mentality, Intellectual beauty, great minds, kindness, idealistic beauty and many more of its kind.
Most of the time, people don't really recognize those inhabitants of this category. Because, most of them lack the physical beautifulness which is the drawer of attention.

Note: Not everyone that appears beautifully to you have a beautiful mind. And not everyone that appears ugly to you have an ugly mind.

-:physical things are acknowledged while their owners exists but spiritual things last forever even when their owners is no more.

Therefore, chase after the spiritual aspects of life and not after the physical world that fades away in the stint of time.

To be continued...

© 2018 Kay Salisu Titilola

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Kay Salisu Titilola
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Added on January 14, 2018
Last Updated on January 14, 2018
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Kay Salisu Titilola
Kay Salisu Titilola

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