Midnight butterfly 🦋

Midnight butterfly 🦋

A Poem by KeeD

Midnight butterfly 🦋 

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Lucy your vision lights up
a dark Brooklyn sky
Down in the ghetto you're fixed
for tonight's high

You're a supernova
of personality
Sucking in attention
 like you're made of gravity 

Tomorrow means nothing
to a girl who lives for today
The streets seem to lack colour
 when you're away

You’ve possessed the city
 and you're running wild
Preying on men
who seek to be defiled

If the curbs talked they would
sing songs of your seduction
Intended or not
you lead to a hearts destruction

On your throne of trash
you claim the attention of every guy
Fluttering around the district
 like a midnight butterfly

© 2019 KeeD

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I've known midnight butterflies like this, My Keen-Minded Friend … far too many.
Bless their restless hearts, soothe and keep their searching souls safe.
Featuring nice rhymes, strong (but sad) energy, good metaphor, too, for a more impacting poetic voice, and delivers a deeply-meaningful message to those living this wayward lifestyle.

A thought-provoking work, with a perfect title and apt picture, Kee … much enjoyed! ⁓ Richard 🍃

Teacher's hints: For a more appealing presentation, easy, interesting, and smoother read, I think each of your lonnng-line Couplets would work better as Quatrains, and without proper punctuation, it has a monotonous run-on effect, reads a bit stark, lacks personality, and feels unfinished … consider my favorite verse, for example:

Tomorrow means nothing,
to a girl who lives for today.
The streets seem to lack
colour, when you're away.

You’ve possessed the city
and you're running wild,
preying on men who
seek to be defiled.

(just some poetical techniques to try)

I like the colourful blue butterfly touch, too. : )

Posted 2 Years Ago


2 Years Ago

I really like this review and I think I will definitely take up your guidance on the presentation as.. read more

2 Years Ago

Beautifully rendered, Keegan! : )

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Added on March 20, 2019
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Mumbai, India, India

Hey I'm Kee, I'm 32 and work as a journalist in Mumbai, India. I dabble in writing poetry and do it purely to pump out the creative juices in my being. Thank you for stopping by, live, laugh and love .. more..

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