A Story by Kees Kapteyn

Concept: the future is ether, the past is granite, the present is liquid.

The lake. Waves move in a secret rhythm. I try to take a mental snapshot of its pattern on the water and find it frustratingly elusive. I try to lock it in photographic vision and its already changed, fleeting as to elude memory. The lake is as timeless as its water is shapeless, because it's an ever-changing mass, forever in flux, its space forever shifting. You cannot hold water. You can only contain it, like a photograph. A photograph is contained time. You cannot hold onto a moment, but you can contain it, capture it. Although the moment had left, merged with the next that shifts as well into the other, you can record it, and only so.

© 2008 Kees Kapteyn

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The present is certainly liquid, streaming into the future and therefore hard to grasp. I like your way of thinking: the future being described as ether, cannot be described, unless one would be psychic! The past is granite, which evokes solidness, which cannot be changed, however hard we try!

Posted 12 Years Ago

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Added on March 12, 2008
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Kees Kapteyn
Kees Kapteyn

Ottawa, Canada

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A Story by Kees Kapteyn