Leap Second

Leap Second

A Story by Kees Kapteyn

Today is June the 30th, 1985.

Today is the day that scientists have figured we have to subtract a single second from our clocks in order to account for an irregularity in the Earth's rotation.  They are calling it a leap second.  What is this leap second to amount to?  Is it really that important?  Will it be missed?  Why would it be missed?  I mourn the loss of this second, the passing of this second never used, never enjoyed.  This fleeting second.  If it was right here in front of me, I might just look at it- or maybe I would not  I might have just walked on, never having notice, never having bothered getting to know that second at all.  That transient second.  I would have passed by it too quickly to even know if its existence and if someone had been there to point it out, it would have already been gone.  If it is so fleeting, why would I miss it?  How could something so important be so brief? 

Why is this bothering me so much?

© 2008 Kees Kapteyn

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Added on April 13, 2008
Last Updated on April 13, 2008


Kees Kapteyn
Kees Kapteyn

Ottawa, Canada

Resides in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. Self-published his zine 'rhododendron' and two chapbooks: 'grubstreet' and 'coffee salt.' Has been published in ditchpoetry.com, blueskiespoetry.ca, Novella, Corv.. more..

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