Blank Canvas

Blank Canvas

A Poem by Kuda-kwa-Ishe

with time comes wisdom
with endurance, strength
it is time for me to face the real world,
to pop the bubble i created in fear of the world,
and embrace the toxic air that is called reality
it is time to quit running-
it is time to quit chasing-
it is time to settle my mind and realize the wind isn't something to follow,
and realize the ground never moves
it is time to accept life isn't fair
time to realize that not everything has a reason,
and recognize my existence isn't special like we were told it was
it is time to have the strength to say no to responsibility
not out of selfishness, but out of honoring who i am and my own values
it is time to no longer be ashamed of my own imperfections
but most importantly realize there are no such things as imperfections
it is time to let go of my anger
time to show my scars and not be afraid of the ones to come
it is time to realize that I was never in the darkness
but instead had my eyes closed
it is time to not place a smile on a strangers face to call them friend
but stare deep in their eyes to make a connection
it is time i forgot about both bad and good memories of her
and to instead create new memories with the present
it is time to accept i'm no longer Despairing Moon
it is time to not bear a title
it is time to realize there isn't enough time
and so i should cherish every second

to embrace ideas & concepts the old me would reject
and spend more time in self discovery
observing my past does confirm history repeats itself
and so to become sane again i need to change...
I want to explore & see the world for what it really is

I had fun here. Interacted with many people. Some annoy me till this day. Other's would disappear and reappear ever so often with words of encouragement.
So many poems written. So many poems read.
I appreciate the experience and learnt so much on the journey.
It's time to try something different. Something else.
To move on from all this- however I'll leave the art I enjoyed making most & hope that it will continue to reach ppl and make a positive impact

Peace. Love yall

© 2020 Kuda-kwa-Ishe

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Reality might be bleak and you're honest about it's existence. But you are special. Every one has their own unique potential and it isn't a matter of being special to others but to yourself. Your value to yourself is most important.

Posted 1 Month Ago

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Added on February 6, 2019
Last Updated on May 19, 2020



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