Thine Obsession

Thine Obsession

A Poem by Kuda-kwa-Ishe

They say love isn't easy...
I guess I've always known that.
Past experiences lead me to this point,
taught me how to behave
taught me how to love

From my past I made sure to learn
To do my best to keep the one I love happy
but I guess there's still much to learn

I say things to try to get you to understand how I feel
but instead I always seem to hurt you
I forget how sensitive your pure heart is
How fragile you are because of your past
but believe me, I never mean to hurt you

The things I do that may seem very little to you
mean so much to me.
The things that you do for me that I take granted
clearly mean so much to you too.

In finding each other we saw so many similarities,
that we weren't aware of how different we really are-
You being a very detail-oriented person,
you hold onto even the tiniest things
I love you for it
I admire how intelligent you are-
So hardworking and caring to even people that may hurt you

I'm the opposite of you
and it makes me extremely insensitive.
Were you hold onto pain and reflect on it
I instead may seem immune to it-
I'm not sure if I run away from it or just ignore it
either way, it doesn't make either of us bad or good.
We just have different ways of handling life
and have to remember that about each other.

To be patient, and be more understanding if we are going to grow our love.

I don't want to lose you, Love
especially over a disagreement.
I'm aware of how much you sacrifice for me
It's why I do my best to never repeat a mistake.
We misunderstand each other so often
especially when it comes to serious matters
and it's going to lead us into fights, time and time again...

I write this poem
to hopefully encourage you (and to be honest myself).
We have to keep fighting no matter how tough it gets
no matter how immature we become
no matter how selfish we get
Our love is strong
It's the reason why we still together
The flame may flicker, but it still remains
waiting to be fueled again

I'm not perfect- I make mistakes and say words that always pierce your heart, but remember that is never my intention

I love you so much Renée, and I'll always do my best to remind you that I do

© 2019 Kuda-kwa-Ishe

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So very nice, holds emotion too. Awesome!

Posted 11 Months Ago


11 Months Ago

thank you :3

11 Months Ago

not a problem....

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Added on July 18, 2019
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