Don't Forget Me

Don't Forget Me

A Poem by Kelli

I think you'll know if this is about you.

I just realized,
How much I'll miss you when you're gone. 
Everyone's leaving soon, 
and I'm not exactly sure what I'm supposed to do, 
Especially without you.
I've always known you'll be gone after this year, 
but today it really hit me. 
You're my other half. 
You're the girl that I have everything in common with. (Except twilight(; )
You're the girl that loves me even when I make bad decisions. 
You're the girl that supports me in everything I do, 
even if it's not what you believe.
You're the girl I tell everything to. 
You're the girl that I play Zombies with and watch Hawaii 5-0 with until one in the morning.
You're the girl I go star gazing with. 
You're the girl that helps me get over bad break ups. 
You're the girl that buys me orange juice, 
and let's me eat their pop tarts,
and cheese it's.
You're the girl I vent to. 
You're the girl I come crying to, 
even though you live kind of far away. 
You're the girl I wish every night that I had a tunnel connecting to your house. ;)
You're the girl I call when I get hurt. 
You're my best friend. 
One of them. 
I can't do it. 
I don't think I'll make it without you. 
Don't forget me. 

© 2012 Kelli

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A very sweet and lovely write..Thank you for penning...:)

Posted 7 Years Ago

Aw so cute!

Posted 8 Years Ago


8 Years Ago

Thanks k dubs;)
Danielle :) :) :) :) hahaha cayute girl!

Posted 8 Years Ago


8 Years Ago

Hehe ;) carmel girlsss. ME TOO!

8 Years Ago're not helping guys. 'cause guess what, YOU'RE ALL LEAVING ME. just kitten(; love you both

8 Years Ago

Hahahaha love you tooo!(:
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Posted 8 Years Ago

This comment has been deleted by the poster.

8 Years Ago

:3 lol

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