A Healthy Survival Diet

A Healthy Survival Diet

A Story by Kelly N

How to eat healthy when stranded on an island.



A Healthy Survival Diet

Have you ever gotten stuck on an island? Well if you have, here’s a couple ways to stay healthy when you are. There’s fruits, veggies, and fish.

            Fruits are excellent for an island. They’re tasty and their OK for the bladder. Most of these fruits that I’m going to name are on trees. These are some healthy fruits that should be easy to find �" Avocados, coconuts, cherries, berries, bananas, apples, limes, pineapples, and snowberries. There all very healthy, the cherries, berries, and snowberries are found on bushes.

            Vegetables are also very healthy but this kind of vegetable where it’s not cleaned are not good for your bladder. They make you have to do you business 57% faster. You will find all of these on bushes or growing in the ground �" Brown mushrooms, carrots, chili peppers, white mushrooms, sugar, brown seaweed, and zucchini. You could always cleanse them in a river if there is one nearby.

            Some fish are bad for your bladder and some are good. It’s a good source of meat to keep you full of energy though. You will have to find a stick first though, then find a spearhead, find something sticky, maybe sap to put the two together. Then you are ready to go spear fishing. You will find the healthier fish swimming around at night, so be aware. Examples of some fish would be �" Grunts, moonfish, yellow cichlid, rainbow trout, bream, arapaima, freshwater eel, largemouth bass, koi, goatfish, wahoo, sardine, dag dag, butterflyfish, striped bass, arowana, smallmouth bass, catfish, cow cod, flounder, pufferfish, kingfish, tiger barb, salmon, black carp, guppy, and turkeyfish. I know it’s a lot but it will give you a better chance of catching some.

            Don’t forget to find some extra sticks to make a fire, just don’t make it in the day. If you make it in the day it has a better chance of burning out quicker. This way you can cook them to make them more nutritious. Hopefully you’ll never get stuck on an island but just in case now you’ll be sure to stay healthy!

© 2011 Kelly N

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I'm already on an island, but I don't go fishin'... though the supermarket seems to have plenty of fish, berries and veg... so I'll leave it to the "experts' to do the hunter gathering stuff... I'll just pay at the check out! Cheers for the entertainment, I'll TRY
to remember all you've said, when... IF... I get ship wrecked somewhere!


Posted 10 Years Ago

OMW. I don't think I've ever laughed so hard in my life!!! Hahahaahahaha, jk, jk. But, yeah, touch of humor and it's definitely... nutritional. :P Keep it up.

Posted 10 Years Ago

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Kelly N

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A Story by Kelly N