Dream Eskimo

Dream Eskimo

A Story by Leroy Sinclair

What in the flip is a "dream eskimo"?


Mr Richard Burnish is selling somethin' called the "neon bible", it's flippin' insane, i read somethin about a "raptor jesus worship" ceremony and some flippin' a hole called a "dream eskimo" which in my mind is completely banannas, as a native from Norway House we don't pray to no "raptor jesus" or "spirit animal" that this Mr Richard Burnish is constantly peddling for outrageous canadian and american dollars, he's trying to take my wompum because he thinks old Leroy Sinclair is just some stupid native from Norway House but I tell you what me an my brothers will bring a warpath down on Mr Richard Burnish and we can see who's simple then I tell you what just cause I fell off my roof fixin' my satelite dish two summers ago doesn't mean I'm not comin' down on the warpath no it does not, and if he thinks he can get away with impersonating me, Leroy Sinclair, to promote his dinosaur god I won't think twice about bringing two warpaths down on him no sir it'll be on like, on like flippin' donkey kong until the break a' dawn I tell you what, Leroy Sinclair has had about enough of this Mr Richard Burnish,

© 2016 Leroy Sinclair

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you might ought to talk to this jesus,maybe he can get that demon out of you !!

Posted 6 Years Ago

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Leroy Sinclair

6 Years Ago

hey you fat white hillbilly native hatin racist you need to get lost and stop harrassin' Leroy Sincl.. read more

6 Years Ago

you are so creative with your fake native tongue mr david demers,or should i say mr t k little,charl.. read more

6 Years Ago

you need to spend more time with your friends,barleygirl and mr nemo

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Leroy Sinclair
Leroy Sinclair

Norway House, Manitoba, Canada

My name is Leroy Sinclair, I am a proud native from Norway House. I fell off my roof fixing my satellite dish and hurt my back, now I am writing to lesson the boredom for me up here in Norway House. .. more..