A Promethean Regret

A Promethean Regret

A Poem by Ken e Bujold

I wish you could rewind a reel, play back

all the bitter bits; edit for clarity
all the lines misspoken; empty dialogue
that passed for meaningful conversation:

I wish we could take
back all the heart ache.

I would, if we could, skip the turned down pages,
erase the highlighted passages in red;
find another record, not so scratchy;
learn to bake a proper lasagna:

I wish we could take

back all the heart aches.

I wish we could have sailed our little sloop,

found Port Hope's sheltered harbor; come ashore

before Saint Elmo's fire burnt us down to

the timberline; packed an extra life preserver:
I wish I could turn back

all the turning tides.

What I wonder, had I never wandered,

strayed the course for want of new found pleasures;

if I'd stayed and struggled through the apathy,

made myself a bed of roses, thorns and all:

could we take back

all those damning heart aches.

Ken e Bujold

© 2022

© 2022 Ken e Bujold

Author's Note

Ken e Bujold
slight change to 2nd line of 2nd verse, flipped original wording from passages highlighted, to current highlighted passages in red...feel it scans a tad better

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I felt real regret here over stuff in the past Ken. You know my thoughts turned to my ex husband and you know I hope to God he has regrets from time to time, because he squandered us. Your lines here reminded me and sent me back some decades. A great read. You touched a nerve with this one.


Posted 6 Days Ago

Ken e Bujold

6 Days Ago

thank you for the very generous review Chris. Not autobiographical, but very observational of the tr.. read more
Ken e Bujold

6 Days Ago

let me add, is autobiographical in one sense, I am human, so yes I have regrets, times when I would .. read more
Love this write, emotion is all over this write, honest and to the point.

learn to bake a proper lasagna: - for this is easy enough. I have been making this dish a long time.
Why can't people learn to make it right. It isn't all that hard to make.

Anyways I love your write, full of emotion.

Posted 6 Days Ago

I really like how you used line as emphasis, and the alliteration fits in smoothly like backup singers. A really nice piece.


Posted 1 Week Ago

Whoever invents a life edit will make Elon Musk look like a pauper. Unfortunately, we must do this thing a day at a time, with only partial information available. I note you mention heart aches more than once. Those suckers can only be filed under learning, with the hope the lesson takes.

Posted 1 Week Ago

Ken e Bujold

1 Week Ago

not even certain some days that they can be filed at all John, thanks for stopping by
...Oh, how I Wish it too, Ken!
In these word-pictures you've well-crafted,
you've again explained the human condition.

Posted 1 Week Ago

Ken e Bujold

1 Week Ago

thank u JD. age kind of helps lend some perspective
JD Major

1 Week Ago

...all things considered, I still rather be wrinkle-free :)

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