A Poem by Kenneth L. Hamilton

People People, hear my cry


I Can walk the street at any time of day
seeing the people, all different pass my way.
All the styles, all the personalities, all with something to say.
All of the people I see on the street
all walking to the rhythm of their own unique beat.
It makes me wonder about our lives.
About the people in which we make ties.
I wonder why it is so
that in order for these people’s ego to grow
they must cut down those who we see as different.
The very same thing that we strive to be?
The same damn goal that even i want to meet?
To stand out to the world, with me more so than thee.
The hatred of difference simply appalls me.
Why can’t we have different beliefs on religion, politics or life?
Why the hell do we fight each other in a world with so much strife?
Adding to the problems instead of trying to fix it,
man oh man am I sick of this s**t.
You know, life is fast, gone in a flash
and it seems as if we are always in a mad dash.
So quick a guy won’t even know what hit him
and before you know it, life may decide to kill em.
Drop him dead in his bed.
Gone, dead.
And he will ponder what all he has done.
Because his whole life he was on the run.
Trying to work to get paid,
working hard to get laid,
praying hard to get saved,
and unable to enjoy things.
No enjoying the blissful moments to sing,
no jumping up and down on the trampoline spring,
Exploring the world, seeing nature serene,
becoming more famous in the video game scene.
Basically the enjoyable things.
And we as humans forget that truth,
that life is to be experienced by adults and youth.
Enjoyed by all women and men
instead of spent on hating on the sin.
Because we hate; we fight,
We work to shun the light,
seeing darkness in a world that was made to be bright.
I despise those people that bring shadow to the day,
the hateful people that refuse to cease the day.
And thus, I must hate myself,
For we, as human beings, are like everybody else.

© 2012 Kenneth L. Hamilton

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Added on December 22, 2012
Last Updated on December 22, 2012
Tags: life, living, people, humanity, mankind, individualism


Kenneth L. Hamilton
Kenneth L. Hamilton

Little Rock, AR

I'm young, I'm curious, and I like to think I see the world differently. I'm a college student, a martial artist, and psychology major. Welcome to my mind. more..