The Love Affair

The Love Affair

A Story by Kenneth Sibbett

Two lonely people, married to others yet unhappy for years, find each other and for a time, a short time,the planets aliened and all was right with the world~


Pam was one of the most beautiful women I had ever known. We carried on a torrid love affair that lasted six months, but in those six months we experienced  more excitement, more passion and more life than most do in a lifetime. We met when we both were married and even though it was wrong, I wouldn't change but one thing if I had to do it over. I would have made it six more.


My marriage to my first wife was dead, we just hadn't buried it yet. The constant bickering, fighting and yelling was taking a toll on not just us but the kids as well. We couldn't keep going on this way. We thought if we moved to the city around more people, had a change of pace, maybe we  could save it. I think we both knew it was beyond repair, but at one time we loved each other. At one time we were one.


 We moved into a much smaller house and now we were close, too close. We were smothering each other. The kids playing and crying as children do just intensified the need to be away from each other. She drank, hell, we both drank, but while she would want to bring up the past, I just wanted to get away. I was sitting on my front porch drinking a beer when the next door neighbor came over. It was Pam!


She was was a vision of beauty as she slowly walked towards me. Long blond hair reaching to her waist, with brown eyes so dark I got lost in them the first time we looked at each other. She wasn't overly endowed with breasts, just a handful which is all woman needs. Add to that a beautiful neck and legs that went on forever and I was immediately smitten. Smitten, hell, I was in Lust. 


"Excuse me, may I use your phone. Ours is out for some reason". I heard her but didn't know what to say. Of course she could use it but my lips were not in concert with my mouth at that moment in time. It was seconds but seemed longer when I told her, "of course, come in, come in". She looked at me and I her and I swear to all that is holy it started then, right then on the front steps seconds after seeing each other. Seconds!


I won't go into the long and drawn out details because it would take too long and time is a rare commodity when writing a short story. At first it was the four of us, going out to bars or just cooking out and playing cards all night. We were having good times but the sexual tension between Pam and I could be cut with a knife. Even my wife noticed before anything ever happened. That it was inevitable was a fact and sooner than later we made plans to meet.


I will tell about the first time, the first night only because It was one of the most amazing nights of my life. We met in a cheap hotel on the outside of town. I wish it could have been a penthouse but lust does not wait on circumstances. She loved white wine and writing poetry. We settled in, only using small talk for awhile. She read a poem she had written that day for me. No one, no one, had ever written a poem just for me. We kissed and it was like any first kiss, awkward at first. We knew what we were doing was wrong and I think in those first moments it had an effect. But only for a few. 


We then made love like the two lonely people we were. She, as I, had been in pain for a long time and we took it out on our love making. The first, fast and hurried. We tore each others clothes off and fell on the bed and were all over each other and the bed, clothes flying as we made love with them half on and half off.  When we were through, both out of breath and laughing, it was the most exciting thing I had done in years. It was also the happiest we both had been in a very long time.


The next time was the most touching. We took time, explored each other and found what made each other happy. We made long, slow passionate love and and if I live a thousand years, I will never forget this time. This time when we both were in another constellation and no other stars existed but ours. We knew we should go, but we couldn't tear away from each other. We ended up staying the night and we both knew that we would not be leaving each other for awhile, a long while.


I could have sworn the explosions that followed after telling our spouses we were leaving together could be heard around the world. It even got physical between her husband and I and even my wife and Pam. We took what we needed, nothing more and moved into a house with a friend of mine fifty miles away. He had a spare room and young lovers need nothing else. We left all the world and all our possessions behind. What are material possessions to two people who spend most of their time making love or talking about their future and their dreams until daylight would come and the need for sleep would overtake us?


As I stated before, there is little room in a short story for the minute details that make all relationships succeed or fail. But I am here and she is not so you know the ending, in your mine if not your heart. It was doomed to fail the moment our eyes met. The last night together was a mixture of tears and happiness. The tears were inevitable for any lovers parting who have no other choice. The happiness came from knowing we at least had this time, this precious time that could never be taken away. We knew that we would remember this always and I do and as I write this I can't help but think she is doing the same thing, at the same time, except she is writing a poem and is dedicating it to me

© 2011 Kenneth Sibbett

Author's Note

Kenneth Sibbett
A fiction short story with elements of truth.

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Added on May 21, 2011
Last Updated on May 22, 2011
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Kenneth Sibbett
Kenneth Sibbett

Whiteville, NC

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