(Not Quite) A Small Town Girl

(Not Quite) A Small Town Girl

A Poem by kera moondust

spent the weekend with my grandma in the tiny blink your eyes miss it small town of Doyle California.


Let’s get one thing straight

I am not a small town girl

In fact.

I cannot stand that whole

                One horse

                One hit wonder

Population 500



Been stuck in this same rut since 1955



I like fast paced

And new age

Running on anti-gravity crowd surfing

And quick stop monster energy

In the middle of the street blurred by high way head lights

                                At night

Of the big bad city in which I was

Or was(n’t) born


And as much as the nos in my blood stream begs me

To move out of this what the even I don’t know

Big town small city I live in

                (It’s indefinable that way.)

I always find myself tied by my hands and knees

To those backwards bug bitten one horse

Population 500



I can’t spend much time there though

You see I’m a sweet blood

And sitting around I often find myself chewed up

                Eaten alive

And not in the good way either

It can be the middle of February and I’ve still got

Bites up and down these cooked and unclothed

Bruised up legs of mine

The veins make it hard to call them



And trust me when I say

 I’d rather have that Beverly hills Chihuahua ankle biting at me

Then these blood sucking



And as much I want to say

Count me among these sleepless

                City folk

I still find my sage brush scraped legs

Chasing lizards down a street with one lamp post

And those scratches don’t fit in

On fast paced dirty

                City red curbed streets

© 2013 kera moondust

Author's Note

kera moondust
everything here is intentional

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hi five! was that too 1990's? I sometimes forget what year it is and that people don't do that anymore. I don't do that anymore, but I like saying it out loud some times as a way of communicating how I feel and the fact that I related to the person in question in regards to whatever it is they're saying/doing at the time, thus showing my emotional state in relating to that person over what is being said/done, or whatever XD

Posted 8 Years Ago

So you aren't totally a country girl and yet u aren't totally a city girl even though you'd rather be =P

Interesting piece nonetheless =)
Very descriptive =D

Posted 8 Years Ago

kera moondust

8 Years Ago

thank you =)

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Added on April 14, 2013
Last Updated on April 14, 2013
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kera moondust
kera moondust

San Francisco, CA

I’m Tori =) Kera is an alias, so do call me by my real name. This is usually where I tell you about me. I’m insane there aren’t many questions on the matter. I love life don&rsqu.. more..

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