Forever is Always Over by Septmeber

Forever is Always Over by Septmeber

A Poem by kera moondust

A victim of another heart break... Oh well. Pick up the pieces and move on. Continuing my track record of Summer romance is over by September.


I have this terrible history of heart break

After summer romances

It’s like

Someone forgot to tell me

When does forever begin?


Because it’s sure as s**t not in June

And I’ve done all the things it’s instructed me to do

I’ve held hands

Kissed under moonlight

                                Thunder storms

                And fireworks

I’ve tried to keep this heart of mine




But I’m always giving it away

Way to quickly

With a little bow tied around the box

And the words

                                “Handle with care”

Scratched out off the top

Because this poor little heart of



Knows how bitter the flavor of

Heart break


It knows what it’s like to feel



And down right



Struck me in the face

Like it always does

It’s a subtle creature

Creeping into your veins without permission

And infecting ever cell in your body


I know what it’s like to feel like

                I need you

And without that dose of whatever brand of


                Or dopamine

You feed my senses

I will absolutely die with or without your consent


But see the problem with the

Sugar rush you get from

                                Children’s puppy dog


Is it wears off way too fast

And it leaves you feeling like

Your heart was just

Eaten up

And spit out


So the next girl you say

                I love you


Make damn certain you do

Because if you don’t

Maybe you will save her some

                                Bitter heart break


And I maybe will be willing to

Give away my heart again

But honestly


I would rather you just keep



Because I know you have things of mine

You will NEVER know I let you



But even I guess I know

Forever is only for fairytales

                And lies on your very first


Not for Septembers

                Or pretty blue eyes

© 2013 kera moondust

Author's Note

kera moondust
everything is intentional.

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K...I like this...particularly good title and really strong opening. It's a poem that I can identify with.

But on the very human side of this, I actually think it's better to give love freely. To suffer through the downside risk and disappointment is always better than guarding love till it dries up like a California raisin. In my life, 'heart break' just comes with the territory. But maybe that's just me.

Take good care...bobc

Posted 7 Years Ago

kera moondust

7 Years Ago

Thank you. =) yeah perhaps you're right.
yes, I gathered it was intentional. The taste of this was of a deep sense of melancholy and a seeming inescapable conclusion. The intensity of a relationship is so strong and bright that sometimes lightning is a pale second. Few are ready for the "heat", and the learning curve is really high.

Well spoken and reasoned.

Posted 7 Years Ago

kera moondust

7 Years Ago

Thank so much. =) relationships can be quite an awesomely powerful territory, much like a rain storm.. read more
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Kera, this is a very emotional and heart breaking piece. I can feel the anguish, the betrayal, the pain and confusion in every line. It is beautifully written, a subject which almost everyone can relate to. Your writing style is beautiful and gripping, with words lingering long after they have been read. I will be saving this so I can re-read it. Well done... sometimes heart break creates the most interesting and emotional pieces. All the best my friend, Cairo.

Posted 7 Years Ago

kera moondust

7 Years Ago

Thank you. =) yeah... Heart break does create some of the most interesting art regardless of art for.. read more

7 Years Ago

I agree completely and hope that you are okay :)

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