Last Goodbyes

Last Goodbyes

A Story by NotEasilyBroken

Dont you wish you could bring a loved one back?


I look over to the soft pink sheets and bright yellow pillows. I remember your head use to lay there. "Ha." I laugh at the thought of us huddled together outside your house behind the shack making promises to live forever. A sigh of pain I feel coming from my mouth, those words seemt so faint in my memories as I now watched the clouds float outside our window. "What happened?" They all asked that faitful day. "Do you think it was painful?" was the coressponding question. I always shrugged and just watched their faces blankly. They always looked so apolegetic, so sad about what happened, but I knew they would just get over it as their daily lives went on. But I, I will never forget the day. The day that made every agruement, every bad thing you did, and all those bad things I knew you thought of me seem microscopic to the one thing that happened to you. Death. "The clouds came out that day," Aunt sally said. "but the sun came out in heaven."

"How could the sun come out in heaven on such a horrifying day." I say sounding defeated.

"They Get a new angel that's why." she responded without looking up from her sewing. I looked away.

" I can still remember that day Cassie." I say aloud hoping that you'll hear me... wherever you are. "It was the two weeks after your funeral and I was staying with your Aunt, we looked at old photo book albums and talked in reverie of your still close memorey." I said kind of in hope. I paced past the full legnth mirror in our room, a smile came across my face as I remembered Homecoming night. " You remember that Cassie?" I said to the open air. " You were so worried about your butt looking big you totally ignored the fact that the dress was way too short to even get on school grounds. " I laughed. I knew wherever Cassie was she was laughing too. "Boy oh boy! You were so ambarrassed when the teachers made your mom turn us right back around and take you home. You said," Oh mom! You could've made them let me in. You ruined my whole night!" I remember feeling sorry for your mom being that she went through all the trouble getting us there and all you did was scream at her. You really didnt deserve the dress or the expensive hairstyler or those mile high heels." I stopped there remembering to always talk good about the dead. As I left our room feeling quite content about talking to you one last time I realized that I officially missed you.

© 2011 NotEasilyBroken

Author's Note

I had wrote this so long ago and when I found it on my computer I polished it up and decided to upload it...enjoy (:

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Kind of short for a story and really doesn't invoke any kind of emotional response from the reader. Also, spell check is helpful.

Posted 9 Years Ago

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My government Name is Keturah its hebrew P: And means Fragrance (: Yes Im one of those people who is madly obsessed with music. Yes I hate writing about me sections cause it means I have to act.. more..

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