Chapter 17

Chapter 17

A Chapter by Kev (Dott-Komm)

You're going to have all the time you need...

Dawnni and Bon appeared in a grassy plain. Mountains bordered the area a mile away. The sun shined brightly above them. 
"Did we leave the temple?" Dawnni asked.
"No, we haven't. This is what you would call...a 'simulation room'. 
"Alright Dawnni, you're not going to believe the training you're about to go through." 
Dawnni looked outwards to the right.
"I'm trying not to think about it...but thanks..." 
Bon walked towards Dawnni and grabbed his shield and his wrist with the gauntlet. 
"You won't be needing these anymore." 
The shield and the gauntlet quickly disappeared. Dawnni was shocked. 
"I won't?" 
"Of course not! Let me explain. You're destined to be one of the three legendary swordsmen. Along with you, is Arestasia and Lupin." 
"But how can we be the three legendary swordsmen if the Onyx Chevalier is one also?" 
"He is the last of the surviving legendary swordsmen of this era." 
"Who were the other two?" 
"Tichi and I." 
There was a small silence. 
"Instead of my soul being risen into the heavens, Respaltia gave me the task of becoming a deity. Same with Tichi and soon, Chaet shall follow." 
"Yes, his name is Chaet." 
"But we're only rescuing him, so how can there only be three? Can't there be four?" 
"No. It's impossible, sadly. Legendary swordsmen are handpicked by Respaltia herself. If there were more than requested, I'm not sure as of what may happen. I don't plan on finding out anytime soon. The only way to rescue to kill him." 
Dawnni's eyes grew wide open. 
"Yes, I know he raised you into the soldier that you are today, but sacrifices have to be made to save the world. He has been fully possessed by Glast. Let me tell you something that you didn't really know about him." 
"A little late for that warning..." 
"He was once a human. Just like you." 
"He's not a human?" 
"Not at all. He was cursed. He was turned into solid onyx."
Dawnni gasped. 
"Then I, who was also a light magic user breathed life into him in hopes that I could change him back into a human. The spell didn't quite work as I had hoped. He became living onyx. We later found out that his two children, Renlu and Daljic shared the same fate. They were turned into solid amethyst and topaz. I castthe same spell for them as well. So that they could see the light again." 
"Where are they now?" 
"Not even Yillbur knows. Chaet left them, ashamed of the curse he had made them suffer. That's when he had his vision of what occurring now. It was destiny for him to be captured."
Dawnni looked at the ground. The wind was mild as it made the grass rustle in place. The sound reminded him of home, where him and Arestasia would spend their time together, talking and enjoying the beauty of the river. 
"But we must start your training Dawnni. Here's what you'll learn..." 
Bon opened his hand and a sword with a white crystal blade and a golden hilt appeared. 
"I used the power of your gauntlet and the energy of all the souls you've captured and shaped them into this sword." 
Bon handed him the sword. Dawnni was amazed at its luster.
"This's so beautiful..." 
Dawnni held the sword by the hilt and ran his fingers along the see-through crystalline blade. 
"Where am I going to put it?" 
"The strap across your side!" 
"What stra-" 
Dawnni suddenly felt leather at his side. He closed his eyes in annoyance. 
"What's with this random magic?" 
Bon laughed.
"It's fun!" 
Dawnni rolled his eyes. 
"Anyways, you'll be wearing this gauntlet instead." 
Bon presented him with a long black glove. Confused about what Bon could possibly be thinking, he put the glove on. It nearly reach his elbow. Bon snapped his fingers and golden plates appeared around the glove from the top of the hand to the end. 
"Wow! How interesting!" 
"That way, you can block incoming attacks without having to equip a shield. Plus, you'll be able to block very quickly! Do very well in your training and you'll get one more thing." 
Dawnni was excited at this point. He couldn't wait to start his training. 
"Now, when you're up against Chaet, you need to be able to keep him from getting near you when he begins to use his time manipulation spells. You're going to learn how to manipulate gravity." 
"Yes. He can stop your body, but if gravity worked in your favor, he won't be able to get near you. Gravity can't be affected by time in any sort of way." 
" in the world am I going to do that?" 
"It might take a while, but you already have a grasp on what to do." 
Dawnni sheathed his sword. 
"Can you explain this further?" 
"You're a light magic user. So you take the power of light around you, whether its from the sun or the moon and turn it into whatever you like, correct?"
"That's somewhat how gravity works. Take it, change it, then use it." 
Dawnni nodded his head in agreement. Suddenly a wooden dummy burst through the ground. 
"Now, try it on this dummy." 
Dawnni frowned. He closed his eyes and focused on the energy around him. He directed his hand towards the dummy. He felt the energy gathering at his palm. He then quickly opened his eyes and released a beam of light at the dummy that made a hole in it. There was a short silence.
"Not exactly what was planned." 
Dawnni hung his head in shame and Bon chuckled. 
"It's going to feel like your about to cast a light spell. Trust me. You're going to need way more strength in your channeling to control the force of gravity. Don't forget what Yillbur said, a year passes here when a second passes by in the world. You're going to have all the time you need."

© 2012 Kev (Dott-Komm)

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Kev (Dott-Komm)
Kev (Dott-Komm)

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