Chapter 20

Chapter 20

A Chapter by Kev (Dott-Komm)

I know this is really becoming troublesome, but it has to be done...

A century had passed. The newly trained swordsmen were at the main room inside the Deity Temple. Yillbur danced with excitement. 
"Oh, I can feel the power surging through them!" 
Dawnni, Arestasia, and Lupin were wearing white garments. 
"The stain-proof white clothes are the clothes of the legendary swordsman!" 
Dawnni wore a long white coat that went down to his shins on his left side and went down to his hip on the right. The left sleeve was cut at the elbow, revealing the golden gauntlet. He had on a white shirt and white pants and shoes. His eyes couldn't be seen due to the thick white goggle-like glasses. Unlike Chaet's sparkling blue trim, Dawnni's was gold. 
Arestasia had on a white dress that went down to her mid-thighs. Her white high-heeled boots had very sharply pointed heels. She wore long white gloves and a silky white bow on her head. Her garments had a dark purple trim. 
Lupin wore a white shirt and pants. His long white cape flowed down to his ankles. He wore shoulder pads, cloth bracelets, and steel-toed boots. He pulled a white bandanna from his pocket and tied it around his head like a headband. His garments had a blood red trim. 
"What have you taught them all? I must see!" 
Their mentors were standing next to them. 
"Arestasia, lets show them your strength!" Tichi exclaimed.
"Yillbur, this girl has immense power and can destroy anything that walks in her path!" Po explained. 
"Let's see!" 
Everyone walked away from Arestasia. 
"The floor is yours!" Yillbur said excitingly. 
Arestasia drew her sword and swung it downward, changing it into its whip form. Each piece of the blade glowed a bright purple. 
"Let's give them a sample of what we can do Rosette!" 
Arestasia spun in place with one leg up. Rosette spiraled around her beautifully. Arestasia swung the whip left and right as she danced gracefully on the floor. Rosette flowed along with her movements. Arestasia then raised the hilt in the air and the whip changed back into its sword-like form. 
The sword began to emanate a light purple glow. Arestasia began to swing the blade around. With each slash, an electric trail followed. 
"Wow, her fighting style changed a bit I see!" Dawnni exclaimed. 
Arestasia thrust the sword into the air, releasing a rising bolt of lightning. 
Arestasia spread her arms apart and the electricity created a pitch black cloud inside the temple. 
The cloud grew bigger and bigger. 
"Dance with me..." 
Arestasia began to dance with her sword again. The electric trail following beautifully as purple lightning struck downward from the clouds repeatedly in random locations. The light from the bolts illuminated the whole room. Arestasia's beautiful blonde hair sparkled as each bolt struck. The deities and her teammates were in awe. 
"Time for the finale, Rosette!" 
Arestasia jumped and spiraled into the air. When she reached the clouds, they began to seep into her body. Arestasia then descended quickly. Her feet crashed into the ground and small bolts of electricity burst from the ground. 
The small bolts crashed into each other and caused a giant explosion. Small purple sparks fell from the cloud of smoke and rained on Arestasia as she took a bow. Everyone applauded at her performance. 
"That was amazing!" Lupin yelled as she walked towards Tichi and Po. 
"Dawnni! You go next!" Bon exclaimed. 
Dawnni walked towards the middle of the floor. 
"Yillbur, everyone knows that killing a light magic user can be very tough. Not only is he a menace with his new sword, his new gravity abilities will keep anyone and anything from ever touching him!" 
Bon raised his hands and small orbs of light appeared above them. 
The orbs quickly flew at Dawnni. Dawnni easily dodged each one that came by. One orb came near and Dawnni directed his palm towards it. A great gravitational force blasted the orb back and it collided into the wall with a giant explosion. Dawnni quickly drew his sword. And strategically spun around at the right time to slash each orb that came near, causing explosions with each hit. The force of the explosions didn't even make Dawnni flinch. Many orbs flew at Dawnni at once. As they came in close, Dawnni crossed his arms. An orb of gravity formed around Dawnni that stopped the orbs in place. The intensified power distorted the color of everything inside it and made it appear as its opposite. 
The gravitation force field blasted all of the orbs in different directions and they crashed into the walls. 
"Not a single scratch!" Bon yelled. 
Everyone applauded as Dawnni walked towards Bon. Arestasia ran towards Dawnni and gave him a big hug. 
"That was so awesome Dawn!" 
Lupin walked towards the middle of the floor. 
"I taught Lupin to be a ruthless killing machine! Need I say more?" Vire bragged. 
Lupin drew his sword. Dawnni and Arestasia was shocked. 
"A two-handed sword?" They exclaimed simultaneously. 
Vire summoned three knights. The knights quickly charged after Lupin, one right after the other. Lupin took a deep breath. As they came near, Lupin, as fast as lightning, stabbed one knight in the head. He swung the sword, carrying the knight and threw it upward. He then, quickly spun around and slammed his heel into another knight's knee, shattering it. The third knight was about to slash at Lupin's neck but Lupin blocked his sword with his left arm. 
"What? He blocked it with his bare arm?!" Dawnni exclaimed.
"It's all a part of his new ability!" Vire explained joyfully.
Lupin's arm was covered in his crystallized blood. The blood quickly spiraled around the sword and grasped onto the knight's arm. The knight with the shattered knee crawled for Lupin. Lupin raised his sword upward and stabbed the king in the back, pinning it into the ground. The knight in the air finally descended and landed right on the sword's hilt with its back. Lupin fixed his gaze back onto the the captured knight and pulled back his right arm. His blood covered his arm and sprouted a long curved blade that pointed forward. 
"That is one strange power..." Arestasia stated. 
"Quite interesting though..." Dawnni replied. 
Lupin quickly decapitated the knight and his blood dropped him. Lupin walked towards his sword while his blood retreated back into his scars and pulled it from the knight's back. Everyone applauded as they all walked near the center. 
"Oh, that was so exciting to watch! I have nothing but faith in you three! Now gather around, I have something very important to tell you." Yillbur said. 
Yillbur took a deep breath. 
"There's one more thing that you must do before heading to Glast's quarters." 
Dawnni rolled his eyes and hunched over. 
"I knew it.." 
"I know this is really becoming troublesome, but it has to be done. Glast is no longer in this dimension." 
The swordsmen gasped. 
"How is he not?" Arestasia asked. 
"He manipulated Chaet's power to create his own dimension to reside in and build his army before he decides to come back." 
"So, there's a chance that some aspects won't exist there?" Dawnni asked. 
"If he know's that we're coming, he most likely would have made it impossible for use to do anything!" 
"That's the risk we have to take. If he and his army come back, there's no telling what may happen. He may come back with ten. He may come back with a million." 
"Well, what do we have to do?" Arestasia asked. 
"We have created a dimension jumping device. In order to keep anyone from traveling dimensions besides Chaet, we separated it into three pieces. Those three pieces are guarded by three trusted warriors known as the 'Winged Scarf'. They are excellent warriors who have been protecting those pieces for hundreds of years now. I need you three to get the pieces from them." 
"Let me take a wild guess, they're not going to just let us have it are they?" Dawnni asked. 
"You thought correctly." 
Dawnni dropped his head in frustration. 
"You will be sent to them and you will need to challenge them to a duel. Killing them is impossible for they were blessed by Respaltia herself. They are destined to guard our many treasures so they were given immortality. Once they see that you are worthy, they will let you have the device piece. Are you ready for the challenge?" 
"Do we have a choice?" Lupin asked sarcastically. 
Yillbur smiled widely. 
Yillbur snapped his fingers and the swordsmen vanished in a white flash.

© 2013 Kev (Dott-Komm)

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Kev (Dott-Komm)

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