Chapter 21

Chapter 21

A Chapter by Kev (Dott-Komm)

You must be an evocation of the evil power...

"Blissalra, this s**t is boring!" Meryln exclaimed. 
"Shut up, Meryln!" Blissalra replied. 
They had just finished killing their seventy-eighth wave of monsters. They were all scattered along the moonlit plains. Slowly, they turned black and melted into the ground. 
"I swear it's always the same damn thing every damn night! Has this evil power ever thought of sending something that can actually do its job and get s**t done?!" 
"Meryln, be happy that we aren't even coming across that!" 
"Yeah, it'll be a matter of time until the evil power is defeated and these monsters will cease to exist." Cecilia added. 
"Well, what if they don't?" Meryln retaliated.
Blissalra and Cecilia stood there in blind silence. 
"We could end up having to kill the monsters forever!" 
The sounds of the crickets chirping eerily rang in the team's ears. 
" way. They're very strong. I can tell why they were picked to go on the journey." Blissalra explained. 
Meryln dropped her sword and sat on a nearby rock. 
"I just want to see my darling Dawnni again. I can't stand the thought of him being away from me forever. I can't let us separate." 
"And y'all were together when?" Cecilia asked. 
Meryln's faced clenched in sudden anger. 
"Don't you dare start with me Cece!" 
Cecilia shrugged and sat in the cold grass. Footsteps were suddenly heard from a distance that startled the team. The team stared into the area and spotted a hooded man. He wore solid black clothing with black finger-less gloves. The purple hood that hid his face had an attached long scarf that spiraled down his highly defined torso. Two long black silk clothes were wrapped around his neck and arms. They all fluttered with the soft wind that blew. His detailed biceps were the only things that showed his dark skin and black markings. He was walking briskly. As if he was on a mission. Meryln stood up from the rock. 
"Present yourself!" She yelled. 
The man stopped. 
"I am an evoked spirit. I have been given a task to-" 
"You must be an evocation of the evil power!" 
"Evocation? Evil power?" Cecilia asked.
Ignoring Cecilia's comment, Meryln dashed towards the spirit, picking up her sword on the way. The spirit raised his hands and his cloths raised eerily. 
"Meryln, are you sure?" Blissalra yelled. 
Meryln didn't pay any attention to her and jumped into the air. 
"Fall beneath my blade!" 
She swung the blade down with great force as she descended. The spirit's cloth blocked the sword with ease. 
"What the-?!" 
The cloth felt like she had hit solid metal. Another cloth quickly reached for Meryln's ankle, grabbed it, and lifted her into the air. 
"I mean no harm."
"Electro Wave!" 
Blissalra waved her hand and sent a horizontal shock-wave of electric energy that flew quickly towards the spirit. The spirit quickly threw Meryln into the ground and jumped over the incoming shock wave. He slowly descended. 
"Please...listen to me." He said. 
"No!" Meryln yelled as she got up and picked up her sword. 
"I do not wish to fight with you." 
The spirit faced the enraged warrior. 
"It's been too long since I've actually had a challenge!" She raised her sword and Cecilia shot an arrow at her that caused a small explosion that pushed her onto her back. 
"Cece! What are you doing?!" she yelled as she got back up. 
Cecilia walked closer to the spirit. 
"Shut up Meryln! He has something to say! Why can't you just listen to someone for once?" 
Meryln crossed her arms and pouted. Blissalra walked towards them. 
"I was summoned by the deities of the Deity Temple." 
The team gasped. 
"I'm so sorry, I didn't know." Blissalra said. 
"All is forgiven. The deities have given me a task to retrieve you three." 
"For what?" Cecilia asked. 
"You are needed by them. They haven't told me as of why."
"Okay. So are you like, the deities' assistant?" 
"In a way, yes. Mostly I am the messenger." 
"I see. So do you have a name?" 
"My current knowledge doesn't present me with such information." 
Cecilia frowned.
"The deities make you do things for them and they didn't even give you a name?" 
"The deities would address me as 'evoked spirit' when I am given my tasks." 
"Well, why not Juren?" 
Meryln stared at Cecilia. 
"Your naming him after your dead cat?" 
"What? He reminds me of Juren so much! He's so dark and mysterious looking, but he's peaceful." 
Cecilia smiled sweetly towards him.
"Juren was a female!" 
Blissalra snickered. 
" Juren..." 
The spirit said softly. 
"You do?" Blissalra and Meryln said simultaneously. 
"Yes...I do... I feel like it fits me very well." 
"Then it's settled! Your name is now Juren!" Cecilia said excitingly.
"How are we going to get to the Deity Temple?" Blissalra asked. 
"I shall send you there with this crystal." 
Juren pulled out a purple crystal that shined beautifully in the moonlight. 
"But what about the village?" 
"I shall remain here and protect the village while you are away." 
"Are you sure you can handle the monsters by yourself?" Meryln asked with a smirk. 
"After that performance he did, I'm sure he'll be fine." Cecilia said. 
"You must go now. Time is slowly depleting. Place your hands on this crystal." 
The team placed their hands on the crystal and began to glow a bright purple before vanishing, leaving Juren behind. 
"I hope that it is not too late."

© 2013 Kev (Dott-Komm)

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Kev (Dott-Komm)
Kev (Dott-Komm)

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