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Chapter 22

Chapter 22

A Chapter by Kev (Dott-Komm)

Are we going to continue or do you forfeit?...

Arestasia's team appeared on an island. The sun was shining brightly. The deep blue body of water that surrounded it was calm. There was a giant rock with a flat top and an entrance in the middle of the island that caught the team's attention. Suddenly a man walked towards the entrance from the inside of the cave and stopped before much sunlight could hit him. He wore a white undershirt with a blue vest and black pants. His shiny blue and black shoes that peeked out of the entrance gleamed from the sunlight. 
"What's your business here?" He asked. His black scarf was covering his mouth, but his voice sounded perfectly clear. The scarf was tied in the back in a way that it seemed that it was shaped like wings. Arestasia's team then realized that he was part of the Winged Scarf. 
"We were given the task to retrieve the three pieces of the dimension jumping device." Arestasia answered. 
"Did Yillbur send you?" 
"Well, I'll only let you have my device piece if I see that you're worthy." 
The man walked further into the light, tilting his head left and right, cracking his neck. He had partially light skin. He had long dark braids, similar to Chaet's. 
"Good. My name is Klorien. I am the leader of my team."
Klorien raised his hand and a blue light gathered above it. A long diamond-shaped sword was pulled from the light. The sword beautifully faded from black to blue on the blade and hilt. Arestasia unsheathed her sword. 
"Arestasia. I'm the leader of my team." 
"We fight alone. Yes?" Klorien asked. 
Dawnni and Lupin nodded and stepped away from them and stood near the shore. 
"I'll let you make the first move." Klorien said. 
Arestasia smirked with determination.
"What a gentleman." 
Arestasia dashed towards Klorien and lunged her sword towards his chest. Klorien quickly kicked the sword upward, throwing off Arestasia's balance and kept his foot perfectly upwards. He then thrust his foot downward while simultaneously jumping, causing him to constantly flip vigorously in mid air. 
"All that power!" Dawnni said. 
Klorien stayed in mid-air, continuously flipping at a very quick speed. The sand began to blow away from below him. A crater slowly formed. Arestasia quickly slashed at Klorien, but Rosette stopped at mid swing. 
"Move back?" Arestasia asked her sword. 
"She learned to communicate with it. How cool!" Lupin stated. 
Arestasia jumped back several feet. 
"Okay, I'm listening." 
A blue aura began to encase Klorien in a sphere of condensed energy. Arestasia's eyes widened and she quickly glared towards Dawnni and Lupin. 
"Dawnni! Protect us!" 
Dawnni raised a brow. 
"Just do it!" 
She pointed at Klorien. 
"Goodbye..." He said. 
The blue sphere shined brightly. Dawnni jumped in front of his teammates and spread his arms. 
"Field of Sanctity!" 
Four clear walls burst through the ground around the team. The blue sphere suddenly exploded with a flash of blue energy. The force almost broke through Dawnni's defenses. When the flash receded, the island still looked normal. Klorien stood with his sword ready. A wave of intimidation came across Dawnni as he deactivated his spell. 
"The intensity of that move..." He said softly. 
"What Dawn?" Lupin asked. 
"If we were hit by that, we would have been disintegrated in a split second. Ares, be very careful with this guy." 
Arestasia nodded. 
"Are we going to continue or do you forfeit?" Klorien taunted. 
Arestasia dashed towards Klorien. 
"Randomly charging won't get you anywhere." 
Arestasia raised her sword into the air and before she was able to swing downward onto Klorien, he swiftly lunged his sword into her abdomen. She froze. She then dropped her sword as she looked down in horror. Her blood slowly ran down his blade. Klorien closed his eyes. 
"It's such a shame. But I mustn't let someone who requires such a sacred item live if they are not worthy of possessing it." 
He quickly sliced upward. His sword tore through her body and exited from her shoulder. Blood flew into the air and colored the sand. She was silent as she fell to the ground. Dawnni and Lupin were speechless. 
"Now, who's next?" 
"I'm not finished!" Arestasia yelled from the ground. 
Her body suddenly exploded with purple plasma that dowsed Klorien and burned him severely. 
"A decoy?!" He yelled as he jumped back and shook off the plasma. 
"If plasma doesn't render anything, this is going to be a really hard task." Lupin stated. 
"Arestasia suddenly appeared in a purple flash behind Klorien and swung her blade downwards towards him. Klorien swiftly turned around a deflected her strike with his blade. They suddenly began to exchange a series of attacks. Sword with sword. Fist with fist. Kick with kick. Together, they danced a lethal waltz. One false move could mean the other's victory. Quickly, Arestasia back flipped away from Klorien before she raised her sword into the air. 
"Volt Scythe!" 
A scythe blade made of purple electricity sprouted from the edge of the blade. Arestasia spun around and swung the blade towards Klorien and the electricity flew towards him at a fast pace. It spun so quickly, it appeared like a disk. As it came near, Klorien quickly bent backwards to dodge the flying disk. He rose back up and slammed his sword into the ground. 
"Kiga! Let the flames of your soul awaken!" 
Blue flames began to cloak his sword as he slowly raised it. Arestasia pointed her sword forward. 
"Rosette! Let the energy of your soul come forth!" 
Purple electricity began to cloak her sword. Klorien closed his eyes. 
"This should be fun." 
Arestasia smiled. 
They both dashed towards each other. Both swords clashed. The intense force blasted the sand away from them, leaving a giant circle made of rock. They both jumped back several feet from each other. 
"Arestasia, I want you show me how much power you hold!"
"Rosette, dance!" 
Arestasia pointed her sword and the electricity flared towards Klorien. Klorien pointed his sword towards Arestasia. 
"Kiga, devour!" 
The blue flames flared and collided with the electricity. Both forces pushed each other. They both flew in random directions. Suddenly the powers slid past each other, causing them to fly upwards and irritate the sky. Dark clouds began to form before spreading quickly, darkening the entire area. Rain started falling. The body of water began to sway violently. Waves erupted and crashed onto the shore.
"You certainly show great strength. But can you withstand this?" 
Klorien stabbed his sword into the ground and interlocked his hands. 
"Let's do this!" Arestasia yelled. 
Arestasia stabbed her sword into the ground and spread her arms out. 
"Scorching Viper!" 
Blue flames engulfed Klorien and began to spiral upward. The flames grew huge as it took the shape of a serpent. 
"Electrifying Drake!" 
Electricity blasted from under Arestasia and grew wide, completely covering her. The electricity shot upward before forming into a dragon. The two beasts roared ferociously as the thunder from the violent storm clapped. The rain crashed down in sheets. Dawnni had cast a barrier spell to cover over him and Lupin. 
"S**t just got real..." Dawnni said, eyes wide. 
"I expected no less from you...little sister..." Kiga hissed.
His voice sounded sinister. His S's prolonged as he spoke.
"Likewise...older brother..." Rosette replied. 
Rosette sounded beautiful, but powerful. The beasts suddenly drew back and lunged at each other. The collision caused a devastating explosion and engulfed the entire island in flames and electricity. Dawnni strengthened the barrier before it had reached him and Lupin. The smoke slowly cleared. Arestasia and Klorien stood there in the middle, swords clashed together as they tried to push towards each other. Klorien jumped back. 
"Alright. You seem to be the strong young lady that Yillbur has told me about." he said. 
He raised his hand in the air and the clouds swiftly receded. The sun began to shine on the island again. The sand quickly dried and the waters had calmed down. Dawnni deactivated his spell. Klorien walked towards Arestasia as his sword slowly disappeared. Arestasia sheathed her sword. 
Klorien held out his hand and revealed a blue medallion. 
"This is the first piece of the device. The other pieces are in the cave. My other two teammates hold them." 
Arestasia slowly took the medallion and wore it around her neck. Klorien pulled down his scarf, revealing his rather attractive facial features and smiled sweetly. 
"Don't disappoint me. Okay?" 
Arestasia smiled back. 
"I won't." 
"Hurry. The fate of the world relies on you three." 
The team nodded and headed for the cave.

© 2013 Kev (Dott-Komm)

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Added on December 2, 2012
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Kev (Dott-Komm)
Kev (Dott-Komm)

Lake Jackson, TX

"I am but a teenager with a great heart, Devastated by my generation falling apart, So i try to reach out the best way i can, Through poetry, through writing, i lend my hand," -Voice If.. more..

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