Chapter 25

Chapter 25

A Chapter by Kev (Dott-Komm)

That must've really wasted your time then...

"I'll let you make the first move." Todi said in a taunting manner. 
"Oh, what a gentleman." Lupin said as be readied his weapon. 
Lupin dashed towards his opponent. Todi tossed the gun into the air and grabbed it by its barrels. Lupin quickly swung at Todi's neck, but his attack was parried by the back end on the gun. Todi then followed up with a kick to his stomach, causing Lupin to hunch over in pain, he then thrust his elbow downward on his neck, knocking him into the island. The island shifted a little as the impact shook it, lifting up dust. Lupin quivered as he slowly got up, but Todi placed his foot on his back and stomped him back into the ground. He was pinned. 
"I'm sorry, but that's just pathetic. We just started." 
Lupin's eyes flared.
Solid blood spikes burst from his scar and pierced into Todi leg. Todi grunted in pain. 
"You b*****d!" 
He pointed the machine gun and Lupin's head. 
He unloaded countless rounds at him. The bullets kicked up clouds of dirt that quickly shrouded around the two. Suddenly, the sound of a bone cracking echoed. Dawnni and Arestasia were terribly worried as they inched closer towards the island. Suddenly, a body flew out of the cloud towards the cave walls and crashed into it. 
"Damn! How did you..." 
Todi said as he slowly got up, clutching the arm carrying the gun. When the cloud faded away, Lupin stood there, boldly, glaring at his opponent. His skin was encased in his own blood. The blood shined brightly from the orange light of the magma. Todi tightened his grip on the gun and jumped high into the air. 
"I guess I just need stronger bullets." He said. 
A white aura flowed from his free hand as he placed it on his gun. He then aimed downward. 
"Dead Rain!" He chanted. 
The gun blasted away towards the ground. Dawnni raised his hands and a protective barrier of light appeared around him and Arestasia. The bullets descended like white lasers. As each bullet hit the ground, a crater was created by its force. The island was slowly being destroyed. Lupin quickly dodged each bullet that came by. Suddenly, Lupin tripped over a crater, throwing off his rhythm. Many bullets struck him, causing him to flinch with each hit. 
"I'm not going down that easily!" He yelled. 
Lupin raised his hands toward his opponent and his blood spiraled towards him. The blood quickly grasped onto Todi's arms before pulling him downward at a quick speed. 
"Taste my blade!" 
Lupin drew his sword and held it back, ready to attack. 
"You kids and your fancy moves and neat tricks..." Todi taunted, almost reaching Lupin. 
Lupin slashed at Todi, but Todi grabbed the sword by the blade and crashed Lupin into the ground. 
"I don't need any of that..." 
Todi grabbed Lupin by the ankle with his left hand and threw him into the nearby wall with great velocity, causing him to crash into it with devastating force. Lupin raised his hand to his chest before clenching it as a symbol of dominance.
"This strength took me countless years to develop!" 
Lupin chuckled as he tore himself away from the wall. 
"What's so funny?" 
"That must've really wasted your time then." 
Lupin directed his palm towards Todi. His blood slowly thickened around it. 
"This took me less than five minutes..." 
Drops of blood flew towards Todi. Todi aimed his gun towards the incoming blood and skillfully shot each one, but each bullet ricocheted off of them. They expanded into the shape of spider webs that quickly latched onto Todi. 
"What the hell is this, kid?" Todi yelled. 
"I can also make my blood acidic to the touch." 
The webs started to melt through Todi's clothing. 
"To Hell with that!" 
Todi grasped onto the web. It sizzled in his hands as he ripped himself free. Flustered with anger, Todi lunged towards Lupin. Lupin quickly jumped out of the way and took a giant leap over the magma surrounded island. The impact Todi caused to the wall created a devastating crater. Without a second thought, Todi lunged towards Lupin again. Lupin quickly ducked, causing Todi to crash into the wall again. Before Lupin could leap away again, Todi quickly grabbed him by the ankle. 
"I've lost my patience." He said softly. 
Todi swiftly spun around, carrying Lupin along and through him upwards towards the wall. Lupin crashed into the ceiling area and was stuck there. 
"Come on!" 
Todi jumped towards Lupin one last time. He pulled back his fist before a black aura emanated from his body. 
"Black Nova!" he chanted, voice heavily distorted.
Todi collided with Lupin, causing a devastating explosion of black energy. The strength of the blast created a hole in the ceiling area. When the black cloud had faded, the sun shined brightly through the opening. Dawnni looked at Arestasia as he dispelled the barrier. Arestasia nodded.
"Come on, we need to catch up." Arestasia stated.
Arestasia released heat energy from her feet while Dawnni reversed the gravity around his body and they both flew out of the hole. When they reached the outside of the cave, the landscape was entirely different. They were in a mountainous area, lush with green. Flowers of every color was scattered along the area. The wind was strong. The grass and other plants danced in waves as it was brushed by it. Dawnni and Arestasia were appalled, but soon, their reactions were nonchalant. 
"Working alongside the deities of the goddess is a very big strain on my thinking..." Dawnni said calmly. 
"I already gave up trying to find logic a long time ago." Arestasia replied. 
"Yep, logic is dead."
"Very dead. Can't get anymore deader."
"Deceased and decayed." 
Suddenly, Todi's voice could be heard from a distance behind a nearby mountain. They quickly flew upwards and spotted the two fighters. Todi stood at the peak, whereas Lupin stood near the bottom. 
"You think you have power? I'll show you power!" Todi yelled. 
Todi raised his gun and dropped it on the mountain. The impact shook the earth around them vigorously. The mountain slowly began to crumble, sending clouds of dust to the sky before collapsing completely. 
"That strength..." Dawnni said. 
The cloud cleared away, revealing nothing but rubble. Lupin stood before it, unscathed. Lupin looked to his left and to his right, searching for Todi's whereabouts. Todi, as fast as light, rammed into Lupin with great force, causing Lupin to fly at a breakneck speed, crashing through one mountain and creating giant crater in another behind it. Arestasia and Dawnni were astonished. 
"Do you think he survived that?" Dawnni asked. 
"I hope so..." 
Lupin quickly jumped out of the crater and looked to his left and right again. He was suddenly struck into the air by his unseen opponent. 
"How is he going to fight someone he can't even see?" Arestasia exclaimed. 
"He won't fail so easily. I bet he's got a plan." 
Arestasia's worried look softened. Dawnni smiled at her sweetly. 
Lupin suddenly released his blood from his wrists. His blood quickly moved towards his back and took the form of wings that tore from the back of his garments and helped stop him in mid-air. 
"I have you now!" Todi yelled. 
Lupin was suddenly struck down towards the open field behind the mountains. Todi quickly reappeared there, holding the gun by its nose with two hands. Lupin was descending towards him quickly. 
"Dwarf Star..." Todi incanted. 
Black spheres circled the end of the gun as the weapon shined a bright white. 
Todi swung the gun with all of his strength, striking Lupin with a heavy blow into his chest. The force caused Todi's feet to crush the earth beneath him. The impact knocked him through a mountain and into the sky at the speed of light. Dawnni and Arestasia trembled. 
"I...I don't know...what to say..." Dawnni said softly. 
"What is he?!" Arestasia yelled. 
Lupin was gone for what felt like hours. A soft tear fell down Dawnni's cheek.
"Around the world..." Todi said suddenly behind them, floating. 
Dawnni and Arestasia swiftly turned around as they readied their blades. Tears blurred their vision as anger surged through them. Todi chuckled. 
"Calm down. He's not dead...yet. Like I said, he's going around the world. Take your time to reminisce what you all had together, because after he comes back, he's done for. Then it will be your turn." 
Todi suddenly disappeared again and reappeared where he had struck Lupin. Dawnni didn't know how to feel at this point. He was conflicted with multiple emotions and didn't realize which one had more priority. Arestasia was infuriated. 
"Who does he think he is?" She yelled, "He got some nerve to mock me!" 
"Ares, look!" 
Dawnni pointed into the sky. Lupin was descending from the other side of the earth, towards Todi. Todi lifted his gun by the nose and raised it above then behind his head. 
As soon as Lupin reached him, Todi slammed his gun downward. Dawnni and Arestasia quickly flew towards them. The impact crushed the ground even further, causing magma to rise from the deep rifts. The greenery was suddenly engulfed with flames. It was only a matter of seconds for it to devastate a large fraction of the plains. There was long silence soon after. All that could be heard was the slowly running magma as it flowed across the perished greenery. 
"I guess it's time for you two to share the same fate..." Todi said as he turned his head towards Arestasia and Dawnni.
He stood on a large lonely rock that floated on the magma.
"Looks like the last piece must be very safe." A voice broke and echoed. 
"That voice..." Dawnni thought. 
"And yet, you still live..." Todi said softly. 
"I'll let you in on a secret..."
Large red thorns burst through the magma, slowly surrounding Todi. Lupin, completely encased in hardened blood, in the shape of a knight's armor, slowly rose from the magma. His distorted shattered wings wrapped around his like a cloak.
"With this ability...I'm almost perfectly immune to blunt attacks."
Lupin directed his palm towards Todi.
"Forbidden Execution..." He chanted.
Long spikes protruded from the thorns in all directions in a split second. Todi didn't move. The spikes that were headed right for Todi, stopped instantly, due to Respaltia's spell. 
"All right. You got fire in you, bud. I respect that." 
Todi raised his hand and snapped his fingers. His fingertips shined a bright white that engulfed the entire area. When the light had vanished, they were all back inside the cave. Lupin was back to normal. The small island surrounded by magma was intact and there was no hole in the ceiling. Everyone stood at the entrance of the area. Dawnni and Arestasia expressed the same nonchalant look from earlier.
Todi walked towards Lupin and held out his hand, revealing a beautiful blood red bracelet. 
"Here, take this. Keep doing what you do and you won't fail." 
Lupin took the bracelet from him. 
"I'll do my best..." Lupin replied as he put on the bracelet.
Todi nodded. The three pieces of jewelry began to shine brightly as they shook vigorously. Dawnni stared at his ring in horror as his hand vibrated. A rift slowly emerged at his hand, slowly pulling him in. The rift roared and swayed ferociously. Dawnni's teammates stared in surprise. Dawnni was soon swallowed by the rift as it grew larger in size. Lupin and Arestasia reluctantly jumped into the rift. The roar of the rift suddenly had calmed before slowly disappearing. 
"Take him down..." Todi said softly.

© 2013 Kev (Dott-Komm)

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Kev (Dott-Komm)

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