Chapter 26

Chapter 26

A Chapter by Kev (Dott-Komm)

The only other way I can use light magic is by using my own life energy...

The rift reappeared over a vast dead plain. The team soon dropped from it and landed on the warm and hard surface. The dried up clay-like ground surrounded them for what seemed like miles. Further ahead of them, they could see a castle with an intimidating exterior. Even thought it was so far away, the castle stood tall. The light brown clouds circled around the peak. As the sun slowly sank into the ground, the shadows of the night soon followed to take it's place. A few moments had passed and the team still stood there in the pitch black night, unable to see. 
"This isn't good..." Dawnni murmured. 
"What's not good?" Lupin asked. 
"The goddesses of the sun and the moon...I can't sense them." 
A purple moon slowly rose, brightening the area and coloring it with a soft purple tint. 
"The sun and the moon here...they're fake. Without the real sun or moon out in the sky, my light magic won't work." 
"Seriously?" Arestasia shouted. 
Dawnni looked downward at the crusty ground. 
"There has to be some sort of alternative for it. Like, light from a fire?" Lupin suggested. 
The team began to walk towards the castle as their eyes soon accustomed to the darkness. 
"The only other way I can use light magic is by using my own life energy." 
Lupin and Arestasia gasped. 
"Then that would mean..." Arestasia started. 
Dawnni nodded. 
"But your Death Aversion spell should keep that from happening right?" Lupin asked. 
"Not this time. That spell is only effective if I die under another's hand. Not if that hand is my own. Healing spells are pretty risky as well." 
"S**t. We can't risk you getting seriously injured."
As they came closer to the castle, the doors slowly opened. It was pitch black inside. Suddenly, an army of xadows, goblins, giant bats, and black knights rushed out of the castle. 
"Get behind me!" Dawnni yelled. 
"But Dawn!" Lupin responded as Dawnni jumped forward. 
Dawnni directed his palms towards the rushing army. 
"Mass Crush." He chanted. 
The gravity around the army increased drastically causing them to quickly crashed straight into the ground. 
"I have other things to rely on other than just light magic, remember? Now hurry into the castle, while I still have them held down." 
"Forget it! I'm not leaving you here by yourself to fight all of these creatures! You can't even heal yourself!" Lupin shouted. 
"Lupin, come on. He can handle it. You told me yourself." Arestasia said calmly as she reached for his hand. 
Lupin quickly jerked away. 
"No! I won't leave him to die!" 
"Who the hell said I was dying you dumb a*s?" Dawnni yelled, "I can handle my own. Now get moving before I move you myself!" 
"Dawnni, but what if-" 
Dawnni's eyes glowed a dark blue. Lupin and Arestasia began to float in mid-air before quickly shooting towards the open door. They flew into the darkness before the doors quickly shut. Dawnni smiled softly. 
Dawnni released his hold on the army and they slowly got up. He then drew his sword. The crystal gleamed in the bright purple moonlight. He stabbed the sword into the ground. 
"Soul Release..." 
A giant white gate broke from the ground in front of Dawnni and rose quickly. As the gate doors opened, a bright light shined outward. 
"Go forth!" 
An army of white xadows, goblins, and wolves rushed out of the gates towards Dawnni's target. Both armies fought vigorously. Dawnni stood at the ready for any minions that could have found its way past his army. The screeches of xadows soared every second that passed by. Every moment felt like a century. Sweat rolled down Dawnni's face as he glared at the intense battle. Suddenly a dark portal grew in the area where the armies stood. Tentacles grabbed every creature and pulled them in. A lonely figure then rose from the middle before the portal quickly disappeared. Dawnni was taken aback. He squinted to get a clearer view.
"Hello there." The figure said. 
Its voice sounded like two people were speaking. A male and a female. 
"My name is Tayrahl. I am an evoked entity created by Lord Glast. I may not let you pass further. Your friends might have been able to, but I'm sure they will be disposed of rather quickly..." 
The entity walked closer, revealing its woman-like structure. Its scaly skin was multicolored of purple, blue, and green. Its left hand was the shape of a demon's claw. The talons stretched towards the ground. It's long purple hair softly flowed as the ominous winds blew. 
"I guess I have no choice then. I can't let you slow me down." 
Dawnni raised his sword. Tayrahl flipped its hair back, revealing its emerald-green eyes. 
"Do as you wish. You won't succeed." 
Dawnni raised his fist. The gauntlet glowed a dark blue. 
"Gravity Armor..." 
The gauntlet emanated a dark blue aura that then shrouded Dawnni. The then directed his palm towards his opponent. 
Tayrahl was suddenly pulled by his gravitational force. Dawnni lunged his sword at the entity but it quickly rolled its body to dodge the attack. It then quickly spun around and struck at Dawnni, but the claw was pushed away by his gravity armor. Dawnni turned around and dashed towards his opponent. Tayrahl screeched at Dawnni, releasing dynamic sound waves that threw Dawnni off balance. 
"Your mine!" 
The entity leaped towards Dawnni. Dawnni quickly regained his footing and deflected Tayrahl's claw with his blade. Dawnni countered with his fist and struck the entity in the side. He then followed his first attack with a knee to the entity's stomach. Before he could strike down onto its head with his blade, the creature suddenly sprouted tentacles from its back. Dawnni quickly back flipped away from his opponent. The black tentacles shot straight for him. Dawnni dashed towards them. He quickly shifted from side to side, dodging each upcoming blow. The tentacles struck the ground with great force with each miss. When Dawnni reached the entity, it suddenly chanted a spell. 
"Ghastly Demise!" 
Tayrahl's claw glowed a bright emerald green. Tayrahl lunged its claw at him again. Dawnni lunged his sword at the entity and struck it in the chest. They both stood still for a moment. Dawnni's eyes suddenly grew wide. He could feel blood running down his right arm. 
"My armor...but how?" He said softly. 
"Poison Magic. I can easily deteriorate magical energies with my own." 
Dawnni slowly looked at his shoulder. His body suddenly began to feel numb. He began to shiver. 
"It's such a shame that hardly any action commenced. I really wanted to just kill you myself. But orders are orders..." Tayrahl said with a sweet smile. 
"What do mean, 'orders are orders'? What orders?" Dawnni yelled. 
Tayrahl smiled as it released its claw from his shoulder quickly. Dawnni grunted in pain. 
"Lord Glast knew your light magic would be limited. He can't see as far as the Onyx Chevalier, but with what power he managed to absorb, he can see into the near future. I may wont be able to see you die, but at least I'll know you won't be able to get to Lord Glast." 
Dawnni chuckled. 
"What is funny?" 
Dawnni placed his foot on Tayrahl's stomach before kicking it off of his sword. Tayrahl fell silently. It stared coldly at Dawnni as he walked towards it. 
"If he has to send henchmen in order to weaken me...especially by using my must mean I pose a threat to him." 
Dawnni smiled as his head slumped. He sheathed his blood-stained sword. He felt his body slowly getting heavy.
"There's no way I'm quitting now, knowing that." 
Dawnni limped towards the doors of the castle. Each step more unbalanced than the next. He pushed the doors open and entered into the darkness. He could hear Tayrahl's feint laughing as the doors slowly closed behind him. 
"I wont die here...Not after all of the work I've done...I'm coming...Ares...Lupin..." Dawnni thought. 

© 2013 Kev (Dott-Komm)

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Kev (Dott-Komm)
Kev (Dott-Komm)

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