Chapter 28

Chapter 28

A Chapter by Kev (Dott-Komm)

Maybe the world needs better management...

        Arestasia was walking in complete darkness.
        "I can't see a thing! I swear, if I walk straight into a wall..."
        Suddenly Arestasia tripped and landed on what seemed to be stairs. She picked her head up in frustration.
        "This room is mocking me..."
        She slowly got up and at a steady pace, walked up the stairs. The stairs slowly became more visible as she tried to focus on each step she took. When the stairs became perfectly visible, she had reached the top. Arestasia looked forward and noticed a giant bright white floor that extended to the walls that were partially lit at the bottom. In the center, stood a human-like figure. His yellowish-orange skin glowed brightly from the light shining below his feet. His clothes looked rather casual. He was shirtless, with a black leather jacket and he wore dark blue pants with black boots.
        "Took you long enough." the figure said, voice sounding masculine and very annoyed.
        He raised his hands and ran them through his short black hair before resting them on the back of his head.
        "Who are you?" Arestasia asked.
        "It's common courtesy to state your name first."
        Arestasia scoffed.
        "I'm your hero's son, Topaz." He replied bitterly.
        "Wait, his son?"
        "But, Chaet is a good person! Why are you trying to stop me from saving him?"
        Topaz let out a soft sigh.
        "You can't save him."
        "What do you mean?"
        "I won't let you save him."
        Arestasia's eyes flared.
        "You don't care that your own father's life is in danger?"
        "His life isn't in danger. His fate is sealed. It's been sealed; ever since he and the rest of our family has been cursed. My older and younger sister will agree with me."
        "So that must mean, you're Renlu?"
        Topaz chuckled.
        "I haven't been called that in so long. I almost forgot that 'Renlu' was actually my name."
        "Wait...I was told that there were only two children."
        "There's three of us. Amethyst and I, and then there's Misht."
        "But, I don't understand why you all have such hatred towards Chaet."
        Topaz rolled his amber eyes.
        "Not only did he put us through this curse, he practically abandoned us!"
        "But you have to understand-"
        "Understand what? He left us to live with this curse by ourselves! Misht was never even found! We had no clue where she was after Bon revived us. Amethyst and I searched and searched and we couldn't find her so she was never revived."
        Arestasia's look softened.
        "The worst thing is the fact that he attempted to pull us from a different dimension, at a different time period, before the time we were cursed, and placed us in your dimension so that we could have 'normal lives'. But in our eyes, it looks like we've just been replaced."
        Suddenly, Arestasia's eyes opened widely.
        "That's right. You've seen the younger, more human-like Amethyst that was pulled from another time dimension."
        "The small girl from the shop...Dalim..." Arestasia thought.
        "After the s**t he put us all through, he doesn't deserve to keep consciousness. Lord Glast is doing a fine job being our new father."
        "Don't talk like that!" Arestasia snapped.
        Topaz took a step back. Arestasia walked a little closer.
        "He tried all he could to make your lives better! It wasn't his fault that your family was cursed in the first place. And don't talk about Glast like he's a good guy! He's a twisted dark creature bent on world domination!"
        Topaz directed his palm upward and a dark cloud slowly appeared above him. The dark cloud then struck Topaz's hand with orange lightning that quickly formed into a two-handed dual-bladed axe. Topaz grasped the axe with ease and directed the top end toward Arestasia.
        "Maybe the world needs better management."
        Arestasia drew her sword.
        "Fine, we'll do this your way."
        Topaz ran towards Arestasia. Arestasia directed two of her fingers towards her opponent.
        "Electro Wave!" She chanted.
        When Topaz reached her, an instant flash occurred at her fingertips, knocking back her opponent a few feet. Quickly regaining his balance, he jumped towards her and swung his axe. Arestasia quickly drew her sword and deflected his attack, but the force of his swing caused her to fall on her back. Topaz quickly spun the axe and slashed downward towards her. Arestasia quickly rolled away, causing Topaz to hit the bright white floor. The axe shattered the floor on impact, creating a large hole. Arestasia quickly got up and changed her sword to whip form and swung at her opponent. Rosette wrapped around him from bottom to top before the tip pointed at his face.
        "We don't have to do this, Topaz! I understand that you're upset with your father, but we can help you! My friend, he knows how to lift curses; he can probably help you and your family." She explained.
        Topaz easily broke out of Rosette's grip, leaving the blade pieces on the floor.
        "We don't need your help!" He snapped, "The damage has already been done! We don't need you, or our father!"
        "But, Renlu-"
        Electricity suddenly flared from his body, lighting up the entire room.
        "My name is not Renlu!" He shouted.
        The upper half of the walls depicted a large number of paintings of Topaz and his family, happily being with each other. There was even an extra person there. A woman.
        "Your mother..."
        The electricity instantly ceased at her words. Topaz fell to his knees.
        "That b***h..."
        Arestasia was taken aback.
        "You really shouldn't speak of your moth-"
        "She was the one who laid the curse in the first place..." Arestasia gasped.
        "Stupid woman laid it on herself as well. She can't be found either, but I don't give a s**t."
        "I-I'm so sorry-"
        The electricity suddenly flared again instantly.
        "I'm done talking!"
        The electricity formed around Topaz and began to transform him into a larger figure. When the electricity faded, all Arestasia could see was his lower body, but she noticed something.
        "Hooves?" She thought.
        Topaz suddenly bent over and roared with ferocity, revealing his animalistic face.
        "He transformed into a Minotaur!"
        Arestasia held her sword out.
        "He won't listen to reason Rosette, I'm really going to need your help this time."
        "As you wish." Rosette spoke.
        A purple light gleamed from her blade that caused Topaz to step back in mild blindness. When the light faded, a woman stood next to Arestasia. The bright floor, showed off her light skin and long dark purple hair. She wore a dark purple corset that opened at the top at her bust. The dark stockings with dark purple knee-high heels and gloves that almost reached her shoulders shined brightly as they sparkled in the light.
        "Beautiful as usual, darling." Arestasia said.
        Rosette smiled sweetly as she placed one hand on her hip and glared at Topaz with her purple eyes.
        "Only the best for you, honey."
        "Come on!"
        Topaz yelled with a deep voice that echoed throughout the room. Rosette readied her bladed whip while Arestasia readied her sword.

© 2013 Kev (Dott-Komm)

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Kev (Dott-Komm)
Kev (Dott-Komm)

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