Chapter 30

Chapter 30

A Chapter by Kev (Dott-Komm)

This view. It's just like the story my mother told me. The battle of "The Dark One" and "The Disciple"...

"Do you think this is over?" Glast yelled. 
Light silver plated armor slowly appeared on his cold dark body. 
"Do you not know who I am?" 
Arestasia and Lupin opened their eyes as they were slowly healed by Dawnni's spell. 
"I don't need that useless husk! It was far too difficult to utilize his abilities anyway!" 
Arestasia and Lupin rose to their knees. 
"Dawnni...your light magic..." Arestasia mumbled, still physically weakened. 
Dawnni could hardly hear her. Glast gave them both a cold stare.
"Looks like your friends are awake. They can witness me erase you from existence." Glast said. 
Claws began to form around his hands. 
"And when I'm done with you, I'll make sure to torture your friends slowly before reuniting you all!" 
Dawnni's eyes flared. He slowly sheathed his sword. 
"I may not know who you are, or what your motive is, but I know for sure what you're not going to be." Dawnni said. 
The floor started to shine a bright white under his feet and quickly spread. It soon covered the entire floor and soon engulfed the walls and ceiling. 
"I feel his power. Surging through my body." 
Arestasia and Lupin stood on their feet and gazed in amazement. 
"The deity of time and space is here to help me." 
Glast took a step back. 
"What? You mean to tell me that-" 
Dawnni raised his hand. 
"Come to my aid: Chaet!" 
A sparkling silver aura emanated from his body. The aura then rose high and formed into a humanoid figure. 
"What is that?" Glast yelled. 
"Could that be?" Lupin asked. 
"Did you think you were going to possess my body and not get an a*s whoopin', guy?" Chaet said cheerfully before seeping back into Dawnni's body. 
Dawnni spread his arms outward and the white slowly faded. They were standing on a large platform made of gold octagonal tiles, surrounded by clouds. Broken pillars stood in random parts of the platform. Everything was softly illuminated with oranges and pinks by the bright rays coming from a distance. Glast was dreadfully intimidated at this point. 
"Do you even know what you're doing? You're going to die from using such magic!" 
"That may be true, but I'll give away my life to save millions." 
"You foolish child! We could have had it all! Your acts won't do you any justice!" 
Dawnni shook his head. 
"Now, now." 
Dawnni glared at Glast ferociously. A set of white angel wings suddenly burst from his shoulders, releasing white feathers that danced around him. Glast's eyes opened wide. 
"That's no way to talk to your god." 
Dawnni flew at Glast as a quick speed. As he reached him, Dawnni threw a punch that contacted Glast right in his chest. Glast stumbled back. Dawnni quickly followed with a kick that stricken him in the face, sending him upward towards the clouds. 
"I'm not done with you yet!" 
Dawnni knelt down and a second set of wing burst from his mid back. At the speed of sound, Dawnni flew towards Glast's direction and flew past his opponent. He then quickly turned around and directed his palms towards Glast. 
"Gravity Flash!" 
Glast reached Dawnni's hand and a dark blue flash stopped him in his place. Dawnni clenched his fist. The aura intensified around it. 
Dawnni struck Glast with all of his power, causing him to fly back towards the platform. Dawnni swiftly flew back downward to the platform before Glast, and landed. 
"Sanctified Wall!" 
A see-through yellow wall suddenly appeared ahead of him. Glast then struck the wall with his back, sending his limbs to smack against it from the velocity. The wall suddenly shattered, dropping his opponent. Dawnni quickly drew his blade and sliced Glast with great force, sending him forward. Dawnni then flew in front of him. He quickly spun around and jabbed Glast in the chest with the hilt of his sword, stopping him completely. 
"Attack all you want! You still can't kill me without great amounts of light magic!" 
Dawnni smiled. 
"Seraphic Mimicry." 
White doppelgängers dashed from his body and surrounded Glast with a sword in hand. Dawnni pointed at his opponent. 
"Chop him down, boys." 
The doppelgängers repeatedly slashed at his armor with great ferocity. One last slash from a doppelgänger, had a gravitational force added that shattered his armor. 
Glast fell on his back. 
"Why doesn't he fight back?" Arestasia thought. 
The doppelgängers picked Glast up from the ground, restraining him. Glast looked up at Dawnni. Dawnni's palms were directed towards him. 
A third set of wings burst from his lower back. Instantly, a colossal beam of light energy blasted from his palms. The beam engulfed Glast as he screeched in agony. He screech was soon muffled over the roaring energy. When the beam dissipated. He wasn't there. Dawnni and his teammates felt partially relieved. 
"It's over." Dawnni said. 
He fell to his knees and gazed at the clouds. His eyes suddenly opened wide.
"'s not. I can still feel his hateful energy." 
The clouds across from Dawnni slowly changed to a dark purple. Lightning broke out every few seconds, letting out thunderous roars with each flash. As the clouds spread apart eerily, Glast stood there. He was covered in black armor that had dark purple spines that protruded from the arms, legs, back, and helmet. He walked slowly as a giant sword with a dark purple hilt appeared in his hand. The silver blade was horrifically jagged on both ends. 
"Tell me Dawnni. Where is your resolve now? Anymore light magic and you'll die on the spot. I can sense your life energy fading quickly. I'm partially surprised that your still keeping your form right now." 
Glast was right. Dawnni felt physically and mentally drained. Suddenly, he felt an unknown surge of power. He could hear Respaltia's voice. Urging him to keep going.
"Because Glast, I hold the power of Respaltia. And Respaltia's power is far beyond your comprehension!" 
Dawnni's wings glowed a bright red before forming together into a flowing cape. Dawnni's body glowed a bright white as it slowly grew. When the light faded, Dawnni was covered in white armor. The gold trim shined brightly as the clouds behind him sparkled with gold dust. 
"I see you have a trump card as well." 
Arestasia and Lupin were at an awe. 
"This view. It's just like the story my mother told me. The battle of "The Dark One" and "The Disciple"." Arestasia said. 
Glast readied his sword. Dawnni readied his arms and a large white shield formed on his left and a lance in his right hand. 
"One last attack...and the world is mine." Glast said softly. 
Glast readied himself. 
"Ominous Tread..." 
Glast suddenly shot forward as his sword was shrouded in a black mist. 
"One last attack...and the world will see another day." 
Dawnni readied himself. 
"Faith Walk..." 
Dawnni quickly flew towards his opponent as his lance glowed a bright yellow. They're weapons collided with devastating force releasing a cataclysmic explosion. The force of the explosion caused the dimension to shake, rip, and tear. Suddenly it completely shattered. When the smoke cleared, everyone was back in the throne room in Glast's dimension. Glast and Dawnni were back to their normal forms. Glast was on his knees in front of Dawnni, heavily breathing. 
"Who's bowing now?" 
 Dawnni felt extremely weak. 
"Fine. You win. But don't think this is the end of the dark era. Just you wait. This world will be conquered soon enough. And I hope you all suffer under the dark era's power. You'll rue the day you decided your life over others." 
Glast fell to the ground and slowly disintegrated. Arestasia and Lupin quickly ran towards Dawnni and gave him a group hug. 
"You did it, Dawn!" Lupin exclaimed. 
"We can finally go home!" Arestasia added. 
"I can't, Ares." Dawnni replied under his heavy breathing. 
His teammates were shocked. 
"What do you mean?" 
Bits of Dawnni's arm glowed a bright white before chipping off and disintegrating into the air. 
"Dawn, what's happening to your body?" Lupin yelled. 
"I used all of my life energy." 
His arm had completely dissipated. 
"I'm so exhausted." 
Dawnni sat down and then laid on his back. He finally felt relaxed. His teammates quickly knelt down to him. 
"You can't go yet, Dawn!" Arestasia yelled. 
Tears started to well in her eyes. 
"It's been fun. Really. I wish I could have stayed to watch the world go back to normal up close, but I have no choice but to sit and watch from the balcony." 
Lupin smirked, holding back his grief. 
"Guess you can't save yourself this time, huh?" 
Dawnni closed his eyes a chuckled. 
"Oh, Lupin." 
Dawnni reached for the Lupin's face. 
"I figured it out." 
"You have?" 
Dawnni nodded. 
"I love you too." 
Suddenly, tears ran down Lupin's face. He leaned down to meet Dawnni's lips with his before Dawnni completely dissipated. Lupin hunched over, hand over his face. Arestasia placed a hand on his back to help concole him. 
"Why? Why does this have to happen?" 
"It wasn't supposed to." 
A voice suddenly echoed. Lupin picked up his head. A small yellow light appeared in front of them and formed into a humanoid figure. 
"What do you mean, Yillbur?" Arestasia asked. 
"Dawnni's death was not supposed to happen. Let me take you two and Chaet's unconscious children back to the temple." 
Yillbur opened his arms and a bright yellow flash suddenly engulfed the entire area. When the light faded, they were back in the main room of the deity temple. There, Arestasia and Lupin noticed Meryln, Blissalra, and Cecilia in all white garments with special colored trims as well. Without giving them time to catch up, Yillbur continued. 
"Arestasia, Lupin, it is urgent that you heed this information. You are required to travel to an ancient ruin, known as the "Deity Mountain". On this mountain, there are shrines for every deity here."
"Every deity?" Arestasia asked. 
Yillbur nodded.
"At each shrine, you are to get past the guardians to proceed upward. You have to reach the Shrine of Time and Space to receive the borrowed power of Chaet. Once you do that, you must return back to this time and do whatever you can to keep Dawnni from destroying his life energy. There has to be three chosen legendary swordsmen. No more. No less. If the number is off, it triggers the summoning of an evil warrior that will potentially destroy the world. The three swordsmen work as a spell requirement to weaken his power. Without Dawnni being with you two, the world is doomed." 
"This all so much at such a sudden time!" Arestasia exclaimed. 
"Wait!" A voice yelled. 
Chaet walked towards Yillbur from his throne. 
"Only blood relatives are able to use the borrowed power, and Renlu and Dalim are out cold. We have no clue how long it will be before they wake. Arestasia, Lupin, you have no choice but to find my third child. She is the only way you can unlock my power." 
Arestasia and Lupin reluctantly nodded. 
"He's going to be here at any moment. That's why we have Meryln, Blissalra, and Cecilia here to help slow down the great warrior's destruction. Now, hurry! We mustn't waste any time!" Yillbur opened his hands and handed them both a necklace with a yellow bead. Arestasia and Lupin were feeling mixed emotions at this point. They're given a chance to rewrite history, but they were also exhausted themselves.
"Whenever you have any questions, use this to contact us." 
Yillbur placed his hands on Arestasia and Lupin's head. 
"Please, save your friend..." 
"We will do our best." Lupin replied.
Arestasia and Lupin suddenly vanished with a yellow flash. 
"Please, save this land once more..."

© 2013 Kev (Dott-Komm)

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Kev (Dott-Komm)
Kev (Dott-Komm)

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