A Poem by Kev (Dott-Komm)

It really sucks lol


So many years spent, running on empty,

No one available for me, yet everyone else have plenty,

Dancing alone, talking to myself,

Only because there's nothing left,

Other people happy, smiling, and joyful,

While I'm shattered, frowning, and sad,

So many years spent, feeling this bad,

Valentines, Anniversaries, Weddings, and Dates,

It doesn't even apply to people like me in this state,

I fall for you, you turn me down,

I fall for you, you don't make a sound,

I fall for you, you disappoint me,

I fall for you, you forget me,

I fall for you, you disappear, 

I fall for you, you treat me like your insignificant peers,

I fall for you, you only want one thing,

I fall for you, and I give you everything...yet you do nothing,

Constant tears run down my face, depressing thoughts fill my mind,

Because my hopes skyrocket then crashes, because your not of my kind,

I feel the clouds rushing in, sealing the moon at night, every time, in my mind, when you are in my sight,

Why must there be such a hassle, just to find that special person?

With every try commenced, the outcome only worsens,

The tide rises and the tide falls, but why must it descend at all? 

Could it let things be, or just crush it all?

As the raven calls "Nevermore", I want to say, "Forevermore",

Because I can't see reality, and face facts at it's core,

Let downs happening over and over, it's so much to take,

I don't know how much left I can handle from all of this excruciating Heartbreak...

© 2011 Kev (Dott-Komm)

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Added on June 21, 2011
Last Updated on June 21, 2011


Kev (Dott-Komm)
Kev (Dott-Komm)

Lake Jackson, TX

"I am but a teenager with a great heart, Devastated by my generation falling apart, So i try to reach out the best way i can, Through poetry, through writing, i lend my hand," -Voice If.. more..

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