Chapter 1

Chapter 1

A Chapter by Kev (Dott-Komm)

This water is so dirty...

"This water is so dirty Dawn..." said Arestasia as she looked into the murky river. 
The sun was shining bright on the warm green grass. The wind created waves of ripples along the waters. The tall plants rustled as they shifted along each other.
"I'll fix it!" Dawnni exclaimed as he picked up some fresh carrots from the ground. 
Dawnni put them in a basket and set it down before walking towards the river. He kneeled before the river and closed his eyes.  His hand started to glow a bright sky blue. 
"Divine Purification..." Dawnni chanted. 
Dawnni slowly sunk his hand inside the murky river and the water around it looked perfectly clear. The purification slowly spread along the rest of the river, giving off a sparkling blue luster. Arestasia could see her reflection in the water. Her light skin, long flowing blonde hair, and blue eyes slowly waved in the ripples. The river was completely purified and Dawnni opened his eyes, noticing his dark skin, white spiky hair and gray eyes. 
"It's so beautiful..." Arestasia said as she sat down and watched the river sparkle as it flowed along its path. 
"Yeah, it is." Dawnni replied calmly while his hand was still in the water.  
A fish swiftly swam towards Dawnni's hand a bit it. Dawnni yelped in surprise and jerked his hand out of the water. Arestasia laughed at the sight. 
"That's not funny! That hurt..." Dawnni exclaimed.
That only made Arestasia laugh even more. Many years have passed since they were told of their tasks in life. The two have been really good friends since they were nine years old, when they met at Elder Verdin's castle. They were eighteen now. 
"I should go ahead and take these carrots to the market." Dawnni said while getting up. 
"I'll go to! It's not like I have anything better to do anyway!" Arestasia replied. 
Dawnni chuckled. 
"Alrighty then!" 
Dawnni grabbed the basket and walked along the grassy plains towards the village. The village had many small buildings for marketing. During the daytime, there were always people walking along the roads as well as people shouting about what's on sale. Dawnni and Arestasia walked into the produce market store to meet with the owner, Urelna. The market's red brick walls were covered with paintings of fruit and vegetables. Urelna was stocking some apples in the fruit section with a brown dress and a green bandanna
"Hey, Urelna!" Dawnni greeted. 
"Hey, whats up Dawn? How's it going? Hey, Ares!" Urelna responded without even looking back. 
She has known Dawnni and Arestasia for so long that she knew that they were inseparable. Arestasia smiled sweetly and waved. 
"How's the Elder?" Arestasia asked. 
"Pops is still fartin' up dust as usual."  
Dawnni smirked in amusement. 
Urelna was one of Elder Verdin's three daughters along with Dayra and Misht. All three of them were the same age as Dawnni and Arestasia. 
"I brought you some carrots." Dawnni said. 
Urelna turned around from her apple-placing and Dawnni showed her the basket full of carrots.
"Nice! Very nice! I'll give you fifty Zii for it." 
"Sounds great!" 
Urelna handed Dawnni the fifty Zii. 
"Dalim!" Urelna yelled. 
A small girl dressed exactly like Urelna walked out of the back door and paced towards Dawnni. 
"Hey squirt! Haven't seen you in a while! How old are you now?" 
"I'm seven." she answered while rocking from side to side with her hands behind her back. 
"Wow! You're growing up really fast!" 
"Dalim, can you take that basket to the back and wash them for me please?" Urelna asked. 
"Yes ma'am." Dalim quickly grabbed the basket and scurried to the back. 
"She is such a cutie!" Arestasia exclaimed. 
"She's a good worker too. Especially for her age." Urelna replied. She put her hand on her hips. 
"Her mother's always out doing something productive so I have to watch out for her daughter while she's gone." 
"She definitely has her mother's genes!" Arestasia said. 
The door to the market opened. It was Lupin. His mid-toned skin and short black hair was covered in sweat. The sweat stains detailed the muscles under his gray shirt. 
"Hey peoples!" Lupin said. 
"Hey!" Urelna and Arestasia replied. 
"What have you been doing Lupin? You look like someone attacked you with a hose." Dawnni said. 
Lupin hesitated for second. 
"I was training for the supposed 'evil power' that's supposed to be here." 
Dawnni smirked. 
"But you don't want to strain yourself out too much though. I mean, what if it came right after you've trained?"  
"Hey, using more than ten blades is hard work. I can't just hold out my hand, chant a few words, and throw whatever random weapon appears in my hand like some people I know." Lupin said jokingly.  
Dawnni shrugged. 
"I have to actually keep these blades. My father forged every single one of them."  
"Alright, I'll let it slide this time. But if that 'evil power' gets here, I'm pretty sure that I know who it's going to target first." 
Lupin laughed. 
"That's what you're here for! That's why I came here because I knew you would be selling something. Y'know any spells that would get rid of fatigue?" 
Dawnni ran his hand through his snowy white hair in contemplation and snapped his fingers when he found a solution. Dawnni's eyes glowed a bright blue as he held his hand out.
        "Rejuvenating Blessing." Dawnni chanted. 
Dawnni placed his hand on Lupin chest and a blue aura consumed him. The aura swiftly disappeared. 
"Feel any better?" 
"Yeah, much better! Thanks bro!" 
Lupin walked towards the door and suddenly stopped. Turning swiftly, Lupin said,  "Oh! Before I forget, the Elder told me to give you this scroll." 
Lupin handed Dawnni the scroll. 
"Catch you all later!" 
Lupin walked out of the market. 
"What does it say Dawnni?" Urelna asked. 
"It says, 'Dear Dawnni, I have noticed that you have great power in your healing and defending spells. I believe that it's time you learn some things on the more offensive side. Come to my castle training area to meet with Chevalier and I as soon as possible. He also has some special items for you as well.' Sincerely, Elder Verdin'." 
"I guess you better get going!" Arestasia said. 
"Yeah, I guess I'll see you all later then!" Dawnni ran out of the door of the market and headed for the castle. 
"To think...Dawnni using spells for harm? I can hardly think of it." Urelna said sarcastically. 
"Yeah, and that weapon transmutation spell he uses doesn't even give him the ability to choose the weapon to use. It's good that he learning something else to protect himself. Poor guy doesn't even have a weapon." Arestasia added.  
"Well, what are you going to do now?" Urelna asked. 
"I guess I should get some training done down at the castle as well. Seems like everyone else is doing it. I'll see you later Urelna." 
Arestasia gave Urelna a hug and walked out of the market door. 
" must be really hard to have the whole village on their back because of this soldier system..."  
Urelna continued to put apples on the shelves. 

© 2013 Kev (Dott-Komm)

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