Chapter 3

Chapter 3

A Chapter by Kev (Dott-Komm)

I'm just getting started...

Meryln flew against the wall with great force, creating a small crater in the wall.
"Say something else!" Arestasia taunted.  
Arestasia had changed into a red mini dress with black short shorts and tall black boots with heels. Her rapier was detached into its whip form. Cecilia and Blissalra had already left before the fight had started. Meryln got up quickly. 
"I'm just getting started..." 
Meryln readied her blade and dashed towards Arestasia. Her giant sword gleamed in the evening sun as it sang in the air, heading for Arestasia's neck. Arestasia swiftly bent backwards, planted her hands onto the ground a flipped backwards, sending her foot upward, kicking Meryln in the chin. Arestasia then swung her bladed whip around Meryln's ankle and swung it around her body, pulling Merlyn alot with it. The whip threw Meryln back into the same spot where she crashed into last time. 
"Rosette and I can do this all day honey..." Arestasia taunted. 
Arestasia's sword, Rosette, had a mind of its own. It circled around Arestasia's body. The tip of the blade then pointed towards Meryln. Meryln growled in anger and jumped high into the air. She then descended at a fast pace, sword pointing downward. Arestasia quickly turned her whip back into it's sword form and jumped out of the way. Meryln collided with the ground causing the ground the shake fiercly.  
"Stay still!" she yelled. 
Meryln quickly pulled the sword out of the ground. Arestasia quickly ran towards Meryln, ready to lunge her blade. She thrusted her sword towards her opponent but Meryln swiftly raised her sword, parrying with Arestasia's leaving her wide open. Meryln quickly took the opportunity and kneed Arestasia in the stomach. Before Meryln could bash Arestasia with the hilt of the sword, vines quickly rose from the ground and wrapped around her, keeping her still. 
"That's enough..." Blissalra said calmly. 
Blissalra was at the training area entrance from the dark hallway, standing next to Lupin. Her dark skin had not one wrinkle from how she felt about the brutal violence between Meryln and Arestasia. Her long wooden staff was pointed at Meryln.  
"I swear you guys fight over the stupidest things..." 
"Yeah, and when you do fight, y'all are actually tryin' to kill each other!" Lupin added. 
Suddenly the doors to the side busted open. Dawnni flew back and crashed into the ground, leaving a long crater. 
"Dawnni are you alright?" Blissalra yelled.  
Dawnni looked at Blissalra and nodded. He then noticed Arestasia and Meryln. Arestasia was slowly getting up. 
"Again?!" He exclaimed. 
"Pay attention!" Tichi yelled. 
A giant shard of ice flew out of the open doors. Tichi soon followed outside of the doors. Dawnni quickly got up and directed his palm at the ice. 
"Reflected Redemption!" 
A green forcefield appeared around Dawnni and the ice shard quickly orbited around it and flew back towards Tichi. Tichi slowly waved his hand on the incoming ice shard, causing it to explode on impact. Blissalra waved her staff from where she was.
"Lightning Strike!" she chanted. 
A dark cloud formed above Tichi and a fired a fierce lightning bolt that struck him. Tichi howled in pain. While he was distracted, Dawnni raised his hand into the air. 
"Come to my aid: Bon!" 
A bright orange light flew out of his gauntlet and flew covered him in an orange aura. 
"I...feel so powerful..." 
"Hey Dawnni, my friend was a light magic user, try holding your hand back and chant, 'Solar Bomb'." Bon whispered to Dawnni. 
Dawnni held his hand back. 
"Solar Bomb!" 
A ball of condensed solar energy formed around his hand. Dawnni then threw it at Tichi and made a direct hit, causing a giant explosion. 
"Wow! They really taught you something Dawn!" Lupin exclaimed. 
When the smoke cleared, Tichi was standing there, as if he was unharmed. Dawnni was startled. Tichi began to slowly walk towards Dawnni. 
"You did good I guess...could have done better. But hopefully you WILL be better when I lend you my defensive spell power."
Tichi flew into one of Dawnni's Spirit Orbs. Chevalier and Verdin walked out of the room they were once in. 
"Well done guy!" Chevalier exclaimed. "Next, I'll teach you about curses!" 
Dawnni was out of breath. 
"Alright..." he said. 
Blissalra unwrapped Meryln and took her and Arestasia out of the training area. 
"I swear, you both act so childish!" Blissalra complained as they left. 
Their voices slowly faded. Lupin stayed to watch what was going to happen next. 
"Curses are very useful to distract or reduce your opponent's abilities."  
Chevalier noticed Lupin.  
"Ah! Lupin! Come here guy!" 
Lupin paced quickly to the trio. 
"Dawnni, I'll teach you one of my curses. One of my favorites. Now I want you to focus your feeling of frustration. Focus all of your energy towards your eyes and leer at your opponent while shouting. I'll show you an example. Lupin, run around us in a large circle as fast as you can."  
"Okay..." Lupin replied hesitantly. 
Lupin started running in a big circle, increasingly gaining speed by the second until he was running at the speed of sound. Dirt clouds were forming around the trio. 
"Watch closely..." said Chevalier. Chevalier closed his eyes. He started to growl. He swiftly opened them and glared into the dust cloud. 
"Halt!" he shouted. 
Lupin stopped perfectly in his tracks in a mid run. The dust cloud quickly faded away. 
"You see? This curse will give you time to think of your next move. Now try it. Continue running Lupin."
The curse wore off and Lupin continued to run. The dirt cloud became to form again. Dawnni closed his eyes and thought of the most frustrating things. He quickly opened them and glared at the dirt cloud. 
"Halt!" he shouted.
Nothing happened. 
Nothing happened. 
Nothing happened. Dawnni was getting annoyed. 
"Lupin! Quit your s**t!" Lupin suddenly stopped in place.
"Hey! It worked!" 
Chevalier and Verdin chuckled. The curse wore off and Lupin tripped over his own feet, making him fall over and crash into Dawnni. When the dirt cloud cleared, Lupin was laying on Dawnni's back unconscious. 
"Lupin! Get up!" 
Dawnni struggled to get up, but it was no use. Chevalier and Verdin continued to laugh. Lupin suddenly woke up.  
"Oh! Sorry man! Running takes a lot out of me!" 
"Apparently whatever it's taking, it's throwing it all on me! Get off! Your heavy!" 
Lupin quickly got up and Dawnni got up right after. 
"I think it's time for you all to go home and get some rest." Verdin said. 
It was already nighttime. The moon shined brightly on the training area.
"Yeah, you're right; it is getting pretty late." Dawnni replied as he wiped off the dirt and grass from his blue shirt.
"Yeah, I'm really in need of some sleep." Lupin added. 
"Before you go Dawnni; a word of advice..." Chevalier said.
"Don't limit your spells by what you know, it is possible to create your own." 
"Hmm... Thanks for the advice!" 
Dawnni and Lupin exited the training area and headed for home. 

© 2013 Kev (Dott-Komm)

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Added on June 22, 2012
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Kev (Dott-Komm)
Kev (Dott-Komm)

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