Chapter 5

Chapter 5

A Chapter by Kev (Dott-Komm)

I love you...

"Will Dawnni be okay Elder?" a female voice said. 
"He should be fine...he just exerted too much energy. Whatever he did must've taken a lot out of him." he replied.
Dawnni could hear the voices of people, but he was still unconscious. For every long moment that passed, it felt like a minute to him. Every moment, he heard or felt something different. 
"I hope you wake up soon Dawn." a female voice said. 
A few "moments" later, he started to hear a whispering in his ears. The whispering was so well masked he couldn't tell who's voice it was. 
"I love you Dawnni. Please don't leave me..." the whisper said softly. 
Dawnni felt a warm hand touch his. He then felt someone's lips softly kiss him on the forehead. 
"I wish that I could tell you when you are awake...but I just feel so nervous when I'm around you..." 
After another "few moments", Dawnni's eyes started to open. He was in his house.  
"Dawnni you're awake!" a female voice said. 
It was Arestasia. She quickly got up from her chair and gave Dawnni a big hug.  
"I was so scared..."  
"How long was I out?" 
"For about four days." 
Dawnni's groggy look turned into a look of surprise. 
"Well, how is everyone?" 
"Everyone is doing fine. They were all treated and they're doing much better." 
The door slowly opened. It was Lupin.  
"Hey! You're up! I picked up some bread, fish, and corn from the market. I was going to cook something for you just in case you were to wake up soon." 
"Sounds great because I'm starving..." Lupin walked towards the fireplace and started a fire. 
"Hey Ares..." 
"Yes Dawn?" 
"While I was unconscious, I could still hear everyones concerning messages towards me." 
"Yeah, and I heard someone whispering to me about their feelings. Do you know anything about that?" 
Arestasia raised an eyebrow in confusion.  
"I don't believe so. But that chick, Meryln might still have a crush on you." 
Dawnni rolled his eyes. 
"Why do y'all keep fighting?" 
"She's jealous! She's jealous because you're always by my side and not hers. It's ridiculous! She doesn't even have the guts to try and hang with you after she tried to ask you out three months ago." 
"She should know that soldiers can't display not one gesture of affection between each other." 
Dawnni set his feet on the wooden floor, sitting himself up. He suddenly felt a sharp pain in his head. 
"I have such a bad headache..." 
Dawnni lifted his hand and placed it on his head.  
Arestasia swiftly slapped his hand from his head. 
"Dawn, do you want to fall out for another four days? You need to regain your energy!" 
She picked up a stone bowl. 
"Here, I grounded up some fresh Churri leaves. Blissalra told me that it should help restore your magic energy." 
She scooped a spoonful of the blue and green gunk and put it towards Dawnni's mouth. Dawnni took the medicine. He suddenly had a sick look on his face as he slowly reached for his throat.
"That is the most vile taste I have ever come across..."
"Come on Dawnni, Blissalra said to have three spoonfuls and to have a meal afterwards. No water until you do all of that first." 
"I'd rather fall out for another four days..."
A few moments later, Dawnni was laying on his back trying to hold in the medicine that he has finished taking. The taste of the extremely bitter leaves lingered in his mouth, torturing him by the minute. 
"Alright! Food's about ready." Lupin said. 
Lupin prepared the food on two wooden plates and placed them on the counter for Dawnni and Arestasia. He pulled up a chair and sat down next to the bed. 
"You're not going to eat?" Arestasia asked Lupin. 
"Nah, I ate already." 
Dawnni was still on his back, paralyzed. 
"Quit being so dramatic Dawn, get up!" 
Dawnni rose up slowly just like the Xadow did. He reached for the food and began to eat.  
"Thanks Lupin." Dawnni said calmly. 
"Why can't this get the taste out of my mouth?" Dawnni thought. 
A few moment later, they had finished eating. Lupin pulled out a bottle of the clear river water. 
"Here man, drink this." 
Lupin handed Dawnni the bottle and Dawnni drank from it. A sudden rush of power surged through his body. His eyes opened wide. He no longer had the taste in his mouth. 
"How do you feel?" Lupin asked. 
"I feel like I can take on another Xadow!" 
Dawnni quickly jumped from his bed and stood up. Suddenly the door busted open. It was a Meryln.  
"Dawnni! You're okay!" 
She quickly gave Arestasia a mean look and turned her attention back towards Dawnni.  
"There's some dark clouds rolling in. There a lot darker than what we usually would have though."  
"How dark?" Dawnni replied. 
"Like...pitch black." 
Everyone was startled. 
"I'm afraid that the elder might be in trouble again." Arestasia said. 
"Let's suit up and we'll meet at the castle." Lupin commanded.  
Dawnni and Arestasia nodded. 
"Where's Cecilia and Blissalra?" Dawnni asked. 
"They're already on their way to the castle." Meryln replied. 
"Alright, let's get moving!" Arestasia exclaimed. 

© 2013 Kev (Dott-Komm)

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Kev (Dott-Komm)
Kev (Dott-Komm)

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