ACT 3 - Anticipation

ACT 3 - Anticipation

A Chapter by Kevin Sheen Tiu

3rd chapter

3 months passed by, and gob, it was so rapid, like lightning! What is that?! (o___o)

Things have been going on like they usually do - my dad running the family business, my mom continuing to be a supportive wife to my dad (I won't tell what her real job is, it's disgusting), and me continuing to do my job - sniping. But now I'm on vacation, so I'm taking my time studying more about calculations and tactics at sniping with a Navy SEAL soldier.

I've learned from this guy that becoming a Navy SEAL isn't that hard, if you've got the guts and brains and willpower. Physical examinations are very tight, and even if you pass those it won't get you to anything if you've got no brain. So I guess... This means I've got to be everything I need to be? Well, I was just ordered to be a volunteer to help the team...   I won't join them for sure... (^_^)

Everything's been going pretty well, actually, until one day, a mysterious letter arrives from somewhere. And it's addressed to me.

I stared at the white envelope on the wooden table, wondering what's in it.

What is this? Is it from someone I know?

I haven't been receiving letters since my grandmother still lived here. I think I was eight years old back then... And when she had left, I stopped receiving them.

I heard the door open and close, and I looked at the person who came in. It's my dad. He looked serious; I felt like he wanted to burn that letter or something... Was he mad that I received this letter?

"Open it," he ordered me.

"Ah-... Dad? Do you know what this is?" I seriously don't know so I need to ask, OK? I feel so nervous because of his face right now, geez...

He pointed at the lying envelope and glared at me, scaring my inner soul. "See for yourself, daughter." DAUGHTER?! HE'S NEVER CALLED ME "DAUGHTER" BEFORE! NEVER EVER, NO MATTER WHAT FOREVER!!! x(

Now I realized that this letter did mean a lot. A LOT. Wait... Could it be... that this letter is the danger that was coming? I had to be prepared for the danger, and it's this letter?

"I feel tense, dad. What's happening?" I grabbed the letter and pulled my pocketknife. "Perchance this is what, dad?" I asked him once again.

"There's no need for me to answer, daughter," he called me that unwanted name again. It's getting into my nerves, ya know, dad. "Just open it and see what's inside."

 I got no choice, huh? I sighed and started slicing open the envelope. It revealed a long paper, with writings somehow hard to understand. But wait. Did I just see that word?!

бабушка. (Grandmother)

I gasped and started unfolding the letter. I read what's inside, and bet ya it made my mouth open wide.

My dear Vera Wolff
    I, Cecilia Wolff, dedicate this testament to my two grandchildren from my youngest son, announcing that there shall behold a new world from my inheritance. A competition shall be occurring at my estate in Moscow, Russia.

    To claim my biggest and last endowment, one must fight for the win, for the winner shall have the right & obligation to decide if he shall take it all or share a percentage with the losing party.
    The competition shall be held from the end of March until the start of April. I shall await these grandchildren of mine in Russia. I have prepared all the transportations and funds for them also, so no worries for any problem.

    I hope we all have this understood.
    May we see each other.
        THANK YOU
Sincerely and truly yours,

"Father... What is the meaning of this?" I asked without even looking at him. The letter was so short, and quite dumb, yeah, but one thing got into my mind.

"A contest will be happening in Russia?"

"THAT'S NOT THE POINT, DAD!!!" I burst out. (>___<)
He was still clueless. He was focused on the contest part of the letter. I was ticked off. "Dad..." I gulped and inhaled. "I have... a brother?" I questioned.
 He didn't face me, and this lost me in all directions. He doesn't dare tell me? He's been keeping a secret and doesn't even have any intention whatsoever to tell the truth? Ugh, this guy's gonna get it.

"Tell me the truth, dad! Do I have a sibling that I never knew about?!" I asked again.

He slowly nodded. "Yes... You did... He's your older brother... But that's the past now, Vera." It sounded more like a small crappy excuse than the real truth.

"No it is not! I'm going to meet him face to face in Russia, and what's gonna happen next, huh?! I never even knew I had a brother! What am I supposed to say to him now?!" I clearly lost my mind. This is the real tragedy of the Wolff family, damn it. A contest, and now a brother? How the heck am I supposed to handle all of this?

"You don't have to think about that, Vera..."

"You betrayed our family, dad... I can't help but feel sorry for mom." I wiped my tears with my sleeve and pushed him away, then I walked to the door, opening it and said, "I can't believe you'd do this to me, dad." I walked out, slamming the door closed. I was so pissed. I have always thought that we were the best family, and even the purest; but it seems we weren't. Damn if you do, damn if you don't, I guess.

Walking around the red hall, I kept on thinking about what the letter had said, and the fact that one true lie has been revealed to me after two decades.

This is not for me. This is not for me. First that stupid letter arrives, and here comes the truth being revealed?! Who did my dad impregnate years ago?!

Ugh...That's not the real question now, Vera. Focus, Vera. Focus. The main goal here is defeating that guy. Yeah... I gotta defeat that older brother of mine... For the money and lands that I might receive...

Hmph. Think he can defeat me? Let's see how he's gonna handle the best sniper in the world.

I had no other choice but to become motivated about the prize. Leaving the lies behind, and looking forward to what lies ahead, I felt optimistic about winning.


Days passed by and all I did was train harder. 20/7, I never stopped practicing my sniping skills. That's all I can do anyways. Surprising what's up ahead... With my gunshot to the head... Hah.

Bet he can't beat me. I'll beat the hell out of that brother if it's the last thing I do. That's the only goal carved inside my head.

I went to the airport to do more target practice. There, I was assigned to shoot some "criminals" hanging at the runway. (They're all just dolls by the way, not real people.)

"Distance: 4500; Elevation: -6; Wind: Negligible; Correction: None," my spotter said through the microphone. I prepared myself for the kill. "Verifying permission to fire."

In the flash of an instant, I pulled the trigger, directly sending my bullet into the target's head - FIRST SHOT. I made ten more, until almost all of the dolls fell dead. 

After shooting my one last long bullet, I stood up from my lying position and massaged my numb breasts. "VERA FOR THE WIN, HANDS DOWN!!!" I shouted at the staff below. I was positioned on the roof of a huge blue bus, ya know. They looked at me and gave me two thumbs up.

"Great job, Ms. Vera! All targets in the runway have been cleared up." Some guy came to me.

"Umm... What are you doing?" He seems to be weirded out or turned on by my action. Tsk, screw him.

"I've been lying on my stomach since this morning. They're all numb..." I stretched my arms and yawned.

"I'll massage them for you, if you want!" That badass guy said in front of my face with a smile.

"Sure," I unzipped my black combat suit and looked at the guy. "If you can beat me at sniping." I smiled back at him.

"Beat one of the best snipers in the world, you mean?" He shook his head. "That's not gonna happen."

"Then give it up." I smirked. (^_^) Thinks he can take me away, huh? I'm not so flattered with your appearance, my man.     (-___-)

It might be hard to believe about what's gonna happen tomorrow... But... My dad and I have decided.


© 2018 Kevin Sheen Tiu

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Kevin Sheen Tiu

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